Armed Guard G-Forceо 200, 300, 200P Installation Instructions

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					               ARMED GUARD
                                                      Date of Purchase ______________

If for any reason this product should fail to perform due to defects in material or
workmanship, Armed Guard Security (the "Company") will repair or replace the
defective component free of charge, at it’s election, for a period of five years from
the date of original purchase. This warranty is non-transferable, and is extended only
                                                                                                     Armed Guard G-Force®
to the original retail purchaser.                                                             200, 300, 200P Installation Instructions
                                  EXCLUSIONS                                                    Harley-Davidson® Harness [version 318.A]
This warranty does not cover batteries, cosmetic damage, or service by anyone other                FOR INSTALLERS
than an approved warranty service center. Any failure of this product or part thereof,
                                                                                               Please give this Installation Manual to customer after installing.
which in the opinion of the Company has been damaged through alteration, tampering,
improper installation, misuse, neglect, accident, or acts of God, is not covered under this    You may install this alarm in increments depending on the level of security desired by
warranty.The company does not warrant this product for commercial or industrial use,           the end user. Complete the "Basic Installation" first.Then proceed to “Additional
and does not warrant that this product cannot be compromised or circumvented.                  Features” to enhance the installation as required. Additional options for each model
                                                                                               are available. See Accessory Order form.
                       REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT

If an Armed Guard product is suspected of being defective, it must be submitted freight
prepaid to the Company within the warranty period, together with a dated bill of sale                  SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS
and written specification of defect.The returned product will be inspected. If the product
is found to be defective and covered by this Limited Warranty, the sole remedy is repair       Installation — Motorcycle/scooter with 12 volt, (-) ground electrical system.
or replacement, at Armed Guard Security’s option. A repaired or replacement product            Operating Voltage — 7-14 volts dc.
will be shipped back, within 30 days, at no charge, and will be warranted to be free from
defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for the remainder of the warranty        Starter Disable Relay — Internal 12v, 2amp latching, normally closed.
period. Removal, installation, or reinstallation costs are not covered by this Limited         Flashing Lights Relay — Internal 12v, 20A normally closed.
Warranty.The product should be returned, freight prepaid to the address below. If a unit       Siren Circuit — 5A output w/125db siren. 129db siren optional.
is found not to be defective, it will be returned to owner.                                    Movement Sensor — Internal "G-Force" Sensor - 4 sensitivity levels.
                                                                                               Voltage Sensor — 2% voltage drop.
                        EXCLUSION OF DAMAGES                                                   Radar Sensor — 2.44ghz (12 volt) 1-10 foot adjustable range with warn away.
                                                                                                                 FCC ID: EBYKEC888MW100
There are no express warranties except as listed above. IN NO EVENT SHALL ARMED                Alarm Cycle — 45 seconds - automatic rearm function.
                                                                                               Transmitter — 2 channel, 4 billion codes, random code hopping, code learning.
OR DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF USE, LOSS OF BUSINESS PROFITS, BUSINESS                                                 75 ft. range.
INTERRUPTION, LOSS OF BUSINESS INFORMATION, LOSS OF TIME, INCONVENIENCE,                       Transmitter Battery — 2 Lithium CR2016 coin cell.
OR OTHER LOSSES) ARISING OUT OF THE USE, MISUSE, OR INABILITY TO USE AN                        Pager Module — 4 watt 27.145 mhz. One mile max range.
ARMED GUARD PRODUCT. THE EXTENT OF THE COMPANY’S LIABILITY UNDER                               Pager Receiver — Audible/vibrating beeper. 2 “AAA” batteries (included).
                                                                                               FCC ID — Receiver ID: LAXALM1 Transmitter ID: LAXTRX1
PRICE PAID THE PURCHASER FOR THE PRODUCT.                                                      Device complies with FCC Rules Part 15. Operation is subject to the following two
Armed Guard Security reserves the right to change the design of its products without
                                                                                               conditions: (1) Device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) device must accept
any obligation to modify any previous product. This warranty gives you specific legal
rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.                     any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Ship warranty items freight prepaid to:

