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Policy: This Employee Cell Phone Policy outlines the use of personal cell phones at work, the personal use of business cell phones and the safe use of cell phones by employees of [Company] (“the Company”). Failure to follow the guidance provided may result in disciplinary action. Procedures: 1. Personal Cellular Phones Employees are authorized to carry their personal cellular phone to receive alerts, notification and communication regarding dangerous activities or events on the Company premises. Employees must provide their cell phone number, including any changes to that number and agree to accept this communication. Employees, while at work, are expected to exercise the same discretion in using personal cellular phones as is expected for the use of Company phones. To avoid any interference or distraction in the work place and during working hours, employees are directed to make personal calls during breaks and lunch period and to ensure that friends and family members are aware of the department's policy. To ensure the effectiveness of meetings, employees are asked to leave the cell phones at their desk or, on the unusual occasion of an emergency or anticipated emergency that requires immediate attention, the cell phone may be carried to the meeting on vibrate mode. The Company will not be liable for the loss of personal cellular phones brought into the workplace. Employees are not authorized to use personnel cell phones in place of Company provided communication devices. 2. Personal Use of Company-Provided communication devices. Cell phones may be provided to employees to improve business efficiency, and provide safety and/or sec
Description: Employee cell phone policy is a policy governing the rules and regulations an employee has to observe in relation to the usage of personal and business cellular phones in the work place, during working hours, while of business travel etc. This policy also covers the limitations an employee has while using such as equipments and focuses on the healthy usage of the phone without distracting co-workers and maintaining discipline in the work place.
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