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									How to Complete Federal Grant Documentation
This job aid shows how to:
Complete the paperwork and procedures required to initiate and process a new federal grant and a continuing federal grant. It also covers the paperwork involved in establishing an ISA for a federal grant.

Background: The Federal Grant material is formatted so that the user is able to select only those materials he/she need to use. Individual sections contain all the necessary materials and instructions to complete the process. Each section begins with a flow chart that graphically illustrates the flow necessary to complete the process. The flow charts identify which area of state government is responsible for each task in the set-up process. The materials include all required documents and forms with amplified instructions for ease of completion. A section on the use of relevant MMARS tables affected by the Federal Grant set up is included. The final section is a resource list of links for valuable information for Federal Grants. The Comptroller’s Office provides a walk through of the federal grant set up process on a regular basis. Please check the LMS for the next scheduled date: RapidPortal - Training/Meeting/e-Learning Schedule The major headings below provide links to each section. Within each section are links to individual topics.

How to Apply for a Federal Grant Federal Grant Flow Chart State Laws and Regulations Materials Submitted for Review Reviewers Notification of Intent to Apply for a Federal Grant Letter Joint Committee Approval Letter Establishing a New Grant in MMARS New Federal Grant Flow Chart (Non ISA) Paperwork Required to Establish New Grant in MMARS Copy of Paperwork to the Joint Committee (House) Copy of Paperwork to the Joint Committee (Senate) Approval Letter from the Joint Committee Federal Grant Award Letter Federal Grant Award Form Reading the Award Letter New Grant (Non ISA) Set Up Form (completed sample) New Grant (Non ISA) Set Up Form Amplified Instructions on How to Complete Form BGRG – Grant Reimbursable Document Establishing a Continuing Grant in MMARS Continuing Grant Process Flow Chart Paperwork Required to Establish Continuing Grant in MMARS Grant Award Notification Continuing Grant (Non ISA) Set Up Form (Completed Sample) Continuing Grant (Non ISA) Set Up Form Amplified Instructions on Continuing Grant (Non ISA) Set Up Form BGCN – Central Budget Structure BGRG – Grant Reimbursable Document

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How to Complete Federal Grant Documentation

Establishing a Grant Referencing an Interdepartmental Service Agreement in MMARS ISA Grant Process Flow Chart d-2 Paperwork Required to Establish ISA in MMARS d-4 Interdepartmental Service Agreement Form Document Numbering d-7 ISA Set Up Form (Attachment C) d-10 Amplified Version of Attachment C d-12 Documents for the Child Account in MMARS BGCN d-18 BGRG d-23 ISA Form d-27 How to Use Relevant Tables Appropriation e-1 Central Expense BQ89 e-2 Major Program e-5 Reimbursable Grants BQ88 e-6 Program e-8 Program Period e-9 Central Revenue BQ82 e-10 Grant Funding Profile Inference e-11 Funding Profile Select / Funding Profile e-12 Federal Grant Resources Job Aids Policy and Procedure Forms Printable Documents f-1 f-1 f-1 f-1 f-2

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