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					Senior Software Developer Engineer Jayasri Gill Irving, Texas sessionselected23@gmail 214.529.0161

- Web Developer

QUALIFICATION:   Bachelor of Science with Honors in Mathematics from Calcutta University, India. Master of Science in Mathematics, Specialization in Computer Science from I.I.T. of India.

Summary: I am a software developer and a project lead with extensive experience in working in telecomm industry, financial/ Banking institutes, Mechanical industry based simulator product development, database tool development. My expertise includes as well, employee training, courseware development, presentation, client meeting and business enhancement as a project manager. I led projects with developers ranging from 4- 50 in mid and large scale industries in India and in U.S.A. I graduated from I.I.T. of India with high ranks and have prestigious academic records. Strong experience in enterprise software systems and applications development, web development using latest technologies with Java, J2EE (EJB, Servlet, JSP, RMI), CORBA, XML, HTML and JavaScript. Strong experience with PHP, FLASH programming Currently developed Games and web sites in Java, PHP, HTML, DHTML, Apache web server, Access/Oracle. Strong experience with C++, Asp.Net, Vb.Net. Worked with C#, SQL server. Have extensive experience with relational databases - Oracle 8.0, Sybase X, XI and Access6.0. Have extensive experience in project leading with prominent development role. Developed the entire n-tire distributed system and the complete SDLC for various industrial projects.

Have very quick grasping power & mastering capacity in new software, technology and to apply at its full capacity. Have excellent interpersonal & communication skills with adequate presentation and documenting capability in leading a project. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Web and ServerTechnologies: JAVA CORE, Swing, JDBC2.0, Servlets2.3, JSP2.0, ASP 3.0, EJB2.0, XML, HTML, RMI, Java server side development, JUNIt,AJAX, STARTS,OOAD,WebSphere, Apache, Tomcat Frameworks & Middleware: OOAD classes, XML/CORBA RDBMS : Oracle 8.0, SYBASE XI, MS-SQL Server7.0, Access6.0 GUI: Visual C++, MFC, Visual Basic, Developer 2000 Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Java, Net Beans IDE 4.1, 5.0, Front-Page Operating Systems: Windows XP/NT/2000, UNIX , Linux Web/App Servers: Web Logic, Web Server 6.0, 7.0, 8.1, Web Sphere 5.0, Tomcat, Apache. Version Control Tools: Visual source cafe, MS-Visual Source Safe, Clear case Data Modeling Tool: UML, Design Patterns Session, Business Delegate, Business Object, Singleton, Factory Pattern, View Helper, Front Page Controller, Dispatcher View, DAO, Value List Handler Design Tool: MVC controls, Rational Rose, UML, Dream weaver, Front Page, Photoshop, Flash

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Several personal contract projects.  Role: Web Developer- Intellisoft

Date: Jun 2008- July 2008 Description: Developed a web application for this company on a contract basis. installation and system implementation. Client company: Intellisoft, Irving Texas Platform: PHP, JAVA, HTML, DHTML, Apache Web server Also helped with Software

Installation: Java server script, AJAX, Strats, Apache webserver, Tomcat and Visual Studio 2008

Date: year 2005- recent Description: Developed some personal and some business specific customized web sites on a project basis. Business sites for the web enhanced activities, customer interaction activities with latest web technologies & reviews. Modified three web based pc-gaming softwares. Modified a payroll software. developed business sites for web based business application. Platform: Stratus, Hybernet, Ant with JAVA, PHP for development of web content, and rewriting codes in C++ on modifying three existing games of Chess game, Basketball game, GRE prep courseware game practices.


Role: Sole Developer Date: Year '2002-2005. Description: Developed a Chess game in Java, a Basket Ball game in VC++, JAVA and a GRE preparation Module in C++, VC++ for customized development. (None published). The Chess game is developed in JAVA - Applet, swing component, interactive through socket programming on internet scope. Also it can be played with the Computer from an Artificial intelligence system The A.I. has a class structure with implemented rules on different variant moves of the player. The moves are kept in the backend files and database files with and without using the internet. Platform: Java Applet, Thread, Adobe Photoshop, Image Processing, OpenGL, Flash, Object Oriented Technology, ORACLE database, C++, VC++, socket programming for internet range. Windows NT, Dos.

 * Nortel Project(informal) Date: Oct '00- Jan'01. Role: Informally assisting junior developers in designing, coding of C++, Object Oriented architecture and development of Nortel information system. Platform: C++, OOPs, C, Unix, Linux, Windows , Oracle backend.  APN Software Services, Fremont, California Project


Client: VERIZON /GTE, Irving, Texas. Date: May '00- Aug '00. Role: Leading a small group of developers to assist in development of Customer Service software for GTE. Supervised the team of developers, developed the major functionalities in JAVA Swing, JDBC. Communicated and resolved problems with the XML team for the development flow. Organized business meetings periodically, made frequent presentations for current and future objectives, meeting customer requirements with consulting with the testing team. Description: The GTE information system is a n-tier distributed system which operates and maintains the customer information in the backend databases designed in ORACLE 8.0, MS Access. The front end is developed in JAVA Swing, Applet and classes are designed in a generic manner for improved functions and applied C++ data/class structure in the OOAD scope in UML. The design gets updated after current requirement analysis by the test team. Modified version 6.0 to version 7.0. Platform: Java SWING, JFC, Applet, beans, C++, Oracle backend, JDBC-ODBC, XML, HTML, case version control tool, UML. Windows, Unix operating system. Clear


