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									                          Football turf
Tips and tricks
Service and maintenance
                                                                                            Football turf
     Tips and tricks
     Service and maintenance

Polytan football turf systems

     Turf filaments                                             Turf filaments
     Elastic rubber granulate                                   Elastic rubber granulate
     Washed, dried quartz sand
                                                                Washed, dried quartz sand

     Elastic base course (ET, EL) for in-situ installation      Elastic base course (ET, EL) for in-situ installation

Polytan LigaTurf / MonoTurf / MonoSlide                      Polytan LigaGrass / MonoTex

A distinction is made between turf types with smooth filaments (fibres) and
turf types with crimped (texturised) filaments (fibres).

 General inspection and maintenance work
 •   Regularly remove surface dirt
 •   Carry out maintenance work on the edge and external areas at regular intervals
 •   Existing plant growth on the turf must be removed mechanically
 •   Remove sharp objects immediately to protect players and prevent accidents
 •   Mop up and remove oil and fuel spills immediately. Replace the material
 •   Remove chewing gum and glue immediately using ice spray
 •   Remove bird droppings, etc. immediately. Replace the material
 •   Check the lines and seams for adhesion
 •   Check the filling of granulate and sand
 •   Check the penalty spots to ensure they are correctly filled

     !            Important! - Do not use chemical weed killers!
                                                                     Football turf
   Tips and tricks
   Service and maintenance

Maintenance work for turf filaments and rubber granulate
                                                  You can use this effect for filament
                                                  maintenance by brushing them pre-
        against pile direction                    dominantly against the production
                                                  direction. This will ensure that you
                                                  make better contact with the artifi-
                                                  cial filaments and return them to an
                                                  upright position more effectively.

Turf before filling              Turf after filling with sand and rubber

              Important! - The sand and rubber granulate must always
    !         remain separate during the maintenance work to ensure that
              the system remains fully functional. Adjust the equipment

              Important! - Another point to be borne in mind during mainte-
    !         nance is that the vertical pressure exerted by the maintenance
              machines or equipment should be adjusted so that the turf
              strips do not become corrugated and also that the strips are not
              displaced by the maintenance work.
              Special attention must be paid to the lines in this respect.

              Turf filament maintenance:
  Tip         With new turf you should wait for the sand and infill granulate
              to settle before use the maintenance equipment fully. This sett-
              lement process can take between 6 and 10 weeks.

The fixed plastic brush on the Polytan ACS unit is the most important and most
effective piece of maintenance equipment Polytan the football turf.
                                                             Football turf
   Tips and tricks
   Service and maintenance

Maintenance frequency of the turf filaments using the
Polytan brush on the ACS unit

                                        Maintenance of the turf filaments with
                                        the brush should be carried out at least
                                        twice per week if the turf is used intensi-
                                        vely for matches and training (5-7 hours
                                        per day, multiple teams) or at least once
                                        per week if the football turf is not used
                                        very much (3-4 hours per day). We re-
                                        commend that a maintenance cycle with
                                        the brush should be carried out before
                                        league matches to ensure that the turf is
                                        in perfect playing condition for them.
Polytan plastic brush on the ACS unit

           Important! - If a zigzag pattern (touch lines) or bows are
   !       formed, this generally indicates excessive pressure during
           brushing. In most cases the pressure exerted by the fixed brush
           must be reduced (raise the ACS unit)!

           On new turf systems, you will often see lumps of fibre on the
  Tip      surface. This does not mean that the synthetic turf is dama-
           ged. These fibre lumps are caused by so-called fastening yarn
           (auxiliary yarn used in the production process) which will be
           removed by brushing and has no influence on the function of
           the turf.

Texturised Polytan turf systems
The same maintenance methods should be employed for texturised turf using
the brush on the ACS unit, but the frequency may vary depending on the
intensity of use.
                                                               Football turf
   Tips and tricks
   Service and maintenance

Maintenance of older turf systems
           In particularly heavily used areas and perpendicular to the
  Tip      installation direction it is important that the final brushing ope-
           ration is against the installation direction and along the strips.

           ca. 18 - 22 mm                            ca. 10 - 16 mm

Pile projection length for smooth turf   Pile projection length for texturised turf

           Important! - The texturised fibres have a crimped structure
    !      making them more voluminous so that they already have a
           certain height on the turf surface even if they are not complete-
           ly upright. Their pile projection length is therefore lower.

                                         Pile projection length and infill
                                         height measurement
                                         The easiest method of measuring the
                                         pile projection length is with a ruler.
                                         Take measurements at various points
                                         on the pitch.

                                         Ruler for measuring the pile projection length
                                                              Football turf
   Tips and tricks
   Service and maintenance

           Important! - The goal areas and the penalty spots must be
   !       checked particularly carefully to ensure that they have uniform
           rubber granulate infill material since intensive use can result in
           major granulate displacements in these areas.

You should therefore fill the penalty spots with a little more sand and only a
little rubber granulate. The fibre projection length in these areas as well should
still be between 18 and 22 mm (or 10 and 16 mm), however.

           Important! - It is essential to ensure that only infill material of
   !       the same type and from the same manufacturer since other-
           wise undesirable reactions may occur between the different

Levelling the rubber granulate with fixed brush

                                           Adjust the speed of the unit to ensure
                                           that the brush does not jump.

Correct brush setting

Maintenance frequency for levelling the granulate
Please note that if the pitch is used every day for three to four hours, it must be
brushed at least once per week to level the granulate, if it is used every day for
five to six hours the regularity of the brushing must be increased to twice per
                                                                  Football turf
   Tips and tricks
   Service and maintenance

Special instructions for turf filament maintenance and
for levelling the rubber granulate
           If the brush is correctly set, it will return the turf filaments to
  Tip      their upright position and also level the granulate. No additional
           work is required.

           Important! - Work on the rubber granulate may only be carried
   !       when the rubber granulate is dry and in dry weather conditions.
           Only then will it be possible to distribute the rubber granulate
           uniformly in the turf so that the individual grains do not stick to
           the equipment or the filaments.

Loosening the granulate
                                    Frequency of maintenance for loosening the
                                    On new turf systems the granulate should not
                                    be loosened to produce the optimal perfor-
                                    mance of the turf until it has been installed for
                                    at least one year. After this, depending on the
                                    intensity of use and the infill granulate, it may
                                    be loosened every six to nine months.
Correct setting of the needle bar

           Important! - If the two needle bars are set too low, they may
   !       cause serious damage to the turf. You should therefore check
           the adjustment heights constantly as you carry out the work.
                                                                           Football turf
    Tips and tricks
    Service and maintenance

  General instructions for use and safety

  • Football boots with moulded studs or cleats are perfect for artificial turf.
  • Football boots with metal (steel or aluminium) studs are not suitable for
    use on artificial turf.
  • Sports shoes with flat soles are also unsuitable.
  • Normal shoes or shoes with sharp heels must not be allowed on
    the artificial turf.

  • No naked flames or fireworks may be brought on to the turf at events.
  • Covers should not be placed on the turf until the last possible minute
    before an event and removed as soon as possible afterwards.

             After the covers have been removed the turf filaments are to
  Tip        be brushed using the ACS brush so that the filaments can be
             returned to their correct position.

  • Regardless of the turf, you must ensure that the maximum total load of
    the sports facility is not exceeded.

             Important! - In the event of sleet or frost the pitch must be
    !        closed (to protect the players and prevent accidents)!

Polytan Sportstättenbau GmbH – March 2009
Subject to amendments as a result of new technical developments and practical findings

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