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									2 0 1 0                          S E RV I C E             U N I T

Cookie Support Team ........................... 1
Product Sales Staff ............................... 1
Letter from the Product Sales Staff ...... 2
2009–2010 Service Unit Cookie Manager
  Timeline and Task List ....................... 3
Volunteer Tech Support Team .............. 5
Procedures for Handling Early
  Order Taking ...................................... 5
Promote Your Unit’s Cookie Activities... 5
Cookie Forms and Materials................. 5
Training TCMs ...................................... 6
Hometown Heroes/Gift of Caring.......... 6
Service Unit Level eBudde ................... 7
Additional eBudde Info ......................... 8
Cookie Pickup....................................... 9
Cookie Cupboards .............................. 10
Money Handling.................................. 10
Final Reports and Payments .............. 10

The Girl Scout Promise
On my honor, I will try:
  To serve God and my country,
  To help people at all times,
  And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

The Girl Scout Law
I will do my best to be:
    honest and fair,
    friendly and helpful,
    considerate and caring,
    courageous and strong, and
    responsible for what I say and do,
and to
    respect myself and others,
    respect authority,
    use resources wisely,
    make the world a better place, and
    be a sister to every Girl Scout.
                                     er cokie s
                              a bett            ale

Cookie Support Team
Area Name:______________________ Area Cookie Manager (ACM): _____________________

Phone: _________________________ E-mail: _______________________________________

Cookie Cupboard Manager: _______________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________ E-mail: _______________________________________

Address: ________________________ City/Zip: ______________________________________

Hours: _________________________________________________________________________

Area Cookie Booth Manager (ACBM): _______________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________________________________________

Product Sales Staff
Statewide and Denver Metro Area           Western Slope, Durango
Regions 5 & 6                             Regions 1 & 2
Vice President Product Sales              Director of Product Sales
Dorothy F. Gregory                        Mary Ann Deard
400 S. Broadway, P.O. Box 9407            580 24 ½ Road
Denver, CO 80209-0407                     Grand Junction, CO 81505
303-607-4870 or 1-866-827-7033            970-242-4461 or 1-800-288-0463  

Statewide and Denver Metro Area           Ft. Collins, Northeast CO
Region 5 & 6                              Regions 7 & 8
Product Sales Assistant                   Director of Product Sales
Stephanie Hard                            Carolyn Schultz
400 S. Broadway, P.O. Box 9407            1600 Specht Point Road #105
Denver, CO 80209-0407                     Ft. Collins, CO 80525
303-607-4840 or 1-866-827-7033            970-212-2356 or 1-888-801-1269   

Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Southeast CO
Regions 3 & 4
Director of Product Sales
Mary Peltzer
3535 Parkmoor Village Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
719-597-8603 Ext 48 or 1-800-748-3343
Dear Service Unit Cookie Manager,

Welcome to the Girl Scouts of Colorado 2010 Cookie Activity. Get ready for a
spectacular event that millions of Americans can’t wait for—Girl Scout Cookie® time!
Girls will be inspiring change across the country; “a better world Inspired by U” is this
year’s cookie theme. They will have the opportunity to Discover, Connect and Take Action
to have an impact on their world. A cookie activity is led by the girls, but inspired by you
the adult volunteer.

Get excited for the 2010 Cookie Activity; Girl Scouts of Colorado has come together with
a great program for every girl in the state.

This year’s theme, Inspired by U, invites you as a Service Unit Cookie Manager, to guide
the Troop Cookie Managers through the program, helping them to provide activities for
the girls in your Service Unit. You will be helping troops as they work with their girls and
families during one of the most comprehensive entrepreneurial and financial literacy
training programs available to girls today. Through the cookie activity, girls learn and
practice goal setting, communication skills, money management, teamwork, budgeting
and planning strategies to achieve goals. Learn about the Cookie Club, a fun interactive
tool where girls can go online to learn about setting goals, selling tips, track their progress
and send e-cards to potential customers. Older girls are automatically routed to a special
version of the Cookie Club with a teen look.

