Letter to Mayor Bloomberg

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					Letter to Mayor Bloomberg

[insert date here]

Michael Bloomberg
253 Broadway # 9
New York, NY 10007

RE: Girls Prep Charter School

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

As a proud public charter school parent, I am writing to ask you to take a leadership role
in supporting Girls Prep Lower East Side Middle School’s request for public school

Although my child attends [insert your school name] Charter School, I see Girls Prep’s
fight as a threat to all charter schools throughout the city. When you ran for re-election
this fall and asked for my support, you promised to offer more good schools for students
in New York City. If charter school opponents win the fight against Girls Prep, thousands
of students in New York City might lose the opportunity to attend charters schools that
fits their needs. At Girls Prep, where 97% of students are Latina or African-American,
100% of all students passed the New York State Math exam, and 96% passed the
English Language Arts exam in 2009. But in other schools in District 1, only 63% of
Latino and African-American students passed the ELA exam, and only 82% passed the
math exam. Those results aren’t good enough for the LES community or any students in

This is public education, and we need you, as mayor of our city, to help us make this
work. Girls Prep needs space in order to continue to educate its students. Schools such
as [insert your school name] and Girls Prep that offer better results for Latina and
African-American children should be offered to more parents in New York City. If Girls
Prep Middle School is granted public school space, there will be room for 50 additional
students from District l next year and 25 more students every year thereafter. Girls Prep
offers 100% preference for District 1 students in its lottery and serves a population in
which 73% of students receive free and reduced-price lunch.

Mr. Bloomberg, please support charter schools by helping Girls Prep secure space on
the Lower East Side.