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Capital Markets Day 2009
Nov. 25 – 26, 2009
Noerdlingen, Germany

AGENDA – Nov 25, 2009
19:00 h   Welcome
          Dr. Andrea Rolvering, Vice President Investor Relations
19:15 h   Dinner
21:00 h   Innovative global beverage concepts
          New developments /Tasting session
          Harald Schmidt, Director Category Management Business
          Unit Beverages
          Dr. Bernhard Weckerle, Director Development & Application
          Business Unit Beverages

AGENDA – Nov. 26, 2009 (1)
08.30 h   Welcome
          Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, CEO Symrise AG
08.45 h   Corporate strategic positioning
          Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, CEO Symrise AG
09.15 h   Taste for Life®
          A strategic platform, which bridges consumer demands
          with brand needs
          Cornelia Lichter, Director Marketing Business Unit Beverages
          Stephan Raeker, Director Category Management Business
          Unit Beverages
10:15 h   Break
10:30 h   Tour through the competence center
          Development /Application
          Production facilities
          Quality Management
12:00 h   Lunch
AGENDA – Nov. 26, 2009 (2)
13:00 h   Consumer of Tomorrow
          Stay connected with urban young people – a consumer study
          Roberto Ascoli, Senior Vice President Creation & Innovation,
          Scent & Care
13:30 h   Co-operation by innovation
          A case study “Somat”
          Arnd Kessler, Manager Product Development, Henkel AG
14:00 h   Break
14:15 h   Health & nutrition strategy
          A point of difference
          Dirk Bennwitz, Senior Vice President, Flavor & Nutrition
14:45 h   Functionals: Promising perspectives for the food and
          supplement industry
          Prof. Dr. Christian A. Bath, University of Potsdam,
          Scientific Director Institute for Nutritional Research
15:15 h   Q&A
15:30 h   Closing