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How to Start using Blackboard


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									Blackboard Training Resources
How to Start using Blackboard Version 2.0

How to…

Start using Blackboard
Blackboard On–Line Support
You may find the following resources useful: Familiarise Yourself with Blackboard eLearning Essentials You can self-enrol onto these courses at http://blackboard.manc hester.ac.uk

Before you can start to use Blackboard there are a number of administration functions that need to be checked within Campus Solutions. • Is the course/class registered in Campus Solutions • Are you registered in Campus Solutions to teach that unit? If the answer is yes to both then you will have a section ready to begin developing in Blackboard. However, you may need to ask your School Administrator to ‘flag’ the unit for access to develop course materials.

Access Blackboard On-Line Resources
Before you start using Blackboard it is necessary to identify what you are trying to achieve! Blackboard has tools to enrich the learning experience and therefore selection of the correct tools to meet the aims and objectives is vital. Check the on-line Blackboard support; Familiarise yourself with Blackboard and the eLearning Essentials Blackboard resources which will help you with your planning. You can self enrol for both these resources as a student to orientate yourself with Blackboard’s functionality and help you to build your first course.

How to Guides
The following resources will also be of use to you: How to Manage Your Files How to Build a Course Structure These and other guides are available from www.manchester.ac.uk /elearning

Proceed to use Blackboard
After considering the above points, you can start to create your own Blackboard course and notify your Faculty eLearning team so they can assist you if required. Or if you require further information before starting to develop a course, contact your Faculty eLearning team who can advise on what is possible within the time that you have available before you need the materials to start teaching. We recommend you start small and improve by adding material each year. We also strongly recommend that all eLearning material is credit rated, even if this is small, as this will encourage your students to complete the exercises you have developed for them.

For further information: www.manchester.ac.uk/elearning/ Page 1 of 3

Blackboard Training Resources: How to…start using Blackboard

Faculty eLearning Teams
Contact details for your Faculty eLearning Team will are available from www.manchester.ac.uk /elearning

When you first log-in to Blackboard, you will see your eLearning homepage. This will give you a link to access the course you are developing. When you click this link, you will be presented with 4 or 5 options:

Exporting from WebCT
If you are migrating from an existing WebCT course please check out the How to.. Export a WebCT course guide available from www.manchester.ac.uk /elearning

Figure 1 New course options

Please contact your Faculty eLearning team for further advice on the options displayed. 1. Set up a blank course Use this option if you want to begin a blank course, you will be able to select the Blackboard tools to meet your requirements. 2. Copy content from another course You can copy content from another course that you are registered to as a Designer. This can be useful if you wish to make a copy and modify the material to create your new section.

If you are planning to use the University templates the following guides may be of interest: How To Import Content to a New Course Using the University Templates How To Design a simple course using a template These and other guides are available from www.manchester.ac.uk /elearning

3. Assign a template to this course You may choose a template to get you started such as the Resources Template, which will give you a simple course built with a limited number of tools to help you get started. 4. Import content from file This option will allow you to import a WebCT course that has been exported using the migration tool within WebCT. 5. Decide Later If you are not sure which you option you require then decide later.

The flow diagram will help guide you through the processes you will need to follow to successfully create and ensure that your course can be seen by your students.

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Blackboard Training Resources: How to…Start using Blackboard

Getting started in Blackboard
Course created & flagged in Campus Solutions? Request New Course from School Admin

No Yes Are your registered in Campus Solutions to teach on this course? Yes Select Assign Content to Blackboard Section from five options

Import content from file

Set up a blank section

Assign a template from selection

Copy content from another course

Decide Later


Transfer existing WebCT course content into a new Blackboard course?

Transfer existing WebCT course content into this course template?


Migration process: Export Tool

No No

Migration of files into course template

Begin ‘Course Build’ process

Figure 2 Getting Started in Blackboard Pathways

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