                                                      Armed Guard Security
                                                                                                                   Technical Support or Warranty Service
                                                     63221 Service Road, Suite C
                                                                                                                         US/Canada (800) 536-7852
                                                          Bend, OR 97701
                                                                                                                        International (541) 322-5680
                                                                                                         "Technical Support"
                                                                                                                Harley-Davidson is a registered trademark of Harley-Davidson Motor Company.
             ALARM OPERATING                                                                                        CONTENTS
Guard Mode — Enter and exit Guard Mode by pressing either Button 1 or 2 on
remote transmitter. Guard Mode=one tone/flashing lights. Idle Mode=two tones/flashing
lights. Button 1 enters Guard Mode with radar sensor activated (if equipped). Button 2
enters Guard Mode with radar sensor off.
Triggered Alarm/Automatic Re-Arm — If alarm is triggered while in Guard Mode,
alarm cycle will continue for 45 seconds and then automatically re-enter Guard Mode
to provide continuous protection. If alarm is triggered while you are away, upon
disarming, you will hear triggered sensor tones. (See Triggered Alarm Monitor).
Remote Panic/Motorcycle Locator — Depress and hold Button 1 for approximately                      Model 200 —
2 seconds.Alarm will trigger up to 75 feet away, sounding siren. If installed, flashing lights     Alarm module, remote transmitter,
and pager will be activated.                                                                       HD harness, siren, fittings pack
                                                                                                                                                        Model 300 —
G-Force Sensor — When the alarm is in Guard Mode, G-Force sensor measures all                                                                           Alarm module, remote transmitter,
contact or movement of the motorcycle. Alarm will immediately trigger upon any                                                                          radar perimeter sensor,
movement/tilt detection of motorcycle.                                                                                                                  HD harness, siren, fittings pack
G-Force Sensor Adjust — You may adjust the sensitivity of G-Force sensor using
Button 2 of the remote transmitter.To adjust sensitivity — with alarm in Idle mode,
press and hold Button 2 until one Guard Mode tone is heard, immediately followed by
a series of ticks.To select desired sensitivity, let up on Button 2 after the corresponding
number of ticks. G-Force sensor will retain desired sensitivity setting but can be
adjusted at any time.
                                                                                                   Model 200P —
    4 Ticks Highest Sensitivity                                                                    Alarm module, remote transmitter, pager module,
    3 Ticks Medium Sensitivity                                                                     pager receiver, HD harness, siren, fittings pack
    2 Ticks Lowest Sensitivity
    1 Tick G-Force Sensor Off (for use when transporting motorcycle)
Voltage Sensor — When alarm is in Guard Mode, changes in voltage within the                             COMPONENT PLACEMENT
motorcycle's electrical system are monitored to detect a “hotwire.”
Triggered Alarm Monitor — Upon disarming alarm, you will hear double disarm                      The Armed Guard alarm may be installed in increments depending on the
tone. Immediately after double disarm tone, you will hear a series of ticks as follows           level of security of required.
indicating which sensor triggered alarm.
                                                                                                 Alarm Module — Locate module under seat near or along side battery, inside side
    1 Tick G-Force Sensor                                                                        covers, or in front or rear fairing (if available).This module contains the electronic
    2 Ticks Radar Perimeter Sensor (if equipped)                                                 “G-Force” Sensor.To properly detect tilt of motorcycle off sidestand, do not mount
    3 Ticks Ignition Sensor                                                                      alarm module with product label facing toward either side of bike.
    4 Ticks Contact Switch(s) (optional)
                                                                                                 Siren — In front of rear wheel or under seat, or inside front or rear fairing.
Radar Sensor On/Off (Model 300) — Enter Guard Mode with Button 1 to activate
radar perimeter sensor. Enter Guard Mode with Button 2 if radar sensor is not                    Pager Module (200P) — Under seat, near or along side battery, front or rear fairing,
desired. Use radar sensor in situations where you do not expect any activity around              between split tanks or in hard or soft bags.
your motorcycle; for example- a private parking area or garage. Using radar perimeter
sensor in areas of high activity may cause false alarms, even with built in warn away            Radar Sensor (300) — This sensor detects movement by radiating radio wave energy
function. Radar sensor warn away sequence is indicated as follows.                               in a "forcefield" pattern around the motorcycle. Radar sensor cannot penetrate metal.
                                                                                                 To perform effectively, it must be mounted high up on the motorcycle facing up so that
    1st perimeter violation — 3 rapid warn away tones.                                           indicator lights are visible. Under seat on top or near battery, in front or rear fairings,
    2nd perimeter violation — (at 5 seconds) 5 rapid warn away tones.                            or at the top of hard or soft bag- left side preferred for best coverage. Do not mount
    3rd perimeter violation — (at 8 seconds) alarm triggers.                                     under metal seat pan or surround by metal.
               TOOLS                                                         MODEL 200P
                                                                       (PAGER INSTALLATION)

