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How to Get Started with NetTutor


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									How to Get Started with NetTutor™
From the CU Online Tutoring Program website (http://www.cusys.edu/academicaffairs/onlinetutoring/index.htm) 1. Click the course subject(s) in the left navigation bar to see the days and times when online tutoring services are available. 2. a) If you have not registered with NetTutor™ for this semester, click "Register at NetTutor" to register in the NetTutor™ system. You will need one of the following NetTutor™ access codes for the first subject you are interested in when you register. NetTutor™ requires that your User ID be all lower case.
Biology Chemistry - General Chemistry - Organic Math - Business Math Math - Precalculus 133 408 0554 133 368 0553 981 536 0474 133 228 0532 133 021 0458 Math - Calculus I Math - Calculus II Physics (Algebra) Physics (Calculus) Writing 133 070 0459 133 155 0465 133 254 0537 133 193 0494 467 112 0557

b) If you are registered with NetTutor™ for this semester, click to "Begin Tutoring Session" to join the tutoring session you want to attend at the scheduled time. You will need the NetTutor™ login and password (that you received by email when you registered) to attend the online tutoring session. 3. If you want to activate additional access codes/subjects:     Login to NetTutor™ at http://www.nettutor.com/. Click Manage Account in the left Menu. Click Activate Access Code at the top of the page. Enter the access code for the subject for which you want some tutoring assistance and click the Activate It button. From your NetTutor™ home page you will now see all of the subjects that have been activated.  Repeat this process to activate any additional access codes/subjects.

4. After your tutoring session, please complete the Student Survey so we can continue to improve CU's Online Tutoring Program. Please Note: You must register with the NetTutor™ system every semester. We also recommend that you check the CU Online Tutoring Program website (http://www.cusys.edu/academicaffairs/onlinetutoring/index.htm) before logging into NetTutor™ in case a tutoring session has been cancelled.

To learn more about using NetTutor™ click the Online Manual link in the left navigation menu of NetTutor™ or go to: http://www.nettutor.com/~nettutor/manual/. The NetTutor™ Online Manual and WWWhiteboard™ Manual are also available from the CU Online Tutoring Program website on the Student Resources page (http://www.cu.edu/academicaffairs/onlinetutoring/resources.htm)

Please address all comments and suggestions regarding the Online Tutoring Program to Mollie McGill at mollie.mcgill@cu.edu.

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