CCS COMMUNICATOR October 12, 2009
                                  monthly incentives coming!         Oct. 16 @ 2:00 pm. He is the
                                                                     recipient of the Fulbright
                                  PICTURE RETAKES are                Scholarship and has performed
                                  scheduled for tomorrow, Oct.       in 15 different countries.
                                  13 in the gymnasium beginning      Parents and friends are invited
                                  at 8:30 am. You must return        to this amazing performance.
                                  your child’s pictures to the       Please check out his website at
VERSE OF THE WEEK                 photographer in order to have
                                  a retake.                          Please send $1 per child for
For we are His workmanship,
                                                                     this event.
created in Christ Jesus for
good works, which God
                                  2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
prepared beforehand, that we      GRADE PARENTS!                     SPEECH MEET
should walk in them.              These classes are in desperate     QUALIFIERS
               -Ephesians 2:10-   need of room parents to help       What a wonderful display of
                                  with social activities. Please     talent. Unfortunately only one
OCTOBER TUITION                   contact your child’s teacher or    person from each grade &
was due October 10.               the office if interested.          category can qualify to go to
                                                                     regionals in Denver.
COOKIE DOUGH                      ADOPT-A-SCHOOL                     Poetry:
There were extra candles,         PARTNER                            Grade 1A: Annie Grothusen,
cookie dough, and coffee          WNCC, as our Adopt-a-school        Austin Lease (alt)
ordered and are available for     partner, has arranged for the      Grade 1B: Leesha Geary,
sale in the office. If you have   volleyball game on Oct. 16 to      Mariah Eichner (alt)
not picked up your order          be COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN             Grade 2: Teagan Flick, Carson
please do so ASAP.                NIGHT. The students and            Hauschild (alt)
                                  staff have been given a free       Grade 3: Lauren Whaley,
SPECIAL THANK YOU                 pass (attached) and parents        Jordyn Grasmick (alt)
A big THANKS goes to Brad,        can get in for $1 if they are      Grade 4: Caylen Calderon,
Jaylee and Kayden Staman for      wearing Cougar apparel or          Dakota Empfield (alt)
clearing our sidewalks. We        regular price if not wearing       Grade 5: Moriah Wyre, Echo
appreciate you!                   the apparel. The students are      Biernacki (alt)
                                  also invited to the soccer game    Grade 6: Erika Geary
SCRIP GIFT CARDS                  on Oct. 16th @ 4:00 pm and will    Bible:
October special: for              get in free. Let’s show our        Grade 1A: Micah Schick
every $100 purchased in gift      adopt-a-school partner that we     Grade 1B: Brooke Holzworth,
cards you may purchase Papa       appreciate them!                   Alexi Faulk (alt)
Johns or Chili’s gift cards at                                       Grade 2: Joel Anderson,
20% off. In other words a         SPECIAL GUEST                      Madison Miller (alt)
$10 Papa Johns card will cost     Ron Radford, flamenco              Grade 3: Jeremiah Delzer
you $8 and a $25 Chili’s card     guitarist, will be giving a        Grade 4: Noah Bruner
will cost you $20. More           special performance at CCS on      Grade 5: Krista Holzworth

 CCS MISSON STATEMENT: Encouraging students to learn and apply God’s truth, while promoting academic
                           excellence in a Christian environment.
             CCS COMMUNICATOR October 12, 2009
Fables and Folklore:               and have them delivered
Grade 2: Katherine Reisig          directly to the business.
Grade 3: Cameron Geary,            Please remember to put CCS as
Brianna Adams (alt)                the organization you support.
Grade 4: Paige Peterson,
Payton Flower (alt)                BOX TOP CONTEST
Patriotic Speech:                  This semester we are having a
Grade 5: Evan Hughes, Jim          Box Top contest. The
Eastman (alt)                      individual bringing in the most
                                   Box Tops will receive a $50
LUNCH                              savings bond donated by
REQUIREMENTS                       Valley Bank. Bags will be sent
We are required by law to          home Oct. 19 to fill and return
serve 3 items to each child. If    by Oct. 23.
your child does not like what is
on the menu please send a          FOOTBALL/VOLLEY-
lunch.                             BALL SCHEDULE
                                   Oct 14: Volleyball – 1:00.
LUNCH SERVERS                      Football – 2:00 @ Minatare.
If you did not attend the lunch    Dismiss @ 12:00, Depart @ 12:15.
server meeting on Oct. 8           Oct 15: Volleyball MAC
please call someone who did        Tournament @ South Platte.
and ask for details.               Dismiss 11:00. Depart
                                   ASAP. Please bring a lunch.
We are asking all servers to
be here by 10:30 am to             BUY, SELL, OR TRADE
serve lunch.
                                   A lot of you were praying for
                                   Mrs. Lewis’ brother, Mike
SUPPORT CCS AT                     Stelzer, last year. He has
CHRISTMAS                          recorded a CD (Overcome)
Gift cards are an easy gift to     which speaks of God’s
give during Christmas. If you      faithfulness in times of trials.
are a business owner or know a     If you would like one, please
business owner somewhere in        call the office. $10.
the US who would like to
support CCS by giving gift
cards to employees or
customers please go to
This is connected to the Scrip
program and is a convenient
way to order and pay for cards

 CCS MISSON STATEMENT: Encouraging students to learn and apply God’s truth, while promoting academic
                           excellence in a Christian environment.

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