Inside this book you will find the information that will help you help your Service Unit have
a successful cookie season. Please read it carefully and call your Area Cookie Manager
or Regional Director if you have questions.

You play an important role in the Cookie Activity by providing training and support for girls,
parents and Troop Cookie Managers and keeping them informed of all the details. Your
work enables troops to provide opportunities for girls to discover new goals for themselves,
connect with new cookie customers and take action to help their community. Thank you in
advance for all you will do this cookie season. We couldn’t do this without you!

                                                    The Product Sales Staff

2009–2010 Service Unit Cookie Manager Timeline and Task List
Nov. 2009
___ Assemble a Service Unit Roster of Troop Cookie Managers (TCM). Contact your Service Unit Manager,
    School Coordinator or Manager of Mission Delivery to help assemble the list. Contact Troop leaders that have not yet
    signed up and encourage them to participate in the cookie activity.
___Training will be coordinated regionally. Contact your Area Cookie Manager (ACM) or Regional Director of Product Sales
   or check out the Girl Scouts of Colorado Web site for more details.

Dec. 1–31
___ Prepare a troop packet for each troop. (if applicable to your region)
___ Train your TCMs or provide training schedules to them.
___ Ask your TCMs to bring proof of their troop bank account when they come for training. Troops will be responsible for
    entering their bank information on eBudde.
___ Enter/update troop information in eBudde for registered troops who have turned in a signed Troop Cookie Manager
    Agreement. Finish the initial entry of troop information by Dec. 12 so troops can update their information by Dec. 15
    and qualify for the “Early eBudde Bonus”.

Jan. 2–7
___ Hold Service Unit Cookie Rallies. Hint: Find volunteers or older girl troops to plan and carry out a rally.
___ Troops hold training meetings for parents and girls. Be available to answer questions that may arise and have extra
    materials available.

Jan. 8
___ Complete updating eBudde for all registered troops in your Service Unit who have turned in a Troop Cookie
    Manager Agreement.

Jan. 8–24
___ Initial order taking—be available to answer questions from the TCMs. Be sure to let your troops know your deadline
    for entering their initial orders.

Jan. 9–11 Round I Booth Sale Selection
___ Booth Sale Selection tab on eBudde opens at 4 p.m. Jan. 9. The site closes at 11 p.m. on Jan. 11. Troops may choose
    one sale.

Jan. 14–15 Round II Booth Sale Selection
___ Booth Sale Selection tab on eBudde opens at 6 p.m. Jan. 14. The site closes at 11 p.m. on Jan. 15. Troops may choose
    up to three additional sales.

Jan. 18 – Mar. 8
___ Booth Sale Selection tab on eBudde open for reserving additional sales and for entering Troop initiated sales. All Booth
    Sales must be approved by the Area Cookie Booth Manager. Troops may choose up to five additional sales each time
    they login.

Jan. 27
___ Verify that all troop Initial Orders and Initial Incentive Orders have been entered into eBudde and submitted. Check for
    obvious problems and be sure Booth Sale orders are reasonable.
___ Submit Initial Orders and Incentive Orders in eBudde at the Service Unit level.

Feb. 4–11
___ Cookie pickup—Be available to answer questions. Assist at or run a delivery station or help find other volunteers who
    can help at delivery stations during this time period. Your ACM or Regional Director of Product Sales will coordinate
    this scheduling.

Feb. 12
___ Final date for reporting unresolved Shortages/Overages from Initial Order Pickup (if applicable to your region).

Feb. 12 – Mar. 7 Booth Sales and Cookie Walkabouts
___ Keep in touch with troops and remind them to make frequent deposits of cookie money.
___ Report any problems to your ACM or your Regional Product Sales Director.

Mar. 7
___ Last day for taking cookie orders.

Mar. 9–13
___ Contact each TCM to schedule a final report appointment. Confirm final cookie numbers for each troop by checking
    transaction records. Be sure all HTH cookies are posted from the cupboard before closing out troop finances.

