2009 Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Published Books by h73ksal0


									                2009 Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Published Books
Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone that is unique and affordable? Check out our top ten,
self-published books starting at just $7.99!

    •   “Life on the Line” by Kennebrew Surant, $20.00, http://www.jexbo.com/items/48

    “Danny Summersend is determined to find out the truth about his twenty-six year old daughter’s death.
    Estranged for years, Jillian was his only surviving family member and his gut tells him that the hit-and-run
    accident that killed her was no “accident.” Despite cautioning from his friend, Lazaro, about his loose-cannon
    temperament, Danny, an ex-hit man, leaves his Texas ranch heading to Detroit to find the person driving the
    other car.

    When he receives information describing a woman who allegedly killed his daughter because of ill-found
    suspicion about his daughter’s involvement with her husband, Danny’s need to find answers turns into a
    deadly determination to murder the woman. As he follows her home from work, Lazaro again warns him of
    the dangers of having a personal reason to kill. It’s not just another hit, he cautions.

    Danny, so blinded by revenge, ignores Lazaro and enters the woman’s condo, waiting for the right moment to
    shoot her. In her kitchen while her back is to him, Danny walks up behind her and aims the gun at the back of
    her head. But when she turns around, he’s sickened and startled to see that she looks young, too young to be
    the forty-something woman whose homicidal driving turned his daughter’s car into a scrap metal coffin. He
    leaves the young woman shaking with fear in her condo and tries to put her and the mistake he almost made
    out of his mind.

    Moving along to an impromptu plan ‘B’, Danny finagles his way into a job at the same engine factory where
    his daughter worked and where Danny believes all of her troubles started. But incidental run-ins with the
    young woman he learns is only twenty-years old, leaves him wondering if it is possible that she is, somehow
    connected to his daughter’s death. With Lazaro’s help, Danny learns that the young woman, Zada Elisabeth
    Roundtree, has her own agenda, uncovering a drug smuggling ring that will leave millions of dollars up for

    When another supervisor turns up dead, killed in a gruesome hit-and-run similar to Jillian’s the suspicious
    circumstances force Danny to take another look at Zada. It soon becomes evident though, that while not
    completely innocent, she’s no killer. Danny finds himself wanting to protect her from falling deeper in a mess
    that she’s ill-equipped to handle. Zada proves to be a handful, even for Danny. Determined to do things her
    way or not at all, she and Danny butt heads. Though he tries to ignore it, he becomes attracted to this spirited
    young woman who reminds him of his deceased wife, Jillian’s mother. The similarities drag up memories
    Danny has tried to suppress for years, so he struggles to distance himself from Zada, sometimes cruelly so.

    Yet, when Jill’s real killer manages to distract Danny long enough to put Zada’s life in danger, he must then
    decide what means more to him; revenge or Zada, who somewhere along the line, became entangled in his

    •   “The Battle for Eire” by Kieran Wasserman, $21.95, http://www.jexbo.com/items/71

    “One magical day as he tended his sheep upon the fabled green hills of Eire, young Fearghus underwent a
    fantastic transformation. This change and those that would follow would test everything he had come to
    believe in and fight for. His adventures would pit him against not only his enemies, but himself.

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               2009 Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Published Books
   Join him as he struggles through the changing land of Eire, a fantastic battle for the fate of the Irish Celts.
   This tale of epic battles, ethereal might, romance and death gives a supernatural meaning to the idea of
   Catholicism in Eire, and the unknown power of one idea that swept the world.”

   •    “What Day is Today” by Sandy Parker, $13.95, http://www.jexbo.com/items/73

   “Fun, interactive book that introduces children to the sequence of the days of the week. Illustrations include
   phonetic objects children love to find that correspond with first letter of each day. Emphasis on repetition and
   phonics especially helpful for early readers.”

   •    “Haunts of Mackinac” by Todd Clements, $14.95, http://www.jexbo.com/items/31

   “Mackinac Island (Michigan), famous for it s fudge, history, and natural beauty, has attracted visitors for
   generations. The lure of the Island has made it the top tourist attraction in the state of Michigan. However,
   Mackinac Island holds many secrets. These secrets come in many forms, some from beyond the grave others
   passed down for hundreds of years.

   If you’ve been to Mackinac Island many times before, or you have not yet visited this gem of the Great Lakes,
   the stories in this book will both inform and entertain you. Inside this book you will not only find many of
   Mackinac Island s ghost stories, legends, and tragic tales, but also a brief history describing each location. In
   addition, stories of the Straits of Mackinac, including deadly shipwrecks, ghost ships, and other tragedies, are
   included. Also included, for those unfamiliar with ghostly phenomena, is a chapter with a crash course into
   the who, what, when, why, and where of ghostly activity.”

