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									In November the Steinbach Credit Union will be                                                     Take a look at the
undergoing a switch to a new banking system
that is sure to take us well into the future. With
this change we will be making large strides in
                                                                                                   NEW VIEW
keeping up with the many technology changes
as well as securing a system that will benefit all
members over time.
Our staff is already well trained and testing on
the new system has been ongoing for some
time. Every effort is being made to ensure that
the transition will be as seamless as possible.
As we transition into the new system there are                                                     SCU would like to introduce our
bound to be a few bumps along the way and                                                          new Member Statements, due to
we’d appreciate your understanding as we travel                                                    begin in November. Take a look at
this road together.                                                                                the features.
We are excited to start using the new system
and hope that this “new view” of the new
statement will aid in the transition for you.
During this process we will be happy to answer       If you have any questions regarding the
your questions. We look forward to the next          upcoming statements you are invited to call
step in being "Stronger Together".                   our Member Contact Centre, email us your
                                                     question, or come in and talk to a Member
                                                     Services Representative.


                                                     305 Main Street
                                                     Steinbach 326.3495

                                                     2100 McGillivray Blvd.
                                                     Winnipeg 222.2100
                                     View the new statement features...
It is a pleasure to introduce our NEW monthly          ACCOUNT IDENTIFIERS                                    • There will be a summary of all your accounts at
statement design. With the advent of our new                                                                    the beginning of the statement as well as a
banking system we have become aware that our           In the past you may have chosen account names            summary of activity at the end of each separate
statements are going to have to change. Therefore,     such as “Education” or “Vacation” to better              account.
we have taken the opportunity to evaluate what         manage your day-to-day finances. On the new            • You will now view the rates of your loan, mort-
would best suit the needs of our members. Many         statements, these identifiers will not be displayed.     gage, overdraft or line of credit together with the
of the benefits you will notice are included here.     They will however display on the internet when           detail on the statement.
                                                       banking with Member Direct. As well, they will be
                                                                                                              • The statements were designed for clearer legibil-
                                                       visible on the banking system for SCU staff when
                                                                                                                ity, making your viewing easier.
TIMING OF YOUR STATEMENT                               you visit a branch or call the Member Contact
The old system generated all statements on the                                                                Due to the complexities of changing to a new
last day of the month. With the new banking                                                                   banking system, we would ask that when you
system, all personal account statements will be        ALL ACCOUNTS ON ONE STATEMENT                          receive your first statement you take the time to
divided up alphabetically and mailed out at                                                                   check it carefully for accuracy. As always, it is
different times of the month. The first statement      In the past if you had multiple accounts, you
                                                       received multiple statements in the mail. With the     important to review your statement to ensure it
will reflect the approximate date you can expect to                                                           reflects your intentions for your account. Members
receive your statements on a monthly basis. For        new banking system, all of the accounts, for which
                                                       you are an owner, will conveniently be on one          have 30 days from receipt of the statement to
the first mailing this may be longer or shorter than                                                          bring any discrepancies to our attention.
one month since you last received a statement.         statement, with the exception of joint accounts,
Businesses and organizations will continue with a      which will be mailed separately.                       Thank you for reading this brochure and familiariz-
month end schedule.                                    More changes and information:                          ing yourself with the new statement. We look
                                                                                                              forward to hearing your comments.
                                                       • All your non-Manitoban credit union ATM fees will
                                                         be grouped into one amount at the end of the
                                                       • Your $5.00 share will not be visible on the new

                                      NEW STATEMENT – NEW VIEW
                               NEW STATEMENT, NEW VIEW
Please Note – All your accounts will be sent to
you on one convenient statement, with the
exception of joint accounts being sent separately.

                                                                   Statement of your accounts
                                                                   November 13, 2009 to December 13, 2009