Mar. 16–22
___ Receive final payments and/or deposit slips and reports from each TCM. MAKE SURE REPORTS ARE ACCURATE
___ Deposit any troop checks into the Girl Scouts of Colorado Product Sales account in person or by mail. Troop checks
    should be entered in eBudde as a deposit before printing the final report.
___ Print out Service Unit Reports from eBudde. Complete the Service Unit Evaluation online at

Mar. 23
___ Last day to submit Service Unit final incentive order.

Mar. 22–27
___ Deliver reports to your ACM or your Regional Director of Product Sales.
___ Keep copies of records, especially Inventory Control Sheets, Service Unit Worksheets and Booth Location Sheets to use
    for next year’s cookie activity. If you are not returning as a Service Unit Cookie Manager (SUCM), please give these to
    your ACM or Regional Director of Product Sales.

Apr. 15
___ Last day to submit Problem Reports to council.

Late April/Early May
___ Receive recognition shipment and distribute to troops.

May 29
___ Last day to return unclaimed/undistributed recognitions to your ACM or Regional Director of Product Sales.

Volunteer Tech Support Team
Having problems selecting Booth Sales? Can’t enter your girls’ recognition order into eBudde? Other resources stumped
or busy helping others? We have several volunteers who will be available to help answer questions and resolve eBudde
technical problems.
If you haven’t been able to get help, leave a message, voicemail or e-mail and one of our techies will get back to you to help
resolve the problem.
Bill Lawson
Lisa Hollister
303-778-0109, ext. 395
1-866-827-7033, ext 395 (Toll Free)

Procedures for Handling Early Order Taking
The first day of selling, or “go day,” is Friday, Jan. 8. All girls and their families are on their honor to observe this date—
no exceptions. Everyone must wait until “go day” before contacting customers by telephone or e-mail or setting up appointments
to sell. If you see an early seller, tell her that she shouldn’t be selling and report it to the Regional Director of Product Sales.
You will need the name of the girl, troop number and when and where the sale took place.
Cookie orders taken before Jan. 8 will be handled as follows:
1. The SUCM will recover the order card with the troop number, Service Unit name and girl’s name and phone number.
2. The SUCM will call the ACM or Regional Director of Product Sales to report the problem.
3. The ACM or Regional Director of Product Sales will call the leader to inform the troop:
   • Packages sold early will not count toward recognitions for the girl or the troop.
   • The girl and her family will still deliver the cookies she sold and turn in the money for them.
   • The troop must donate the troop profit on those packages to the Opportunity Grants fund.

Promote Your Service Unit’s Cookie Activities
The council would like to post local girl/troop cookie pictures and stories in our publications, on our Web site and consider
them for cookie new stories in the local media. Please send the council pictures and stories of cookie efforts during and after
the 2010 Cookie Activity, including your Booth Sales and Hometown Heroes deliveries. Please avoid sending large group
shots. Digital photos should be at least 300 dpi. Please send stories and photos to:
Amanda Kalina
Girl Scouts of Colorado
400 S. Broadway, P.O. Box 9407
Denver, CO 80209-0407
303-607-4844 or
All cookie media inquiries and opportunities should be directed to Amanda Kalina at Girl Scouts of Colorado.Thank you for
your cooperation.

Cookie Forms and Materials
Most of the cookie information will be entered directly on eBudde. The forms below will be available on the Girl Scouts of
Colorado Web site ( under Events & Activities > Cookies > Areas, Service Units and Cupboards.
Hard copies will also be available from your ACM or at your local service center.

Problem Report: Fill out a Problem Report for any missing or stolen money or returned cookies. A Problem Report
should also be filled out if a troop has families that still owe for cookies. If the problem is a theft of cookies or money, the parent
(or troop) must report it to the local police and obtain a copy of the police report to attach to the Problem Report. Encourage
your troops to report all problems, even if they expect them to be resolved. Call your ACM or Regional Director of Product
Sales as soon as you learn about problems. Problem Reports should be attached to the Troop Final Information Form, but
they must be submitted to council by Apr. 15.

