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					                              RSA & Pepsi -Cola
The Roller Skating Association International and Pepsi-Cola have teamed up in a national beverage
partnership to help you build your business, improve your bottom line and enhance your
profitability. Your participation in the RSA-Pepsi National Program provides you with great Pepsi
products at national account pricing, opportunities to participate in exclusive RSA-Pepsi
promotions, access to roller skating themed Twist ‘n Go cups, superior service, and dynamic
marketing efforts - all aimed at turning your successful roller skating center into an even stronger
profit center.

The RSA Pepsi National Program provides RSA members with $1.90/gallon in marketing and
merchandising support rebates. For a skating center that pours 500 gallons of Pepsi per year, this
adds up to $6,650 in Pepsi support over seven years.

     In addition, Pepsi will provide a $500 new agreement sign-on bonus to all RSA members.

Available exclusively to RSA-member skating centers, the RSA-Pepsi National Program is designed
with you and your skating center in mind. Sign on now to start rollin’ for higher profits!

    RSA Member Funding Seven Year Agreement
The RSA-Pepsi National Program is a seven-year agreement based on exclusive Pepsi fountain and
vending. Marketing/Merchandising funds are paid annually.

Designed to support the members’ local marketing and merchandising programs. Pepsi provides
members with a $1.90 per gallon rebate on all Pepsi corporate brands.

Members who sign the agreement and serve Pepsi products in their skating center will receive a
one-time $500 sign-on bonus.

       PepsiCo vs. Pepsi Bottlers Responsibilities
PepsiCo Responsibilities
Headquarter funding and marketing support, operator funding, national fountain pricing,
agreement management. PepsiCo provides marketing/merchandising funds to support local

Pepsi-Cola Bottler Responsibilities
Installation of equipment, service, product delivery, invoicing (credit terms), bottle and can pricing,
vending commissions, local marketing (Pepsi bottlers have no direct obligation to support local
marketing programs.

Please send all agreements to: RSA, 6905 Corporate Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46278 - Attn: Jennifer