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Harvard Business School
Farhan Naqvi               MBA, 4 years, Engineer, Schlumberger                                GMAT® 750
Gaurav Dubey               MBA, 4 years, Assistant Manager, ITC                                GMAT® 730
Ravi Rajendran             MBA, 2.5 years, Team Lead – Green Chem                              GMAT® 710

The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania.
Basheer Mansoor            14 years, Contract – Adm. Manager, PWC Logisitics                   GMAT® 650
Ranjit Ramachandran        12 years, District Magistrate – Midnapore, Indian Government        GMAT® 780
Glenn Truscott             6 years, Senior Business Development Manager, Oracle                GMAT® 760

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Harjit Singh               Masters in Financial Mathematics                                    GRE® 1450
Praveen Kumar              1 year, Senior Software Engineer, Yahoo, Masters in Financial
                           Mathematics                                                         GRE® 1350
Manasa Chalasani           MBA, 2 years, Manager- Global Business Division, Reliance
                           Communications                                                      GMAT® 760

London Business School
Ashwani Singh            LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy ,10 years,
                         Business Head – Mutual Funds and Equity IPO, ICICI Bank               GMAT® 650
Anshuman Jha             MBA, 5 years, Second Officer, Searland Shipping                       GMAT® 750
Bijitendu Sarkar         LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy, 14 years,
                         Head Recon Business Ashok Leyland                                     GMAT® 710
Jigar Furia              MBA, 4 years, Director of Strategy & Business Development,
                         Pragati Group                                                         GMAT® 750
Amit Mehendale           Dubai/London EMBA, 13 years, Team Leader - Global ERP Support,
Sridhar Srinivasan       Dubai/London EMBA, 13 years, Service Delivery Manager,
                         HP Atois – Dubai.
Suresh Chandra           LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy, 14 years,
                         Country Manager, Cognos,                                              GMAT® 770
Akbar Bhogani            LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy, 13 years,
                         Senior Project Manager, Tech Mahindra Ltd.                            GMAT® 650
Rahul Kapoor             MBA, 3 years, Product Development Manager, HLL                        GMAT® 750
Ranjith Ramachandran     LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy, 11 years,
                         Executive Director with Suntec Tyres                                  GMAT® 760
Karan Bhargava           MBA, 3 years, Analyst - Assurance and Business Advisory,
                         Ernst and Young                                                       GMAT® 750.
Sachin Jain              LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy, 10 years,
                         Network Development Manager & Project Manager, Shell India            GMAT® 700
Amit Kumar               LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy, 12 years,
                         Deputy Conservator of Forests, Gir (West) Division,
                         Junagadh Forest Department                                            GMAT® 650
Sanjiv Ray               LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy, 18 years, Head,
                         Supply Chain Management with Future Logistics
                         Solutions (Private) Limited                                           GMAT® 640
Laxminaryan Ramnarayanan LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy, 11 years,
                         General Manager, Aluminium Business- Vedanta Resources Plc            GMAT® 640

INSEAD (Institut Europeen d'Administration des Affaires)
Gaurav Gokhale             2 years, Software Consultant, TCS,                                  GMAT® 680
Gaurav Shah,               4 years, Director- Master Handlers,                                 GMAT® 760
Rahul Dev Indoria, ,       8 years, Assistant Vice President – Business Planning & Strategy,
                           Citibank                                                            GMAT® 720
Kanika Maheshwari          2 years, Functional Analyst, Deloitte,                              GMAT® 720
Kajal Singh                3 years, Senior Software Developer, Mastek                          GMAT® 720
Priyanka Nath              3.3 years, Assistant Manager, Shoppers Stop Ltd.                    GMAT® 700
Kavita Nalawade            9 years, General Manager, Wella India Hair Cosmetics                GMAT® 690
Dhawal Jhamb               3 years, Clinical Observer, Royal Bournemouth Hospital              GMAT® 730
Priyanka Nath              MBA, 3.3 years, Assistant Manager, Shoppers Stop Ltd.               GMAT® 700
University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Sumedha Chakraborty     3 years, Consultant, PriceWaterHouse Coopers                   GMAT® 770
Anoop Gal               EMBA ( London ), 14 years, Director,
                        Best-shore Business Management, Mphasis                        GMAT® 650
Ritesh Khandelwal       1 year, Business Analyst, Wipro                                GMAT® 710