Complaint Form: Fill out this form when handling any product complaints.
Service Unit Cookie Manager Evaluation: Please complete the online survey on the Girl Scouts of Colorado
Web site ( under Events & Activities > Cookies > Areas, Service Units and Cupboards. The
cookie team reads each evaluation and considers all suggestions to see if they can be incorporated in the next cookie activity.

Training TCMs
Well-trained TCMs make for a smooth-running cookie activity in your Service Unit. Training is required for all TCMs, regardless
of experience. Training of TCMs is handled differently throughout the state. More detailed training information is found at under Events & Activities > Cookies or through the regional office.

Troop Materials
 Cookie Activity Kit “Flip Book”
 TCM Agreement
 Troop Envelope
 2010 Troop Cookie Book
 Troop Cookie Worksheet (T-1A)—used to record girl orders and for collecting signature for cookies and/or money
 Receipt book (if used in your region)
 Final Troop Information Report
 Extra Order Cards
 Deposit slips for council account
 Sample box of Thank U Berry Munch cookies—Service Units may choose to give these cookies out at Cookie Rallies and
  not give them to individual troops.
You can print the following from the Girl Scouts of Colorado Web site or refer TCMs to the following:
 Cookie Goal Getter Patch Requirements (available in council shop for purchase)
 Gift of Caring/Hometown Hero Receipts
You may want to have some of these available:
 Volunteer Application and Reference Checks
 GSCO Background Check Form
 Adult Registration form
All Cookie Volunteers must be registered and must have a Volunteer Application and Background Check completed and
approved before they handle money and/or cookies.

Girl Materials
 Family Guide/Promise and Permission Form—If a girl’s parents are divorced or separated have each parent/guardian sign
  a Promise and Permission form. (Available in Spanish)
 Girl Cookie Order Card and/or Teen Order Card (Available in Spanish)
 Cookie Goal Getter Card for recording orders after the initial order card is turned in.
 Money Envelope—give to girls when they pick up their initial order cookies
 Hometown Heroes/Gift of Caring Card

Hometown Heroes/Gift of Caring
Girl Scouts of Colorado is continuing to bring our unified commitment to patriotism and community service to the forefront of
the 2010 Cookie Activity by “Saluting our Hometown Heroes.” Last year, Girl Scouts of Colorado troops donated more than
112,000 packages to their heroes giving the hometown heroes in our communities some well-deserved appreciation, as well
as developing a lasting relationship with the organizations.
To participate in the Hometown Heroes/Gift of Caring project, troops follow these three easy steps:
1. Girls talk about the people and organizations that help others in their community and then choose a group to receive donated
   cookies. Recipients can be nonprofit organizations, uniformed personnel, the military, blood banks, Veteran’s hospitals, area
   hospitals, local food banks or a hero special to the girls in the troop. Contact the recipient to let them know your intention. If
   you have questions contact your Regional Director.
2. Troops prepare posters, signs and/or collection boxes for display at booth sales to let customers know they can buy
   cookies that will be donated to this group. Also be sure each girl has a completed Hometown Heroes card with the troop
   hero’s name to attached to her order card.
3. Pick up any Hometown Heroes/Gift of Caring cookies you need from your local cupboard at the end of the cookie season
   and deliver them. Virtual orders for cookies going to Operation Gratitude can also be placed at the end of the sale.
Any shipments to the military must have an identified recipient. Girl Scouts of Colorado works with several organizations to
deliver cookies to troops overseas but troops are free to send them to any personal contacts they might have. Check the
Girl Scouts of Colorado Web site for reservation information with these groups.

