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									Te Papa's Mission Statement:

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa is a forum for the nation to
present, explore and preserve the heritage of its cultures and knowledge of the
natural environment in order to better understand and treasure the past, enrich
the present and meet the challenges of the future.

Position Title:

Sponsorship Manager, Funds Development

Job Objectives:
   1. To develop and nurture strong, dynamic relationships with sponsors and
      funding partners to maximise returns to Te Papa thereby ensuring they
      are successful and renewed over the long term
   2. To professionally deliver the agreed partnership activity and leveraging
      opportunities for a portfolio of Te Papa’s founding sponsors and, when
      necessary, a number of Te Papa’s exhibition sponsors
   3. To assist with the effective delivery of a range of sponsor functions and
      events and other tasks as necessary


As sponsorship manager you will directly manage Te Papa’s on-going day-to-day
relationship with a portfolio of founding sponsors. You will ensure:
       the partnership deliverables are met within an agreed timeframe and are
       to the benefit of both parties
       sponsors’ expectations are consistently met
       sponsors’ are professionally stewarded and
       sponsors’ are reinvesting their sponsorship funds with Te Papa.

Specifically you will be responsible for a broad range of external and internal
functions. These include:
     Communicating and liaising with sponsors at the appropriate level within
     their company or organisation
     Developing an annual activity plan clearly defining strategic priorities and
     outcomes in conjunction with the sponsor and the Manager, Funds
     Development. (This will include developing new partnership initiatives.)
     Project manage and deliver the agreed activity plan in partnership with
     sponsors and alongside Te Papa colleagues and other stakeholders as
     necessary. (This may involve participation in concept development,
     developing project plans, arranging meetings pertinent to discussions,
     seeking necessary approvals from within Te Papa, working with external
      parties such as designers and technicians and any other activity necessary
      to deliver against the agreed plan)
      Meeting sponsors regularly to review activity plan progress and related
      initiatives, and to identify additional partnership opportunities that could be
      closely aligned with Te Papa’s and the sponsor’s strategic priorities
      Reporting formally on outcomes and benefits of the sponsorship
      partnership. This will involve the production of written reports to an agreed
      Working in partnership with colleagues across Te Papa (marketing, visitor
      market research, hospitality, catering, exhibitions and events and IT) to
      ensure sponsorship leveraging opportunities are maximised, and outcomes
      and benefits are delivered
      Managing requests from sponsors in a professional, timely manner
      With the Manager, Funds Development, ensuring sponsorship funds are
      invoiced within the specified timeframe

In addition you will:
       Support the Director, Funds Development and Manager, Funds
       Development in the development and production of fundraising and
       sponsorship proposals, presentations and other materials
       Assume responsibility for the management of additional sponsorship
       partnerships for specific short term exhibitions and events. (Activities will
       be similar to those for Te Papa’s founding partners)
       Assist the Manager, Funds Development and other team members with
       the delivery of a range of sponsor functions and events
       Represent Te Papa and Funds Development at a diverse range of internal
       and external functions, openings and events. These may occasionally
       require working evenings or weekends
       Manage the usage of Te Papa’s brand by sponsors, and conversely
       ensure sponsors’ brands are used in accordance with their guidelines and
       with appropriate authorisation

As a member of the Funds Development Team you are expected to:
        Actively promote Funds         Development’s     activities   to   colleagues
        throughout Te Papa
        Attend exhibition meetings as required to ensure an understanding of
        Funds Development role within exhibition development, and that relevant
        sponsor needs are acknowledged and incorporated
        Take every opportunity to enhance professional relationships with
        Take a proactive role in developing and promoting Te Papa’s position as
        a bi-cultural organisation by attending and engaging in Te Papa powhiri
        and other activities as well as extending personal knowledge and
        understanding of Te Reo

Key Outputs
          Team success in achieving the fundraising target
          The delivery of agreed activity plans, formal reports and reviews for
          founding partners and other sponsors as necessary inside the agreed
          Meeting sponsors’ expectations with a proactive, professional manner
          Sponsors’ satisfaction and     an       ongoing   commitment   to   their
          partnership with Te Papa

Person Specifications

Generic Competencies
Customer Service

          More than able to respond professionally and efficiently to the needs
          of sponsorship partners and other partnerships both within Te Papa
          and externally.
          Strongly committed to delivering exceptional customer service

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Bicultural Competencies

      Te Reo Mäori - basic pronunciation skills

       Tikanga Mäori/Customary Concepts –some understanding of them
       Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi –an awareness of the historical
       significance of the Treaty of Waitangi and some understanding of its
       contemporary application.

       Knowledge of and experience in marketing and/or sponsorship
       Excellent relationship management skills
       An eye for detail and accuracy
       Developed negotiation skills
       Ability to stay focused under pressure and work to deadlines
       Computer literacy (at least intermediate level in Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
       Outlook and experience in using images)
       Ability to manage the needs of a broad range of stakeholders
       Project management experience
       Ability to handle and effectively prioritise multiple tasks
       A maturity in all dealings with others

       Knowledge of or experience in the arts and culture sector
       Experience with managing budgets
       Previous experience in or with a cultural / bicultural organisation
       Experience of working with databases
       Experience of working within a small team


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