Leonard Stern School of Business: New York University
Kaustubh Jagtap         4 years, Consultant, Persistent Systems,                       GMAT® 770
Chetan Gadgil           Sern Trium EMBA Director CISCO                                 GMAT® 760
Abhimanyu Gupta         3 years, Manager - Audits , Skyes and rays equities (I) Ltd.   GMAT® 760
Devashish Roy           6.5 years, Associate Deutsche Bank, 740.
Nirupama Kulkarni       2 years, Financial Analyst (Private Equity Investment),
                        Eredene Capital India                                          GMAT® 780

IMD ( International Institute for Management Development )
Rantej Singh            MBA 2008, Assistant Vice President -
                        Trade Finance and Loan Services, Bank of America               GMAT® 740

Sloan School of Management Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Akshat Mathur           SDM, 12 years, Manager- Operations, SAIL (Bhilai Plant)        GMAT® 770
Anshuman Dixit          SDM, 10 years, Senior Manager - Design Engineering,
                        Cummins India Ltd                                              GMAT® 740
Ashish Kothari          MIT BEP, 5 years, Orthopedic Surgeon,
                        Zynova Heart Hospital                                          GMAT® 750
Nalin Jain              MIT Sloan Fellows, 14 years, Deputy Vice President,
                        Head – IT Shared Services, Reliance Capital Ltd                GMAT® 650
Samir Sawant            MIT SDM, 6 years, Technical Product Manager
                        (Network Surveillance,System Product Line-Software &
                        System Technology Division), Analog Devices Inc                GMAT® 600
Kunal Wadhwani          MSRED, 9 years, Partner PR Builders                            GMAT® 710
Mohan Kolhatkar         MIT SDM, 11 years, Head CTO, Lear Corporation                  GMAT® 710
Nikhil Gupta            MIT SDM, 14 years, SW Quality Assurance Manager,
                        WIPRO                                                          GMAT® 720

Kellogg School of Management: Northwestern University
Anuj Kadyan             MBA, 2 years, Applications Engineer, Oracle,                   GMAT® 740
Prakash Sikaria         MBA, 4 years, Engineer, Schlumberger                           GMAT® 750
Chandrika Rajagopalan   MBA, 4 years, Manager – Sourcing, Aditya Birla Group           GMAT® 700
Prince Bindal           MBA, 11 years, Deputy General Manager- Reliance Retail         GMAT® 730
Kalpana Uppaladadiam    Kellogg Accelerated MBA, 13.5 years, IT Project Manager,
                        Kal Ven Solutions.