Service Unit Level eBudde
We use the eBudde system developed by Little Brownie Bakers to order cookies and recognitions, record cookie transactions,
and to record deposits from the girls and deposits into the Council Product Sale account. It is an easy-to-use system with
many features.
When you first login you will see the Service Unit Dashboard page. This page provides a place for any notices you may want
to post, as well as important dates. For the Service Unit level and above, information about the status of the sale will also be
displayed. Unless your Service Unit has been merged, you should be able to see comparisons with last year so you can tell
how your Service Unit is doing compared to last year.
Little Brownie has continued to improve the data entry on the Girl Orders tab and now you can add notes for each transaction
that is entered for a girl so troops can note whether a transaction was from a booth sale or an additional order, etc.
On the troop level transactions, troops can now enter a pending order for cookies that the cupboard can see. Troops enter
what they think they need for an order and the cupboard will finalize it when the troop picks up their cookies. eBudde also has
the Booth Sale Scheduler that troops use to sign up for booth sales.

eBudde Training Resources
• There are seven online learning modules: Setting Up Your Computer, Overview of eBudde, Inputting Troop Information and
  Orders, Transactions, Deposits/Sales Reports, Girl Orders and Incentives that have been added as resources if anyone
  needs help. We have links from the Girl Scouts of Colorado web site to these trainings so even if a TCM/SUCM cannot get
  into eBudde they can access these modules.
• The eBudde online Manual provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete tasks in eBudde.
• VIP e-Training is a new Web site that cookie volunteers can use to learn everything they need to know about the cookie
  activity. Check the Girl Scouts of Colorado Web site for more information on how to access this new resource.
• SU Cookie Managers can also e-mail or leave a message for our Technical Support volunteers at
  or 303-778-0109 x395 (1-866-827-7033 x395 toll free).

eBudde Access Information
• eBudde Web site address – We recommend you click the link in the e-mail sent to you from
  the eBUDDE system and then add this web address to your Favorites/Bookmarks for easier access.
• Login – Your e-mail address is your login. If you change your e-mail address during the cookie activity, login using your old
  e-mail address and add your new e-mail address under the Settings tab.
• Password – The default initial password for all users is ebudde. Each user is prompted to change the password the first time
  they login.
Troop Cookie Managers must provide an e-mail address on their Troop Cookie Manager Agreement Form. If the TCM doesn’t
have a personal e-mail address, they can use the e-mail address of any other troop adult or they can set up a free e-mail
account. Free e-mail accounts are available from a number of sources including and Please contact
the Tech Support Team for more help if necessary.

eBudde To Do List – Service Unit Level
1. Set up/update your information and troop information by Dec. 12
  ___ Check and/or update your personal contact information.
  ___ Collect a completed and signed Troop Cookie Manager Agreement from each registered troop selling cookies in your
       Service Unit.
  ___ Add any new troops and update existing troops. Troop numbers in eBudde will be five digits and the first digit will be
       their region number. Add zeroes between the region and troop number if needed. Enter Goal and Receives Proceeds
       (no incentives) information if you have it. Delete any contacts that have not completed a TCM Agreement. Troops can
       modify the information you enter as needed. eBudde refers to Troop Cookie Managers as Troop Cookie Chairs. Please
       check the “Is A Cookie Person” box to indicate the contact is the TCM and has signed the TCM Agreement. Troops may
       enter additional contacts as they desire, but they should not check the “Is A Cookie Person” box. There should only be
       one Troop Cookie Person per troop in eBudde.
  ___ Delete any troops that have not registered. This step is best done after the sale begins to accommodate any late troops.
       Once the troop is deleted the history cannot be re-entered.
  ___ Use the e-mail function in eBudde to let your troops know when you have finished setting up eBudde. Remind TCM’s that
       the troop will receive the “Early eBudde Bonus” if they update their troop information under the settings tab by Dec. 15.

2. Review and submit initial orders on the SU level by Jan. 27
  ___ Start checking that troops are entering information into eBudde around Jan. 24. Remind them that you must submit at
      the SU level by Jan. 27.
  ___ Verify troop Initial Orders and Initial Incentive Orders in eBudde. Check Booth Sale orders and check for errors.

