Senior High students are required to have teacher comment by qwe7utyr


									                                  PERKIOMEN VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT
                         (Submit separate application for each school building involved)

Excused absence is requested for:

_____________________________________________, _______________________________
                 Student                                     Building

________________________ for the dates ________________ to _________________ inclusive,
   Homeroom Teacher

to accompany parents, or the adult designated below on an educational trip.

Siblings attending Perkiomen Valley Schools who will also participate in this trip:

                 Name                          School               Grade Homeroom Teacher



Please outline activities, places to be visited, and other experiences which you feel will contribute to the
acquisition of knowledge or skills. Without this information, application will be rejected.





Name and address of adult (18 years of age or older) if other than the parent who will conduct the trip:

____________________________            ____________________________________
Name                                                  Address

This request, submitted for school district approval, is based on acceptance of the regulations permitting
excused absences for educational trips. (Regulations appear on back of this form.)

Principal: Approved     ______            ____________________________________
           Not Approved ______                  Signature - Parent or Guardian

Copy to: Parent, Superintendent,          ____________________________________
Administrative Assistant                          Date Submitted For

Senior High students are required to have teacher comment sheet attached.

College visitations will be non-absences if the student returns with official
evidence from the college (e.g. stationary/business card from admission’s
office, proof of appointment).
                                   PERKIOMEN VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT

                                              Educational Trip Policy

Board Policy:

Educational Tours and Trips, not school-sponsored.

Upon receipt of a written request from the parents of the pupils involved, pupils may be excused from school
attendance to participate in an educational tour or trip provided during the school term at the expense of the
parents where such tour or trip is evaluated by the District superintendent and pupil participants therein are
subject to direction and supervision by an adult acceptable to the District Superintendent and to the parents of
the pupils concerned.

Administrative Regulations:

    1. Absences for non-school trips deemed to be of educational value shall not be excused unless a
       prior written request by the parent has been submitted to and approved by the building principal
       (after consultation with teachers involved). Such request is to be submitted on a form provided by
       school principal at least five (5) school days prior to the first day of absence. If more than one district
       child is to be absent, one form for each affected building is required.

    2. Only ten days of absence for non-school trips of education merit during any school year will be
       classified as excused. Additional days will be classified as unexcused and will be subject to the
       legal procedure prescribed by attendance regulations.

    3. Regular course work missed during a period of excused absence to participate in a trip deemed
       to be of educational merit must be completed satisfactorily after return to school within the number of
       school days on which the student was absent. Given adequate notice of planned absences, teachers
       are requested, insofar as such is possible, to provide an outline of assignments for completion during
       the period of absence. Work submitted by students in conforming with this requirement is to be
       evaluated without penalty for late submission.

    4. Absence from school to participate in non-school educational trips is not recommended for
       students experiencing difficulty in meeting the requirements of one or more course offerings.
       The parent assumes full responsibility for providing tutoring, beyond the time available during the
       regular school day, which may be necessitated by school absence.

    5. Students who participate in non-school trips of educational merit shall, at the discretion of the
       teacher, give an oral or written report concerning the highlights of the trip.

    6. Non-school trips shall be deemed to be of educational merit only when conducted by the parent
       or other persons eighteen years of age or older.

Rev. 01/02/97
                                   PERKIOMEN VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL
       The student indicated on this form has been granted permission by the principal to have an excused
absence from school to attend an educational trip or tour.

       Student: ______________________________
       Grade: __________

       Date(s) of Absence: ________________________________

       Date of Return to School: ___________________________

       Signature of Principal:______________________________
       Student Directions:
       1.      Each of your teachers must sign this form which indicates they
               have been informed of the upcoming absence(s).
       2.      It is the responsibility of the student to make-up any missed work,
               tests, projects, etc.
       Teacher Acknowledgment Signatures:
       Homeroom ____________________

       1)_____________________                         6/7) ______________________

       2) ____________________                         7/8) ______________________

       3) ____________________                          9) ______________________

       4/5) ____________________                       10) ______________________

       5/6) ______________________

       Attendance Secretary Signature ___________________________
       Year to date: Unexcused Tardies _____ Excused Tardies _____
                     Unexcused Absences _____ Excused Absences ____

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