Tepper: Carnegie Mellon University
Deepthi Kapila          MBA, 3 years, SCM Consultant, TCS                              GMAT® 750
Gayatri Ariktala        MBA, 2 years, Software Engineer, Infosys                       GMAT® 680
Gaurav Gadgil           MBA, 3 years, Consultant, TCS                                  GMAT® 760
Promod Mallapragada     MIS, 3 years, Associate Consultant, TCS                        GMAT® 640
Vaidehi Mohite          MBA, 3 years, Team Lead, Infosys                               GMAT® 730
Balika Sonthalia        MBA, 1.6 years, Assistant System Engineer, TCS                 GMAT® 730
Vikas Pandita           MBA, 4 years, Program Analyst, Infosys                         GMAT® 760
Harneet Lyall           MBA, 1.5 years, Product Developer, Wipro                       GMAT® 760
Veena Santosh           MIS, 3 years, Project Engineer, Wipro                          GMAT® 640
Soumojyoti Dutta Roy    2 years, Software Engineer, Wipro                              GMAT® 740
Chetan Anand            MIS, 2 years, Software Engineer, Alcatel-Lucent                GMAT® 650
Anil Raina              MBA, 2 years, Module Lead, TCS                                 GMAT® 720
Jyotishko Gupta         MBA, 5 years , Senior Consultant , Ernst & Young               GMAT® 760
Vineet Kumar            MBA, 2 years, Consultant / Team Lead, Cap-Gemini Consulting    GMAT® 740
Stuti Sureka            MBA, 1.5 years, Associate Systems Engineer, IBM                GMAT® 740
Fuqua: Duke University
Ravindra Nagpurkar         MBA, 6 years, Software Specialist-Telecom Business Unit,
                           Patni Computer Systems                                                 GMAT® 720
Amrita Lahiri              Masters in Public Policy, 2 years, Software Engineer, Hexaware         GRE® 1580
Gaurav Bhatnagar           MBA- Healthcare, 7 years, Director (Clinical Operations ), Quintiles   GMAT® 660
Jacob Eipe                 MBA, 2 years, Software Engineer, Infosys                               GMAT® 770
Sonal Mishra               MBA 2009 ,5 years , 2nd Assistant Engineer, Stamford, USA,             GMAT® 710
Srinivas Nakul             2 years, Software Engineer, Infosys,                                   GMAT®720
Shrikant Tamhane           MBA – Healthcare, 3 years, Medical Officer & Administrator,
                           Sanjiwani Medical Foundation & Research Center,                        GMAT®700
Achilles Pererira          MBA, 5 years, Senior Design Engineer, GE Health Care                   GMAT®740

Mcdonough: Georgetown University
Deepak Gupta               MBA, 3 years, Techno Functional Consultant,
                           Patni Computer Systems                                                 GMAT®700
Saravanakumar Saminathan   MBA, 4 years, Senior QA Engineer, Oracle                               GMAT®690
Jardin Martins             MBA, 2 years, Industry Analyst (Technology, Media &
                           Telecommunications), Citigroup                                         GMAT®720
Harish Varma               MBA , 5 years, Senior Subject Matter Expert – Customization and
                           Consulting for Sonofon Denmark , AMDOCS                                GMAT®720
Alok Sinha                 MBA, 3 years, Senior Member – Tech. Staff, Oracle                      GMAT®720
Sumit Sarkar               MBA, 2 years, Project Lead, TCS                                        GMAT®640
Shankar Gopalan            MBA, 4 years, Program Analyst, Infosys                                 GMAT®690