  ––– Check that each troop has entered individual girl orders and that the number of girl orders is the same as the number of
      girls selling. The “OTHER” line should not be used.
  ––– Check that an appropriate number of Booth Sale packages has been ordered on the BOOTH line based on the information
      provided to you by your Regional Product Sales Director. Question any excessive orders. Call the TCM to discuss large
      booth orders.
  ___ Confirm that each troop has selected and submitted their Delivery (Initial Order Pickup) as directed by your Regional
      Product Sales Director.
  ___ Because we fill HTH cookie orders at the end of the sale through cupboards, troops should ignore the eBudde message
      telling them to order extras on the initial order to fill this requirement.
  ___ Submit Initial Orders and Initial Incentive Orders at the Service Unit level. When all troop orders are submitted and your
      review is completed, click on the Submit Order button to submit your SU’s orders for area level approval. Then submit
      the Initial Incentive Order.

3. During the cookie activity
  ___ Assist troops in updating the Girl Orders tab as needed. Remind troops to distribute booth sale packages to the girls so
       they will be reflected in their recognitions. Troops should give money credit to match the booth sale cookies distributed.

4. Final troop reporting
  ___ Review troop totals and final recognition orders and submit – complete before you meet with your ACM or Regional
       Product Sales Director (by Mar. 22 at the latest).
  ___ Verify that troop information on the Settings tab is up to date. Be sure the troop level, the number of girls registered
       and the number of girls selling has been updated. (We use the number of registered girls to check some of the troop
       awards, so it is very important that it is correct and that it agrees with the number of girls registered with the council
       office.) Also check that the “Receives Proceeds (no incentives)” box has been checked for Cadette, Senior or Ambassador
       troops that are taking the cash option. eBudde will subtract the additional troop profit from what the troop owes only if it
       is checked.
  ___ Verify that troop totals on the Sales Report and Girl Orders match. (The numbers of the individual varieties on the Girl
       Orders do not have to match—only the final total.) Confirm that the troop has entered their final Hometown Heroes box
       total on the Sales Report.
  ___ Verify Final Incentive Orders for each troop in eBudde. Check that all applicable recognitions have been ordered for
       each girl.
  ___ Submit the Final Incentive Order at the Service Unit level.

Additional eBUDDE Info
Forgotten Password
A forgotten password does not require a phone call! Please let your volunteers know that anyone has the ability to get their
password. All a user has to do is enter their e-mail address on the login page and press the Click Here link on the login page.
A message will indicate that eBudde has sent the password to the e-mail address. Click the Close Window button and you will
be returned to the login page. eBudde will send an e-mail with the password.

Navigating the System
Add More – The “add more” button allows you to enter in additional rows on deposits,
additional cookie transactions, and adding girls on the initial order. You can activate
this button by pressing the spacebar or clicking on it.
Enter Key – The enter key is used to complete a row on a page. It can also be used
to complete a page when the page has only one button available on the page.
The tabs available on the page allow you to add, change, delete or view information.
These tabs are specific to the user access level. Troop tabs are not identical to the
SU level tabs. To select a tab, click anywhere on the tab.
Contacts Tab – Everyone should review the information on this tab. Edit and save
as necessary. You can also send e-mail messages under this tab to all troops in
your Service Unit through the eBUDDE system. This e-mail system is a one-way
communication. The receivers of the e-mail cannot reply and do not see who sent
the e-mail so be sure to include your e-mail address in your message. This e-mail
system is for text only. Please do not include graphics. You can attach files as long
as the maximum size of the attachment(s) does not exceed 5 mb. To ensure that
your recipients receive this e-mail you may want to suggest that TCMs add as a safe sender.

