Directions for Using the Artist Statement Template by azadf8w


									Directions for Using the Artist Statement Templates

You may find it helpful to print the following directions, so you can refer to them while you are working
on the file.

Please find 3 Templates below:
    Template #1 is for use in the classroom and does not include an image.
    With Template #2 and #3, images can be added.

   1. First, click “Save As” from “File”, and re-name the document so that this original template file
      will be available should you need it later.

   2. The next two pages of this document include one-per-page and two-per-page versions of the
      Artist Statement Template. Choose which one you want to work with.

   3. Insert the text for the artist statement by typing directly or cutting and pasting the text where it
      says “Insert artist statement text here.” Then, delete placeholder text.

   4. Next, insert the identifying information for the artist statement: Name, Grade, School, District.
      This information can be customized to reflect important information such as teacher name,
      program name, artwork title, etc.

   5. There are two ways to replace the sample photo with your digital photo.
         a. If working from a jpg file:
                  i. Click on sample picture in the left column to highlight it.
                 ii. Go to “Insert”
                iii. Select: “Picture” and browse your computer or cd to find the photo jpg file.
         b. If you have the photo in another Word document
                  i. Open the word document and then cut or copy the photo.
                 ii. Click on the sample photo below to highlight it.
                iii. Use the paste command to replace the highlighted photo with your photo.

   6. If the photo you inserted is larger or smaller than the sample photo, you can change the size.
           a. Double click on the image or by choosing “Picture” from the Format menu, you will gain
              access to the “Format Picture” dialog box.
           b. Click on the Picture folder to gain access to the cropping options. By clicking on Size
              folder you can access the resizing options.

   7. Delete these directions and any other extraneous material from this artist statement.

   8. Save the file. Print!

   9. Questions? Contact Art IS Ed Coordinator, Kathy Graddy, at




            * Insert artist statement text here.


* Insert artist statement text here.

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