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									                                              HIMACHAL PRADESH UNIVERSITY
                                                CONDUCT SECTION, SHIMLA-5

Date Sheet for M.A. (Sociology) I/IIII Semester Regular and II/IV Semester Re-appear examination to be held in
Nov./Dec., 2009.

Evening Session                                                                                                     Time : 2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.

Date                        Semester               Course                    Title of the course

                                                     I/III Semester Regular Examinations

25-11-2009                     III                   VII                     Theoritical Perspective in Sociology - I
27-11-2009                     I                     I                       Classical Sociological Tradition - I
30-11-2009                     III                   VIII                    Sociology of Development
2-12-2009                      I                     II                      Mathodology of Social Research
4-12-2009                      III                   IX                      i) Rural Sociology
                               III                   IX                      ii) Urban Sociology
                                                     IX                      iii) Social Demography & Population Trends in India
7-12-2009                      I                     III                     Social Stratification and Change

                                                   II/IV Semester Re-appear Examinations

9-12-2009                      IV                    X                       Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology - II
11-12-2009                     II                    IV                      Classical Sociological Tradition - II
14-12-2009                     IV                    XI                      Comparative Sociology
15-12-2009                     II                    V                       Perspectives on Indian Society
16-12-2009                     IV                    XII                     Social Psychology
17-12-2009                     II                    VI                      Sociology of Environment

Dated: Shimla-5, the 30th October, 2009

                        Sd/-                                                                                                    Sd/-
                (G. S. Rana)                                                                                                (A.N. Gupta)
          Assistant Registrar (Conduct)                                                                              Controller of Examinations

                                                                     IDENTITY CARD
   NOTE :
         Regular College students are directed to carry their Identity Cards to the Examination Hall and show it to the Centre Superintendent on
   all days of examination for verification. The students appearing in private capacity will get the following Identity cards prepared themselves
   which would bear following particulars and shall show it to the Centre Superintendent on all the days of their examination.

   1.     Name in full__________________________________________
          (In Capital Letters)
   2.     Father's Name in full___________________________________
                                                                                                                                Affix recent
   3.     Nationality___________________________________________                                                                Passport size
   4.     Age________________________________________________                                                                 Photograph (duly
   5.     Signature of the student_________________________________
   6.     Mark of Identification__________________________________

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