Settings Tab
  • Verify that the Allow Troop Data Entry box and Enter Orders at Girl Level box are checked. Add additional Service Unit
    contacts as needed.
  • Messages – The message function allows you to create a notice that will be seen by your TCMs on their dashboard screen
    every time they enter the eBudde system.
Troops Tab
  • To add one troop – click on Add a Troop button, enter troop number, # of girls selling and registered, level of troop,
    troop leader’s e-mail address and troop bank account information. Check boxes that apply: User get mail, Active and
    Cookie Person for e-mail listed.
  • To add up to 11 troops at one time – click Add up to 11 troops, enter troop number, # of girls selling and registered,
    level of troop, TCM’s e-mail address and troop banking information. Check boxes that apply: User get mail, Active and
    Cookie Person.
  • Unsubmit button allows you to unsubmit cookie and/or incentive orders if incorrectly submitted or if needing update by
    the troop.
Initial Order Tab – Review Troop orders. Troops with an asterisk (*) have not submitted their orders. Review the totals at the
bottom if correct, click SUBMIT order. Once the order is submitted at the Service Unit level, changes cannot be made by the
SUCM. Print a copy for your records.
Delivery Tab – We do not order cookies at the Service Unit level in this council so Service Units should not enter any information
here. Troops will use this tab to select their delivery site and time if they have that option in their region.
Transaction Tab – We do not move cookies at the Service Unit level in this council. Do not enter any information here. Troops
will use the troop transaction tab to enter pending orders as well as troop to troop transfers if applicable in your region. If a
troop wants to enter a Pending order they must choose Pending under the Type field. For Troop-to-Troop transfers, the troop
giving away the cookies is responsible for entering the transaction.
Deposits Tab – If troops have not entered their own deposit information, the SUCM can enter it for them. Use the credited
date on the slip and the transaction number as the reference.
Incentive Tab
• Review recognition orders for each troop both on the Initial Order and the Final order stages. If any changes are needed, go
  to the troop level Incentive tab and make any necessary changes. Be sure to review and submit at the Service Unit level to
  make sure the changes were made in the system.
• Update shipping address – This must be the physical address where you want the final incentives shipped. P.O. Box is not
acceptable. Click SUBMIT to submit your order. Once you submit the order, changes cannot be made at the SUCM level.
Report Tab – There are several reports to help you validate information from the initial cookie and incentive orders, troop
pickup sheets and final financial accounting. Reports open in Microsoft Excel and/or PDF format.
Menu Bar
The Menu Bar provides additional support for you in eBudde.
  • Home – This option brings you back to the dashboard screen
  • Help – Help provides you detailed information on all screens. It is setup in categories and gives you additional information
    for inputting data in the different screens.
  • eLearning – Learning modules for troop users
  • Manuals – This provides a manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF format for your reference
  • – This provides a link for you to go to the Little Brownie Web site which has additional resources.
  • Log Out – This allows you to log out of the system.

Cookie Pickup
Cookie deliveries will be handled on a regional basis. Your Regional Product Sales Director will provide information about your
delivery. In most cases/areas, the delivery method will not change from last year. We do ask that troops be prompt and arrive
at the delivery station at the time they have selected. You may be asked to volunteer time at or run the cookie pickup to help
process the troops.
The deadline for reporting Initial Order Shortage/Overage is Feb. 12 (if applicable to your region). The troop will be responsible
for paying for all cookies that they sign for at the initial pickup. They should recount all cookies when they get home and report
any discrepancies immediately. If it is possible, they should return to their delivery location and make any adjustments. If they
cannot get back to the delivery location, they must contact their local cupboard/Director of Product Sales to make adjustments.
All shortage/overages from pickup must be reported by Feb. 12.