                                                               1. Alarm Module — When mounting location has been selected following "Component
                                                                  Placement" section, place alarm module loosely in position. Note that G-Force Sensor
                                                                  is directionally sensitive so before securing module, make sure alarm label faces upward
                                                                  or towards front or rear of bike. Do not face module towards left or right side of bike
                                       Heat Gun                   as it will reduce “tilt” sensitivity.
Wire Stripper/Crimper
                                 (optional heat shrink)        2. Pager Module — Select mounting location and place module loosely into place.
                                                                  Locate short red and black wires on HD harness siren plug. Connect the 36" black
                                                                  and 36" red wires from pager module to these short wires (after sizing for length) as
                                                                  indicated in diagram. Extend 54" black antenna wire as much as possible on frame or
                                                                  if available, inside fairings.
Small Flat Blade Screwdriver     1/4" Drill Bit (led option)   3. Siren — Select mounting location for siren and permanently affix with sticky tape to
                                                                  help dampen vibration of siren. If desired, use srews and/or cable ties for additional
                                                                  support. Plug 2 position connector from HD harness into siren connector until it
                                                                  snaps firmly.
                    MODEL 200 AND 300
(BASIC INSTALLATION/HARLEY-DAVIDSON HARNESS)                   4. Pager 200P Installation is now complete. Pager will activate whenever alarm
                                                                  siren is sounding.To disarm alarm with pager activated, you must be in close proximity
                                                                  to motorcycle. If no additional features are desired, wrap and tape or trim remaining
                                                                  wires. If other features are desired, proceed to "Additional Features" section.

                                                                     OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS

                                                               Pager Notification (Model 200P) — When alarm is triggered with pager module
                                                               installed, you will receive an audible beep/vibration cycle on pager receiver within seconds.
                                                               Up to 3 motorcycles may be monitored with pager receiver.

                                                               Pager Receiver — Switch pager receiver "On" when using. Select audible or vibration
                                                               mode. Upon activation of alarm, ZONE light flashes red, PAGE light flashes green.To
                                                               clear receiver, press down on switch or move to "OFF" position.

                                                               Low Battery Indicator — Battery life expectancy is 600 hours.When batteries are low, the
                                                               receiver will beep twice every 60 seconds when turned on. Replace with 2 "AAA" batteries.

                                                               Page Indicator — If alarm is triggered and pager is activated, receiver will beep once
                                                               every 30 seconds indicating a page was received. Press down on receiver switch to reset.

                                                               Multiple Bike Protection — Pager receiver is capable of monitoring up to 3 bikes
                                                               simultaneously.To add 2nd bike;
                                                               1) press and hold down on switch and slide to first on position until ZONE light is
                                                                  steady orange color.
                                                               2) Press down on button so that flashing green light turns red.
                                                               3) Within one minute, trigger second bike's pager alarm. Pager receiver's ZONE light
                                                                  will flash red.To add 3rd bike, repeat steps 1 & 2, this time pressing down on switch
                                                                  twice until PAGE light flashes orange.Within one minute, trigger 3rd bike's pager
                                                                  alarm.The receiver will now monitor all three motorcycles simultaneously.
    MODEL 200P                 TAIL LIGHT PLUG

                                                     MODEL 200 AND 300
                                 (BASIC INSTALLATION/HARLEY-DAVIDSON HARNESS)

                       1. Alarm Module — Remove motorcycle seat and select mounting location. Place alarm
                          module loosely in position. Note that G-Force Sensor is directionally sensitive, so
                          before securing module make sure alarm label faces upward or towards front or rear
                          of bike. Do not mount module with label facing left or right side of bike as it will
                          reduce “tilt” sensitivity.

                       2. Siren — Select mounting location for siren and permanently affix with sticky tape to
                          help dampen vibration of siren. If desired, use srews and/or cable ties for additional
                          support. Plug 2 position connector from HD harness into siren connector until it
                          snaps firmly.