Freelance Banking Project: KASHYAP RADIANT, NEW DELHI, INDIA Date: Dec '99- April'00. Role: Project Lead and developer of the banking project for the bank in JAVA, Servlet. Worked on developing and deploying cookies for gathering clients' information and stored it in a server database. Performed periodic / user requested report generation. Tested, implemented the software in the bank operation. Produced quality checking and assurance on the software implemented. Documented and presented the documentation for users. Description: The Finance project is to maintain the banks inventory control, customer database management, employees PAY Roll and part of ERP database management. User inputs are taken in forms, passed to the middle wire for checking eligibility, generated report on acceptance, added to the databases in either case. Handled Payroll and ERP system analysis requirements as set aside by JAVA application. Different cookies are developed and deployed to server/client computer for strict maintenance with sessions. Platform: JAVA SERVLET,SWING, APPLET, BEAN, COOKIES,, Oracle DATABASE 7.3 Windows nt / unix / linux.

 Industrial Research and Development, I.I.T. New Delhi, India. Date: Nov. '98- Oct'99. Role: Leading a medium group of Software Developers for Industrial Research & Development for customer industries - Timex Watch and Bharat Electricals. Worked as a Senior Project Scientist and Developer. Developed a Pro-Active generic Simulator Software for simulation of mechanical process control. Interacted with the customers as well as with the management throughout the development phase. Wrote documentation and presentation for customers’ guideline. Description: The Pro-Active Generic Simulator is designed to run on a pre- projection basis for the possible outcome of the existing mechanical system. The different parameters are there to determine the outcomes which can be either user defied or conventional for Processing period, incoming parts process, outgoing parts processes to the sink, the version of the sink or any real-time factor. The simulator describes every simulating phase in picture -diagrams, designed in GUI report generation to actually project the possible efficiency of the system, usage of the system at any instant of simulation process or any of its possible drawback in simulation. It required a real-time analysis of the existing system to run the simulator. Platform: C++, OOPS, VC++, VB, WINDOWS Programming/MFC, C,ORACLE, Access, ODBC, PRO C. Windows Nt/ Unix, Backend Oracle 7.3.   Software Consultancy- Techna Consultancy, financial firms, New Delhi, India. Date: 'Jan'96- Jun'97. Financial Inventory Control Management Role: The application maintains a database for different varieties of customers to loan on three months, six months, one-year or, on a customized long term basis with different interest rates. The software takes

input from customers to verify criteria and puts in the proper database with the customer's banking and profile. The customer can be an individual or may be a company or a group. The software generates different periodic reports in the system database or generates reports on request. Platform: C++, VC++/MFC, ORACLE, Windows.  2. Inventory Control for a departmental store, New Delhi, India. Role: Sole developer Description: Developed the ERP project in C++, OOPS in its full life cycle. The stores inventory was maintained in a database structure and interfaced in C++ methods to fetch data to a from. Class objects are to maintain the inventory system, analysing of profit and Loss, generate reports and modifies the inventory with the different queries in SQL separately. The application interfaces with the database by VC++ - ODBC interface/ PRO C. It also generates Pay Roll on employees and generates pay-in /pay-out for vendors. Platform: C++, VC++, ORACLE. Windows.  3. Developing the courseware in ORACLE7.3 for Techna Training, Delhi, India. Role: Sole Developer Description: Techna has its own training facility and had Oracle training course for which- developed the entire courseware. The presentation of TABLE, Query, Records, Sub- Routine, Function, Trigger, Procedure was developed in Ms Word 4.0 and presented in Power Point presentation kit.  CMC Consultancy, Calcutta, India. Date: '94- '95. Role: Worked as a senior module developer after getting a promotion from the position of junior developer. Developed the payroll module with one other developer in the ERP project for IBP oil company in India. After the requirement analysis, developed the basic table structure in Sybase with strong analysis. Developed various functions, triggers and procedures to calculate payroll for employees and IBP payout customers. Generated periodic reports and developed GUI in Sybase front -end. Developed tools in Unix Shell script for developers facility. Description: The whole IBP- ERP project was for multinational IBP network. CMC consultancy supported consultancy in software, hardware requirement analysis, design, development, implementation and deployment in a wide range of distributed infrastructure. The PAYROLL module in the whole project interfaces with the other modules to input data in the database and generates periodic or customer required report on employees attendance, pay-out, leaves and holidays. Platform: analysis and development of table structure, SYBASE X.0, UNIX Borne shell, shell script.  Date: year '94. Description: Developed a Database software( personalized) in C with integrated scope of various functions of database operation such as- math- SUM, AVE, PREC, MOD, ABS; DATE, TIME, HR. MIN. SEC. File-CREATE, DEL, SAVE, REC, APPEND. Platform: C.