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How to Use WEBS for the ITPS Program


									How to Use WEBS for the ITPS
 The purpose of this guide is to assist ITPS Program customers in using
  WEBS to:
     Post Second Tier Work Requests and Amendments to program vendors
     Record results of the Second Tier activity and send award notifications to all
      participating vendors
     Run reports on the Second Tier acquisition activity

 Note: Customers must establish an agency profile in WEBS prior to
  accessing and using the system. To access WEBS, please visit the
  Department of General Administration’s website For
  WEBS technical support, contact GA by phone at 360.902.7400 or
Login screen
Manage Bids
Add New Draft
Step 1
Step 1 - Continued
Step 2
    What are the Commodity Codes?
New Commodity Code   ITPS Category #   Title
       9241                 1          IT Funding Request, Financial Analysis
       9242                 2          IT Business Analysis
       9243                 3          External IT Quality Assurance (IV&V)

       9244                 4          IT Project Management
       9245                 5          Technology Architecture Development
       9246                 6          Security Analysis
       9247                 7          Enterprise Content Management
       9248                 8          Contingency & Disaster Recovery Planning
       9249                 9          Systems Analysis
       9250                10          Network System Administration
       9251                11          Software Quality Assurance & Testing
       9252                12          Desktop Applications Development and Training
       9253                13          Geographic Information Systems Application Development
       9254                14          Workstation Installation & Support
       9255                15          Client Server, Web & N-Tier Application Development
       9256                16          General Mainframe Development
       9257                17          General Database Administrator/Database Developer/Data Analyst
Search For Commodity Codes
Step 3
Step 4
                Post Bid

You have just posted a Work Request in WEBS!
          Post an Amendment

 You have posted a Work Request but now
  have the need to amend it.
 Log back into WEBS and select Manage Bids.
View Posted Bids
Select the Posted Work Request
        Work Request Amendment
If bid date needs to be changed, do so before uploading the
Upload Work Request Amendment
            Contact Information

 Steve Lovaas, ITPS Program Manager
       Email:
       Phone: 360.725-4245

 Jolena Missildine, Contract Specialist III
       Email:
       Phone: 360.902.2299

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