                                                                                                                                                 We will be using this space for timely information that
                                                                                                                                                is pertinent to you and the SCU at the time of mailing.
Date – This date is the period covered by                               JONATHON DOE
                                                                        JANE DOE
                                                                                                                                               Right now the focus is on the new banking system and          Memo to
your statement.                                                                                                                                        your new statement. During the banking system
                                                                        123 SOMEWHERE DRIVE                                                               change-over and upcoming months we would           members –
                                                                        SOME CITY MB R0X 2X2                                                          appreciate your patience and co-operation as we        This space will
                                                                                                                                               continue to realize the full potential of the new system.     have informa-
                                                                                                                                                        Please watch this space for important messages.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             tive messages.
Member Name – The names of the
owners of the account are placed here.                             Your Account Summary
                                                                   Date           Account Description                                                                                         Balance
                                                                   Dec 13         Consumer Chequing – 100101212888                                                                            3,494.88
                                                                   Dec 13         Consumer Plan 24 Savings – 200101212888                                                                       573.62
                                                                   Dec 13         Consumer Regular Savings – 300101212888                                                                    21,901.39
                                                                   Dec 13         TFSA Savings – 300401212888                                                                                 5,000.00
Bar Code – This coding will ensure the                             Dec 13         RRSP Variable – 400101212888                                                                                6,598.98
correct statement gets mailed with the
                                                                   Dec 13         Residential Mortgage – 800101212888                                                                       184,840.47
correct cheque images.
                                                                   Your Monthly Activity
                                                                   Consumer Chequing — 100101212888
                                                                   OD Interest Rate: 18.000% (Aug 8/02)
                                                                   Authorized Limit: 500.00
                                                                   Date           Transaction Details                                          Debits                       Credits           Balance
Summary – Your balances appear at the                              Nov 13         Balance Forward                                                                                             5,423.91
top of your statement to give you an                               Nov 15         ATM Withdrawal                                              215.00                                          5,208.91
overview of all your accounts.                                     Nov 15         ATM Maintenance fee                                           1.50                                          5,207.41
                                                                   Nov 19         Payroll Deposit                                                                          2,385.91           7,593.32       Activity – All
                                                                   Nov 19         Transfer to 800101212888                                   1,750.00                                         5,843.32       transactions
                                                                   Nov 25         Cheque #131                                                  236.14                                         5,607.18
                                                                                                                                                                                                             are itemized
                                                                   Nov 30         Credit Interest                                                                               0.59          5,607.77
                                                                                                                                                                                                             in detail for a
Non credit union ATM Maintenance Fee                               Dec 1          Transfer to 300101212888                                    300.00                                          5,307.77
                                                                                                                                                                                                             clear picture
– Service fees for all non-Manitoban                               Dec 4          Transfer to 800101212888                                  1,750.00                                          3,557.77
                                                                   Dec 5          MANITOBA HYDRO                                               64.39                                          3,493.38       of the
credit union ATM transactions will be                                                                                                                                                                        activity in
                                                                   Dec 13         Number of Debits/Credits                                         7                              2
grouped into one total at the end of each                          Dec 13         Value of Debits/Credits                                   4,317.03                       2,386.50                          your account.
day.                                                               Dec 13         Ending Balance                                                                                              3,493.38

                                                                 If there are any errors on your statement, please contact us within 30 days at (1-800) 728-6440. Deposits are guaranteed
                                                                 100% without limit by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation. As a member, your $5 member share entitles you to
                                                                 one vote and a say in how your credit union is run. No new trees were cut to print this statement – printed on 100%
                                                                 post-consumer mixed office waste, 100% processed chlorine free, acid-free paper.                                               Page 1 of 2

                  Consumer Plan 24 Savings — 200101212888
                                                                                                                                                                       Guaranteed 100% – This is a reminder that
                                                                                                                                                                       your deposits are guaranteed, without limit,
                  Date       Transaction Details                              Debits                       Credits                      Balance
                  Nov 13     Balance Forward                                                                                            572.00
                                                                                                                                                                       by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee
                  Nov 30     Credit Interest                                                                   1.62                     573.62
                  Dec 13     Number of Debits/Credits                                0                            1
                  Dec 13     Value of Debits/Credits                                 0                         1.62
                  Dec 13     Ending Balance                                                                                              573.62

                  Consumer Regular Savings — 300101212888
                  Date       Transaction Details                              Debits                        Credits                    Balance
                  Nov 13     Balance Forward                                                                                         21,458.59
                  Nov 20     Child Tax Benefit CANADA                                                        142.80                   21,601.39
                  Dec 1      Transfer from 100101212888                                                     300.00                   21,901.39
                  Dec 13     Number of Debits/Credits                               0                            2
                  Dec 13     Value of Debits/Credits                             0.00                       442.80
                  Dec 13     Ending Balance                                                                                          21,901.39
                                                                                                                                                                       Rates – You can now view the interest
                                                                                                                                                                       rate/maturity date/authorized limits and
                  TFSA 60m Term Deposit — 300401212888                                                                                                                 other details.
                  Interest Rate: 4.400% Term: 60 Months Maturity Date: (Jan 9/14)
                  Date       Transaction Details                              Debits                        Credits                    Balance
                  Nov 13     Balance Forward                                                                                          5,000.00
                  Dec 13     Number of Debits/Credits                               0                             0
                  Dec 13     Value of Debits/Credits                             0.00                          0.00
                  Dec 13     Ending Balance                                                                                           5,000.00

                  RRSP Variable — 400101212888
                  Date       Transaction Details                              Debits                        Credits                    Balance
                  Nov 13     Balance Forward                                                                                          6,498.98
                  Dec 1      Transfer from 100102525259                                                     100.00                    6,598.98                         Summary – at the end of each account you
                  Dec 13     Number of Debits/Credits                                0                           1                                                     will see a summary of the debits and credits,
                  Dec 13     Value of Debits/Credits                                                        100.00                                                     the number of transactions and the ending
                  Dec 13     Ending Balance                                                                                           6,598.98                         balance.
                  Residential Mortgage — 800101212888
                  Interest Rate: 2.750% (Apr 27/09)
                  Frequency: Bi-weekly    Payment: 1,750.00   Interest Paid YTD: 3,648.99
                  Date       Transaction Details                              Debits                        Credits                   Balance
                  Nov 13     Balance Forward                                                                                       186,595.61
                                                                                                                                                                       • Please check your statements for accu-
                  Nov 19     Principal Payment                                                            1,314.94                 185,715.73                            racy within 30 days and contact us if you
                             Interest Payment                                                               435.06                                                       have any questions.
                  Dec 4      Principal Payment                                                            1,312.63                 184,840.47
                             Interest Payment                                                               437.37                                                     • Please note that your $5.00 share will not
                  Dec 13     Ending Balance                                                                                        184,840.47                            appear on the statement.
                                                                                                                                           Page 2 of 2

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