Thanksgiving letter from Dr. Plotkin

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					WELLNESS      CONCEPTS, LLC                       Mar tin Pl o tk in, M . D. , M . D. ( H ) , F. A. A.O.S.
             Re-awakening your natural function

     ‘Thankfulness’, especially now in 2009, brings with it introspection – examining
    our motives and future as a nation, as a society, as a community and how to
    choose the best for ourselves as individuals.

    Our nation is actively debating right now whether we can provide access to
    healthcare for all Americans and reduce costs at the same time.

    So far, health care reform discussions revolve around insurance coverage and
    access to our current system. Our nation will not be able to accomplish the central
    goals of healthcare delivery – the creation of health and delivery of care because
    the core requirements for creating health and delivering care are largely absent
    from this discussion. Unfortunately, established financial interests often drive
    research and a delivery of care centered around medication and surgery. Patients
    are treated as a commodity.

    The fundamental flaw in healthcare today is that doctors don’t “do” preventive
    medicine. They choose to treat symptoms and not causes, counting on people to
    resist change. Typically American doctors treat “risk factors” for disease through
    ways like giving a lifetime’s worth of medications to lower high blood pressure,
    elevated blood sugar, and high cholesterol. These however, do not treat the
    underlying causes of those risk factors. Treating only risk factors is somewhat like
    mopping up the floor around an overflowing sink instead of turning off the faucet,
    which is why medications usually have to be taken for a lifetime.

    We at Wellness Concepts are thankful to be blessed with a team that chooses to
    care by searching out the causes of illness and finding the path toward preventive
    care for each person we serve. We are passionately dedicated to putting service,
    healing and teaching back into healthcare with action, not just words. Please
    choose to experience this type of healthcare for yourself and share it with others.

    Sincerely, and with more than just wishes to offer for your Health and Well-Being,

    Martin Plotkin, M.D., M.D.(H), F.A.A.O.S.