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How to use 'My Account'


									How to use My Account If you are a registered reader, you can now access a personal account on the Library’s catalogue which will enable you to create and maintain booklists either in the Library or at home. Any booklists you create will remain in your account for three months.  Click on either the My Account tab or Login at the top right of the screen, then   Insert your ticket number in the first box. Insert your pin number in the second box. This will be the last four digits of your ticket number (until you change it).

You can change your pin number by going to My Profile via the My Account tab. Once you are logged in, you can search on the catalogue for items of interest. To create a booklist:   Click Add to my list on the right side of the screen for each item. Click on My List to display all the works you have chosen. for future remain in use these top right of

You can save a number of different, named, lists reference, or email the list. Each list and will your account for three months. Details of how to features can be found by clicking on Help at the the screen.

If you wish to order up to six items in advance of your visit you should:  Create a booklist of items (note that periodicals cannot be ordered using this method as you cannot specify individual issues of periodicals)  Click the Email this list link at the bottom of the list.  Add your name; your reader’s ticket number and date of your visit to the subject line  Email it to: Please keep the email format as HTML. We need at least 48 hours notice of your order and can only accept up to six requests. Please note that we are unable to reply to emails sent to this account. We hope you enjoy using this new service and find it useful.

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