Cookie Cupboards
A cookie cupboard is a place where cookies are stored that are available for troops, Service Units or other cupboards to pick
up cookies after the initial delivery. A cupboard can be the warehouse, a volunteer’s garage, the council office, etc. Cupboards
may not be available in all areas of the state. They are available where a volunteer has agreed to manage it and has completed
the council Cupboard Manager Training. Please check with your Director of Product Sales about available cupboards in your
area. It is the goal of Girl Scouts of Colorado to increase cupboard availability statewide.
This year in eBudde troops will have the ability to place a “Cupboard Pending Order.” This order will be reviewed by the cupboard
manager and may be modified if the cupboard manager is concerned with the size of the order. The cupboard manager will be
in contact with the troop to discuss and make the final decision. Our goal is to be sure troops have all the cookies they need and
hope to sell yet to make sure the troop finances are not put at risk by over ordering.
Details of how cookies are ordered for your region will be provided the Director of Product Sales.
Remind troops to order the HTH packages if needed. Initial order HTH packages have not been ordered, notice the zero in the
initial order to the troop. Their count should be added to any additional cookies donated during the direct sale.

Money Handling
___ Encourage troops to deposit money often. Do not hold all money till the end of the sale. The TCM is responsible for all
___ Endorse all checks and money orders with the council endorsement stamp.
___ Make out deposit slip(s) listing the number of each troop on the deposit slip.
___ Take all checks to the Wells Fargo Bank location in your area or mail using the Bank by Mail envelopes provided. If the
    deposit is mailed, please note the date and the location (post office) where the deposit will be mailed are on the deposit
    slip. Mail all check deposits from inside a post office. If you have more than 25-30 checks in an envelope, the envelope
    may require extra postage, or you may want to send more than one deposit to the bank. Do not mail cash. Deposit the,
    checks and money orders with the white copy of the deposit slip and turn in the yellow copies of the deposit slips to the
    council to your ACM or Regional Product Sales office. The troop should keep the pink copies of the deposit slips. Each
    Service Unit receives three postage-paid addressed envelopes and slips. If you need more, please contact your ACM.
___ Deposit cash in the troop account. If there is a balance due to council at the end of the cookie activity, write a check to
    council. Do not over pay council. Troops should retain all troop proceeds.

Final Reports and Payments
Contact each TCM to schedule an appointment for turning in final reports and payment instructing them to bring the following:
____ Troop Sales Report from eBudde signed by Troop Leader
____ Troop Final Information Report
____ Verified deposit slips attached to report or single troop check written for amount due (this check should be entered in the
     deposit section of the program before printing the final Troop Report. In the reference area enter: Check to SUCM)
____ Girl Final Incentive Order (printed from eBudde)
____ Verify Incentive order submitted in eBudde
____ Verify Settings Tab on eBudde is correct
      • # girls registered
      • # girls selling
      • Program Level
      • Receives proceeds
____ Verify Troop totals on the eBudde Sales Report and Girl
     Orders match. Be sure final HTH cookie order from the
     cupboard is included.
____ Verify all contacts are complete for leaders/cookie manager
____ Verify final HTH packages total on Sales Report (this should
     include physical and virtual packages)
____ Verify final incentives order on eBudde to ensure all applicable
     recognitions have been ordered
____ Verify Troop Evaluation was done online
____ Troop Problem Report:          Yes      No
____ Attach the SU copy of the Cookie Manager Agreement

Girl Scouts of Colorado Service Centers

Colorado Springs             Durango                        Grand Junction
3535 Parkmoor Village Dr.    701 Camino del Rio             580 24 ½ Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80917   Suite 315                      Grand Junction, CO 81505
719-597-8603                 Durango, CO 81301              970-242-4461
1-800-748-3343               970-375-7913                   1-800-288-0463
719-597-5986 (fax)           970-375-7916 (fax)             970-243-9066 (fax)

Denver                       Fort Collins                   Pueblo
400 S. Broadway              1600 Specht Point Road         21 Montebello Road
P.O. Box 9407                Unit 105                       Pueblo, CO 81001
Denver, CO 80209-0407        Fort Collins, CO 80525         719-543-4690
303-778-8774                 970-493-1844                   1-800-287-9252
1-866-827-7033               1-888-801-1269                 719-543-4693 (fax)
303-733-6345 (fax)           970-493-6838 (fax)

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