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					HOW TO
                    How to
• DO

•   Read the “ Read me first” document
•   Start early
•   Publish your response before closing date
•   Use the message facility on Bravo for queries
•   Do read the hints and tips in the questionnaire
               How to

• Alter the documentation
• Try to upload documents other than in
  word or excel format
How to
  E tendering methodology
   eTendering Structure


                                   Read Me First Document
                                  Specifications/Questionnaire          (Offline Responses)
                                    Excel Costing Template.
                                Terms and conditions of contract


           Technical Response:                                Commercial Response:

    Supplier Tips for completing response                             Geography
                Next Steps…                                          Demographics
                   Checklist                                            Volumes
             (Online Response)                                     (Online Response)
HowExample:Youth Questionnaire
  Please be aware that minimum scores have been set for questions 1-5.

  Activity Overview (Not Scored) (Max character limit = 500)
  Tip:        Please provide a summary of the activities you intend to deliver. This will be used for publicity purposes and by completing it the applicant
              will be deemed to have given permission for its use in this way.
  Please enter your answer here

  1           Meeting the Service Requirements
              (Max score available = 12, Min score required = 8) (Max character limit = 6,000)
  Criteria:   Demonstrate how the proposed activity is innovative and/or builds on effective practice to address the Service Requirements
              Section of the Tender Specification.
  Tip:        Please provide a summary of the activities you intend to deliver and give examples / evidence of how they link into the Service Requirements
              Section of the Tender Specification.
              Identify the aim and SMART objectives for your proposed activity. An aim identifies ultimately what the activity is seeking to address. An
              objective identifies how the activity will deliver its aim. A SMART objective is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. In
              identifying your activity’s aim ensure that it is relevant to the Tender Specification and that your SMART objectives clearly explain how the
              aim will be delivered.
              In responding to this criteria clearly explain what activities you propose to undertake, who the participants are what it is you propose to do
              with them and where. Indicate how your proposed activities are innovative and/or build on effective practice to achieve impact and identify
              the results that will be achieved.
  Ref: NW/Y/S01/C01

  Please enter your answer here
How toCosting spreadsheet
                                                                                          ESF CO-FINANCE

                                                                                       TENDER NW-ADULT-S01
                                                                                          TENDER NAME

                                                                                       (PART B - FINANCIAL)

                                                                                               Ref: NW/A/S01

                                 Lead Organisation     Please enter your answer here

                                     Project Name      Please enter your answer here



   The Tender Specification appropriate to your project identifies the outputs and outcomes to be delivered; applicants should indicate which of these outputs and outcomes their
   project will deliver. You may also add any other outputs and outcomes that are relevant to the project. All outputs should be realistic and clearly linked to the project’s aim,
   objectives and proposed activities.

   Please provide a breakdown of how these outputs/outcomes will be delivered on a monthly basis for the project’s lifetime. The profile should be based on the number of new
   outputs/outcomes achieved in each month rather than being cumulative. The profile should be as realistic as possible; it should not just be flat-profiled or arbitrarily split. The
   profile entered here will be used for contracting purposes. Applicants must give careful consideration to their profile of delivery, we expect that projects should commence delivery
   to beneficiaries by at the latest 3 months after contracts are agreed.

   When profiling your activity please be aware that whilst a project may assist a beneficiary on multiple occasions, the LSC will only compensate the provider for supporting the
   beneficiary once. Please be aware that the LSC pays against unit costs assigned to the achievement of each output and outcome, please also note that should your project
   overachieve the LSC is under no obligation to pay for any overdelivery.

   NOTE: Make sure you scroll right in this form to fill in years 2008 - 2010.

                                                                                                                                                  2008                                                                                                                2009                                                                        2010
               OUTPUTS (title)
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Total Delivery for                                                                            Total Delivery for
                                                          Jan              Feb               Mar             Apr             May          Jun     Jul            Aug            Sep        Oct   Nov   Dec                        Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul    Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec                        Jan   Feb   Mar
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2008                                                                                          2009

                                                                                                                                                  2008                                                                                                                2009                                                                        2010
              OUTCOMES (title)
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Total Delivery for                                                                            Total Delivery for
                                                          Jan              Feb               Mar             Apr             May          Jun     Jul            Aug            Sep        Oct   Nov   Dec                        Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul    Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec                        Jan   Feb   Mar
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2008                                                                                          2009



   Tip: For most providers, this section will consist of a single line showing the ESF to be received. Only providers who wish to bring their own match funding will need to complete
   any lines beyond the ESF one. Please ensure that the total income for project corresponds with total expenditure identified in Section 17.

                                                                                        Is this funding Is thig funding
                                                                                                                        Is this funding
                                      Funding Source                                       Private or       cash or                       2008   2009            2010           Total
                                                                                            Public?         inkind?

   ESF                                                                                      Public           Cash             No                                                 £0







                                                                                                                               Total       £0      £0             £0             £0


   Tip: For each budget line identify how it will be funded (ie ESF, match funding or ESF & Match Funding) and provide the anticipated amount of expenditure to be incurred in each
   period identified. Please ensure that the total expenditure corresponds with the total income identified in Section 6.

                                                                Expenditure Item                     Source of Funding                    2008   2009            2010          TOTAL

                                                                       Admin Staff*                                                                                              £0

                                                                    Book-keeping*                                                                                                £0

                                                                   Bus Counselling                                                                                               £0

                                                                  Coun & Guidance                                                                                                £0

                                                                  Project Manager*                                                                                               £0

                                                                    Project Officer*                                                                                             £0
                       STAFF COSTS

                                                                   Office Manager*                                                                                               £0

                                                                     Outreach Staff                                                                                              £0

                                                                    Project Co-ord*                                                                                              £0

                                                                   Staff recruitment                                                                                             £0

                                                                      Staff Training                                                                                             £0
How to
 Terms and conditions of contract
 These are the terms and conditions of contract
       under which contracts will be let.
How to
   Technical and commercial responses.

• The technical instructions on how to complete
  the ITT response
• The commercial response is the demographic
  information for each specification, that providers
  wish to offer.
• Eg: this many males/ females where and what
  their characteristics.
How to                                                                                                             Reference

      IMPORTANT:       Please specify the total number of learners that you are able to deliver in the
      Instructions     "Number Of Learners" field, and the Unit Price

                       per learner in the "Price Per Learner" field. Please use the additional columns to
                       specify the numbers that you propose to deliver

                       in each demographic category. It is important that the numbers specified in each
                       category (e.g. Disadvantaged) equal the total

                       Quantity of learners that you propose to deliver for that line Item.

      IMPORTANT:       If you do not wish to offer provision for a line Item, please select "Not Answered" (at
      Completing       the left of each line Item).
                                                                                                                 * Employment:
      Line Items                                                                                                  Economically

          If you DO enter values in the “Number of Learners”
          and “Price Per Learner” fields for a line Item, then
          you MUST enter values in all the additional columns
          for that Item.

                     Reference                                                Description

                     <Enter           <enter description>
  Answered/ Not      geographic
  Answered           specifics>

                     <Enter           <enter description>
  Answered/ Not      geographic
  Answered           specifics>
How to

  Price Per Learner (£)   Price   * Gender: No. Males   * Gender: No. Females

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