   •    “Northern Cross” by Christopher Hudson, $12.95, http://www.jexbo.com/items/58

   “Old friendships die hard. A happy marriage, a lovely home and a brilliant future as a pilot, George Ashton
   seems to have it all ... including 25 years of guilt from a college caper gone murderously wrong. Student
   radical activist, George Ashton, never dreamed he’d someday be a corporate pilot with a beautiful wife and
   solid middleclass existence, but then he never dreamed he’d someday be involved in a plot to abduct a Federal
   Judge either.

   Trying to raise money for a radical organization, a young college student gets involved in a robbery that goes
   terribly wrong. Twenty-five years of hiding and rebuilding his life leads George to Julia, the love of his life,
   and an exciting job flying for a large mid-western electronics company.

   But his past catches up to him when Brady Keyes, George’s past mentor and partner-in-crime, resurfaces and
   bursts George’s and Julia’s bubble. Manipulated and exploited, George is forced to pile betrayal upon betrayal
   in order to reclaim his life. Northern Cross is thriller that features exciting flying sequences, the breathtaking
   wilderness scenery of Michigan and Canada, but most of all, the heroic struggle of a man and a women trying
   to overcome deception, danger and overwhelming odds to hold on to their life and their love.”

   •    “When the Raven Knocks... Comforting Those Who Mourn” by Dorothy Pitsch, $9.95,

   “WHEN THE RAVEN KNOCKS was written for everyone who has ever lost a loved one or knows of someone
   who has. It is filled with first person stories of compassion and healing. Have you ever wondered what to say at
   a funeral? What not to say? How to really be of help?

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               2009 Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Published Books
   Learn from people who have been there and how they survived tragedies and untimely deaths of loved ones.
   WHEN THE RAVEN KNOCKS has been acclaimed by survivors of the Amish school shootings; West
   Virginia coal mine disaster; the Ethan Allen boat tragedy; Omaha mall shootings and others. We can all learn
   from each other and be prepared to help those most in need of understanding and compassion when faced with
   the ravages of untimely death; and how to truly comfort those who mourn.”

   •    “The Chocolate Formula” by Larry Altman, $11.00, http://www.jexbo.com/items/81

   “Yaacov Ben-Azor of Pandora, a private spy group, is pit against Manfred Kleber, anointed as the New
   Fuehrer and determined to launch a Fourth Reich by using The Chocolate Formula. He must kidnap five
   famous American Jews who as children were inmates of the Auschwitz concentration camp in WWII. An
   element in their blood is the key to The Chocolate Formula. An explosion at Egypt's Aswan Dam leads to
   information on the New Fuehrer's existence and Ben-Azor is ordered to stop him.

   Pandora traces Kleber to New York, where Ben-Azor finds him with Tessa Clark, an Oscar-winning actress.
   After interviewing Tessa, Yaacov still isn't sure if she is or isn't working with Kleber. Tessa knocks on
   Yaacov's hotel room window at 3 a.m., claiming she heard a plot to kidnap her. When Yaacov gets a mocking
   telegram about Michigan, he must take her with him even though he doesn't trust her. Ben-Azor follows
   Kleber's trail of taunting telegrams until they lead him to the Persian Gulf island nation of Bahrain - and the
   ultimate showdown that has Yaacov fighting for his life.”

   •    “Hunter’s Choice” by J.C. Hager, $15.00, http://www.jexbo.com/items/92

   "‘A powerful and intelligent thriller!’ - Steve Hamilton, author, Alex McKnight novels.

   With the sound of snapping pine tops and tortured metal, a deer hunt becomes a rescue mission. Matt Hunter’s
   choices quickly become life-and-death decisions as a barrage of life-changing events thrust him into a fast-
   paced, page-turning adventure as he fights killer storms, dangerous gangsters, DEA bureaucracy, and love for
   a seductive woman and pits all his skills and judgment against those who would just as soon see him dead.

   Tanya crashes into his life on a drug-filled plane, adding a beautiful, mysterious ingredient to a cauldron of
   action, danger, death, riches, and romance. A Russian crime boss strides onto the scene, alternatively deadly or
   charming, depending on how his borsch is stirred. The action races across an ice-covered Michigan lake,
   disrupts Hunter’s snow-bound Upper Peninsula cabin, slices through the Gulf Stream on a yacht, and stalks
   tropical hills.”

   •    “Rachel and the Magic Beads” by Beth Conway and Johnny Buchanan, $7.99,

   “Rachel is feeling sad. What will make her Smile? Will it be the Magic Beads? This is a children's book based
   on a true story about a little girl who has Down Syndrome. Every book comes with a set of ‘Magic Beads,’ and
   20% of the proceeds are donated to the Belle Center in Chicago, Ill.”

   •    “Conquering Healthier Recipes and Beyond” by Chef Nick Cavataio, $12.97,

   “Over 300 Quick, Easy Delicious Recipes on the Lite Side”

                           Happy Holidays from jexbo!
 This is just the icing on the holiday cake! Check out all of the unique, self-published books at www.jexbo.com!

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