ALL STUDENTS

                                     PAYMENT OF FEES

           The payment of your university fees is governed by the University’s fees regulations which students are required to
           observe. You can pay your fees in a number of different ways. These are explained below. Please select the option that
           is most convenient for you.

             Bank                                         Contact your bank and inform them you wish to set up Massey University as a “pre-assigned
                                                          bill payee”. Your bank will ask for your name and your Massey University Student ID and
                                                          will provide instructions for making payments to the University.

             Cheque                                       Attach your cheque to the remittance advice form below and print the student’s name,
                                                          student’s ID (if known) and address on rear of cheque. All cheques must be made payable
                                                          to Massey University and crossed “Not Transferable”. Please do not post-date cheques.

             Visa/Mastercard/Amex                         Credit card payments can be made via My Massey login at or by
                                                          completing all the credit details on the remittance advice.

             EFTPOS/cash                                  Pay at the cashier’s desk at any Massey University campus, quoting your full name and
                                                          Massey University Student ID.
                                                          Do not send cash by mail.

             Student Loan                                 Contact Study Link, Ph 0800 88 99 00.

             Training Incentive Allowance (TIA)           TIA is available to some beneficiaries. Contact Work and Income, Ph 0800 599 009.

             Paying by Instalment                         This option is only available in certain circumstances. Contact Accounts Receivable -
                                                          Students, Massey University, Private Bag 11222, Manawatu Mail Centre,
                                                          Palmerston North 4442.

           If you require a receipt please tick the appropriate box on the remittance advice form.
           For further information on fees, particularly supplementary charges, such as the Student Services Levy, Enrolment fee,
           etc., please refer to the Massey website (

                  Please return with your Enrolment Form or send to:
                  Accounts Receivable, Massey University,
                  Private Bag 11222, Manawatu Mail Centre,
                  Palmerston North 4442, New Zealand
                                                                       REMITTANCE ADVICE

           Massey University                                                           PAYMENT BY CHEQUE            $
           ID Number (if known)
                                                                                       PAYMENT BY Student Loan                  Payment by TIA

                                                                                       PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD           Please complete the following details:
           FIRST NAMES
                                                                                       CARD TYPE:        Visa            Mastercard

           MAILING ADDRESS                                                             1.   CARD NUMBER:

                                                                                       2.   NAME OF CARDHOLDER (Please print)

                                                                                       3.   EXPIRY DATE:                MONTH               YEAR

           Phone (daytime)             (       )

                                                                                       4.   AMOUNT:             $
           Do you require a receipt?                    Yes            No

                                                                                       5.   SIGNATURE:

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