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This information sheet is intended to help students admitted to the Faculty of Arts and Science understand how we recognize the CAPE curriculum.

A list of course equivalents is given below. Provided that you successfully complete your studies and achieve a grade of at least “3” in your CAPE
examinations, these are the credits you can expect to receive towards a degree in our Faculty of Arts and Science for each different subject passed. If
you wish to decline or forfeit any of the credits, you must consult your College Registrar no later than September 30, 2009. The option to forfeit is
only available to students who have not attended another post secondary institution. Please note that if you forfeit credit for a CAPE course, and you
were given two half credit equivalent courses here, you will forfeit both half credits.
Any courses listed below as “Exclusions” are courses offered here in which you may not enrol unless you choose to forfeit the transfer credit. In
addition, you may not enrol in any courses which are listed in the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar as exclusions for these courses or the transfer
credit courses.

Please note that you must submit your final results no later than September 30, 2009 in order to receive credit.

Legend: The first three letters of the course code indicate the discipline, or subject area. The first number of the code indicates the year level of the
course where 1 = first year and 2 = second year. The next two numbers indicate the specific course and “**” indicates that there is no exact
equivalent for the course you have taken at U of T, so a generic credit is granted. Thus ENG 1**H represents a generic half credit in English at the
first year level.

Note: As this information may change, please visit for updates.

Course                                                         Transfer Credit Given                        Exclusions
Accounting + Management of Business                            RSM100Y1
Applied Mathematics                                            No Credit
Art and Design                                                 No Credit
Biology                                                        BIO1**Y
Caribbean Studies (one unit only)                              NEW1**H – Caribbean Studies                  NEW224Y1
Chemistry Unit 1                                               CHM138H1
Chemistry Unit 2                                               CHM 139H1
Chemistry Unit 1 and Unit 2                                    CHM138H1+ CHM139H1
Communication Studies (one unit only)                          No Credit
Computer Science                                               CSC104H1
Economics                                                      ECO100Y1
Electrical and Electronic Technology                           PHY1**H – Electronics ♣                      PHY100H1, 101H1, 131H1, 151H1
Environmental Science                                          ENV1**Y                                      ENV200Y1
Food and Nutrition                                             NFS1**H                                      NFS284H1
French ♦                                                       FSL1**Y ♦                                    Consult Department
Geography                                                      GGR1**Y                                      GGR100H1, 107H1, 124H1
Geometrical and Mechanical Engineering Drawing                 No Credit
History                                                        HIS1**Y                                      HIS any 100-level, HIS294Y1
Information Technology (one unit only)                         CSC104H1
Law                                                            No Credit
Literatures in English                                         ENG1**Y
Physics Unit 1 + Unit 2                                        PHY131H1 + PHY132H1
Physics Unit 1                                                 PHY131H1♣
Pure Mathematics                                               MAT1**H – Calculus                           MAT133Y1, 135Y1
Sociology Unit 1                                               SOC1**H                                      SOC101Y1
Sociology Unit 2                                               SOC1**H                                      No exclusion
Sociology Unit 1 + Unit 2                                      SOC1**H+SOC1**H                              SOC101Y1
Spanish                                                        SPA1**Y – Culture
Statistical Analysis (one unit only)                           STA1**H

♣ Student cannot receive both for degree credit.
♦ No credit is given to native speakers who have taken language courses

CAAS: Feb.19/09