                       3. Harley-Davidson Harness — First, locate motorcycle’s tail light plug above the rear
                          fender.This connector is an AMP 8 pin type. Unplug connector. Plug the matching
                          ends of HD harness into each side of tail light connector and snap firmly into place.
                          Second, with 20A power fuse removed from fuseholder, connect HD harness power
                          lead to positive battery terminal or other “constant hot” 12V power source.

                       4. Power up Alarm — Plug alarm module into HD harness and snug dust boot to
                          module. Insert yellow 20A mini-ATC style fuse into fuseholder. Alarm will cycle through
                          “power-up” process indicated by short siren tone and internal relay clicking sequence.

                       5. Basic Installation is now complete. Alarm is now ready for use using supplied
                          remote control transmitter. If other features are desired, proceed to "Additional
                          Features" section. Note: If alarm does not arm and disarm with remote transmitter,
                          re-check: a) power lead connection to battery, including 20amp fuse; b) siren connector
                          fits tight; c) tail light pigtail plug properly connected and tight.
         ADDITIONAL FEATURES                                                                         WARNING LED OPTION

                                                                                           The 6" red wire from alarm module supplies warning LED function of alarm.
               2 AMP MAX LOAD                                                              1. Select a suitable mounting location for warning LED, usually near instrument gauges.
                                                                                              Inspect the under side of desired panel before carefully drilling 1/4" hole.
The black 18" black “zipcord" wire from alarm harness supplies Starter Disable             2. Feed wires through hole and insert self-seating warning LED into position. Splice red
Function of alarm.                                                                            wire from alarm to red wire on warning LED using supplied butt connector or solder
                                                                                              and heat shrink red wires if desired. Connect black wire from LED to frame ground
Before you begin, make sure ignition is in “OFF” position.To connect the Starter Disable      using supplied ring terminal.
Function of alarm, locate the starter button relay located under seat or behind side
covers of motorcycle. Unsnap cover to expose relays.There are two versions of starter
relays used, depending on the model of Harley-Davidson.This will affect which size
connectors are selected from kit.

1. Locate the black wire w/red stripe entering starter relay socket.This is the starter
   button wire.

2. Remove the starter button wire terminal (A) from relay socket using small flatblade
   screwdriver to hold down locking tab. Circuit should now be de-activated.

3. From fitpack, match the appropriate "female" wire terminal (B) to the terminal just
   removed from relay socket.There are two sizes from which to choose (.190" and
   .250"). Select either wire from 18" black zipcord from alarm harness and affix                       MODEL 300
   the matching female terminal to wire.                                                          RADAR PERIMETER SENSOR

4. Plug alarm wire (B) into HD relay socket in place of original wire removed.             Place radar perimeter sensor loosely at intended mounting location. Plug 3-conductor
   Remaining zipcord wire from alarm harness should have matching male terminal            radar sensor plug into matching plug on harness.Arm alarm with Button 1.Wait 5 seconds,
   crimped on. Connect this wire to original starter button wire. Using tape or            then wave hand over radar sensor to initiate "warn away" function. Upon detection of
   heatshrink, finish connection.                                                          movement, perimeter sensor lights will flash when movement is detected.After a second
                                                                                           warn away event, alarm will trigger after approximately 8 seconds. (see Operating
                                                                                           Guide- Radar Perimeter Sensor). If sensor adjustment is desired, use supplied philips
                                                                                           screwdriver. Allow sensor to be activated for at least 15 seconds before performing
                                                                                           adjustment.When satisfied, affix radar sensor with supplied sticky tape, tie wraps or screws.
                                                                                                                                                       range adjustment (1-10 feet)

                                      WARNING: Do not attempt to
                                      interrupt motorcycle's ignition or
                                      fuel pump circuits as this may cause
                                      accidental loss of engine power
                                      while operating motorcycle.                              red trigger light
                                      Manufacturer assumes no liability
                                      for improper connection of
                                      starter disable circuit by installer.                Note: Radar Perimeter Sensor increases power consumption of alarm and thus battery
                                                                                                 drain on motorcycle.When using perimeter sensor, do not exceed 1 week
                                                                                                 continuous guard time without charging battery or operating motorcycle.

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