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					Abhishek Chawan
4293 148th Ave NE Apt No K105, 98007 Bellevue WA USA Mobile No. (425) 614 8717 Email: /

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Proficient in: C/C++ (2 years), JAVA, J2ME (4 years), DirectX 9c & C# (1 year). Familiar with: HLSL, OpenGL, JSR 184 (Mobile 3D), JSR 82 (Bluetooth). IDE Editors: Microsoft Visual studio, SVN, Clearcase, Wireless Toolkit 2.2, Netbeans. Platforms: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, TTPCOM, JBED Ver. 5.0 Design Tools: Photoshop 7, 3DS MAX. (Certificate course completed).

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EXPERIENCE Gameloft –Sr. Mobile game developer
  Dec 2005-July 2006

Primary responsibility is to design and develop ment of J2me mobile game. Wrote game design document, Technical Design Document, made tools for speedy development process. Developed a PC Mockup of puzzle game, fully functional game in J2SE and presented to HQ. Developed game tools like map builder and frame base game engine in C# to develop puzzle game like Sokoban. Worked on already developed projects like Prince of Persia, Sexy Poker, And1, Midnight Bowling etc. Main work in this project was to port them to different devices. Also worked on SVN implementation to fasten project completion and worked on database management to improve studio productivity.

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LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.-- GSM R&D Software Engineer (GSM R&D)
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Dec 2004-Dec 2005

Primary responsibilities included design and development of java applications and embed them in LG mobile phone (GSM) as a part of country adaptation. Porting Jbed J2ME implementation provided by Esmertec (ver. 5.0) on current and upcoming LG mobiles. Which include MMI (GUI) and J2ME AMS modification, implementing customize high level display according to LG Mobile Req. Implementing and bug fixing for LG specific API’s. This task was successfully completed for two models. Developed English to English Dictionary E2E Dictionary Supporting 10000 words, which has thick implementation and worked on server side implementation of the same to support more no of words. Embedded in LG mobiles which are in market now. Developed two games LG Racing and Blaster Balls in J2ME. applications, which are embedded, in LG’s upcoming mobile models. Both games are stand alone


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R&D on Emulator for LG Mobiles. Customizing default emulator provided with Sun Microsystems WTK and Esmertec Jbed for LG mobiles which are used for developing accurate results.

Mobile2win Ltd.

Nov 2003 - Nov 2004

Game Developer
    Developed and tested a game for Bollywood blockbusters Sholay & Lakshya. These games are biggest hit in mobile gaming market counting more than 1 million downloads only in India. Developed more than 12 mobile games for all mobiles ava ilable in India on all carriers. Developed and tested game for Nokia named “Nokia diving challenge”; first mobile2win game, which had, replay facility. Developed games for Yahoo Mobile! India Bookasha temple and Franksingh in Cairo both games implementations is in J2ME. Bookasha temple is a platform base game, which has more than 8 levels. Developed a template which was compatible with Nokia, Motorola, Sony, Samsung & LG mobiles such that minimum changes are required for porting e.g. Sound support, Image fl ipping, text adjustment etc. Also completed socket programming to maintain high score on server.


Currently enrolled for Master’s of Computer Science at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Courses: 3D Math, Ray tracing, Advanced C++, Linear algebr a and geometry, Advanced 3D Graphics, AI for games. Advance Animation, Advance Rendering techniques. Thesis : Working on thesis with RTS Game AI as a topic. Working towards Terrain analysis and strategic wall building. Graduate Project: 3D Multiplayer PC Game called Penumbra III. Game developed using C++, DirectX & Ageia Physics. I worked as a Game Designer and also as an animation, UI programmer. Internship: Worked as Intern at Gameloft NY studio. During this worked on 3 games as a developer Pirate Minigolf, Reggie bush football 2008 and a Zuma clone. Externship: Externship completed at Guppy Games Bellevue, working on mobile game development. Worked on Andy Roddick Tennis and Super Sketcher. Mumbai University 2003 Batch Padmabhushan Vasantdada Patil College of engineering, Sion. B.E., Information Technology

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITY Animation certificate course form MAAC MAYA ACADEMY OF ADVACE COMPUTING-----ALPHA MAYA Detail - 3DS MAX, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Adobe After Effect. PROJECTS COMPLETED B.E. Final Year Projects Completed for Fusion Digital Art 3D Computer Game (3rd Person shoot out game) Software used: 3d MAX, A5 Game Studio, Photoshop, C++ A Mobile Game AKIA Worked with Tracebit Finland base company as a trainee. Completed a Prince of Persia kind of game named AKIA. WORK AUTHORISATION F1 Visa: Eligible for full time employment (Optional Practical Training) starting from Jan 2008.

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