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					> LUCIE
Night Vision Goggles

LUCIE is a binocular goggle based on a THALES ANGENIEUX patented optical design offering a very compact headmounted system, with a wide 51° field of view instead of the traditional 40° field of view.

> Ultra compact and lightweight > Head-mounted or hand-held > Quick mounting, dismounting and flip up face-mask system, with auto-off feature > Multi-features face-mask : • Quick mounting, dismounting, with auto-off when the monocular is flipped up or removed • Folding structure for storage > Built in infrared illuminator with IR-on indicator in the left eyepiece > High light cut off > Used with standard batteries > Low voltage indicator
With face mask Head-mounted operational

Thanks to its lightweight and compact/low profile design, LUCIE offers exceptional long wearing comfort.

LUCIE is compatible with 2nd Gen. tube, XD4, XR5 with autogating (option) or 3rd Gen. tube.

LUCIE offers 4 magnifications (1x in standard, 4x, 5x and 6x) and is in full accordance with military specifications.

> Waterproof > Quick mounting magnifiers : 4x, 5x or 6x

LUCIE has been sold all over the world for various applications such as special operations, night insertions, urban warfare, surveillance, observation and under-cover operations.

With Helmet mount

Making the night your advantage

Night Vision Goggles

MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Magnification 1x : field of view Magnification 4x : field of view Magnification 5x : field of view Magnification 6x : field of view

51° 9° 10° 8.5°

Intensifier tube : 2nd Gen., XD4, XR5 with autogating (option) or 3rd Gen. tube. Automatic brightness Control.
NOTE : The data is given for information only and is not a commitment by THALES ANGENIEUX. THALES ANGENIEUX reserves the right to change the performances of its products without notice. Specification and outline drawings are available on request.

Typical on-axis resolution at optimum light level : 1.0 cycles/mrd with XD4 tube (60 lp/mm) 1.1 cycles/mrd with XR5 tube (72 lp/mm) Diopter adjustment : -5 to +3 diopters Interpupillary distance : 56 mm to 74 mm Eye relief : > 17 mm Focus range : 20 cm to infinity Goggle weight (with battery) : < 435 g Power supply : (1) standard 1.5 V or 3.6 V (Lithium) AA battery, 1.2 V rechargeable battery Operating time at 20°C : Standard tube Autogating tube 1,5 V battery 3,6 V battery 45 hours 70 hours 25 hours 40 hours

Size : 126 x 74.5 x 68 mm

STANDARD CONFIGURATION • Goggle • Face mask • Batteries • User manual • Carrying bag • Cleaning set

Operating temperature : -40°C to +50° Storage temperature : -51°C to +65°C Water immersion : 1 meter for 2 hours Navy version on request

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES • 4x, 5x or 6x magnifier lens • Magnifier carrying bag • Helmet adaptor • Transport case

Quick mounting magnifier 4x

Lucie accessories

Lucie with 6x magnifier : Magalie THALES ANGENIEUX Boulevard Ravel de Malval 42570 Saint-Héand - France Tel. : +33 (0)4 77 90 78 00 Fax : +33 (0)4 77 90 78 03 Email :

THALES COMPONENTS CORPORATION ANGENIEUX DIVISION 40G Commerce Way Totowa, NJ-07511-0540 (USA) Tel : 1 973 812 3858 Fax : 1 973 812 9049

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