Rotman: University of Toronto
Manish Raj Bansal          MBA, 10 years, Technical Director, Bainite Machines Private Limited    GMAT®560
Akshay Malhotra            MBA, Member Technical Team in I.A.P Company Ltd                        GMAT®640
Prashant Chamarty          MBA, Consultant; Capgemini India                                       GMAT®660
Rahul Shah                 MBA , 1.3 years ,Business Development Manager,
                           ARS Associates Pvt. Ltd                                                GMAT®670
Amit Sekhsaria             MBA, 24 months, Assistant System Engineer,
                           Tata Consultancy Services Limited                                      GMAT® 700
Soumak Chatterjee          MBA, 2 years, Consultant, PriceWaterHouse Coopers                      GMAT® 690
Raghu Ramanathan           MBA, 7 years, Senior Process Expert, Caterpillar                       GMAT® 750
Sachal Varma               MBA, 3 years, IT Analyst, TCS,                                         GMAT® 700
Akshay Bansal              MBA, 3 years, Associate Consultant, ZS Associates                      GMAT® 710
Ankur Khator               MBA, 3 years, Software Design Engineer, Microsoft India                GMAT® 700
Varun Bhalla               MBA, 2.5 years, Business Development Executive, Tech Mahindra          GMAT® 750
Ved Kachole                MBA, 2 years, Test Engineer, Infosys                                   GMAT® 680
Gaurav Gore                MBA, 2.4 years, Business Development Executive, Tech Mahindra          GMAT® 750
Nikhil Mahajani            MBA, 4.4 years, Senior Subject Matter Expert, Amdocs                   GMAT® 640
Kailash Nagdev             MBA, 3 years, IT Associate, Morgan Stanley Capital International       GMAT® 660
Sumit Budhiraja            MBA, 2.3 years, Software Engineer, AMDOCS                              GMAT® 740
Aabid Siddique             MBA, 5 years, Global Executive- Sales, IndeComm Global                 GMAT® 620
Shashidhar Peddi           MBA, 4 years, Development Lead, SAP Labs                               GMAT® 780
Anirban Deb                MBA, 3 years, Project Lead, Infosys                                    GMAT® 650
Raghunath R                MBA, 2.5 years, Software Engineer, Sasken                              GMAT® 720
Ashutosh Oja               MBA, 2 years, Applications Developer, J.P.Morgan Chase                 GMAT® 680
Gopi Chandra Reddy         MBA, 3.5 years, Senior Software Engineer, Cordysys                     GMAT® 680
Abhinav Uppal              MBA, 2.5 years, Associate Consultant, Cap Gemini                       GMAT® 720
Mayank Rasu                MBA, 1,2 years, Analyst, Deloitte Consulting                           GMAT® 750
Aravind Pillai             MBA, 3 years, Deputy Manager, Ashok Leyland                            GMAT® 710
Rahul Garg                 MBA, 5 years , System Analyst and Team Lead, Fiser                     GMAT® 740
Mehul Pathak               MBA, 4 years, Software engineer, Merril Lynch                          GMAT® 690
Vivek Shitole              MBA, 5 years, Consultant, Cap Gemieni                                  GMAT® 690
Desautels: Mcgill University
Dipesh Vaidya             MMM , 4 years, Production Engineer with HLL,                        GRE® 2200
Sunil Manjappa            MMM, 2 years, Assistant Manager- Weld Shop Manufacturing,
                          Tata Motors                                                         GMAT® 650
Aniruddha Ghosh           MMM, 4 years, Engineer, Honeywell                                   GRE® 1330
Bhuwan Singla             MMM, 4 years, Sales Engineer, Walter Tools                          GMAT® 650
Ganesh Yeole              MMM, 6 years, Technical Leader-Quality,
                          Emerson Design Engineering Center,                                  GMAT® 650
Mandar Shirsavkar         MMM, 4 years, Project Lead Engineer, Honeywell
                          Automation India Ltd.,                                              GMAT® 690
Manav Dutt                MMM Program, 2years, Deputy Manager - Projects and
                          Planning, Eicher Motors Ltd                                         GMAT® 640
Prashant Mahajan          MMM Program, 11 Years, Scientific Officer, Nuclear Power
                          Corporation Of India Limited                                        GMAT® 590

Schulich : York University
Jitendra Vashist          MBA, 3 years, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Tata Motors            GMAT® 650
Rajashekar Upputuri       MBA, 1.5 years, Entrepreneur                                        GMAT® 710
Anup Premchand            MBA, 2 years, Software Engineer, US Technologies                    GMAT® 620
Shobhit Agarwal           MBA, 2 years, Associate Software Engineer, Perot Systems            GMAT® 630
Jayashanker Peetambaram   MBA, Entrepreneur, Zetta Systems                                    GMAT® 720
Abhinav Bhatt             MBA, 2 years, Programmer Analyst, CTS                               GMAT® 660
Akshay Ramteke            MBA, 6 years, Consultant, PWC                                       GMAT® 660
Gaurang Deshmane          MBA, 3 years, IT Analyst, TCS                                       GMAT® 660
Kaushal Gupta             MBA, 1.8 years, Assistant Manager (International Banking), ICICI    GMAT® 600
Pratyush Darbari          MBA, 4 years, Manager, Tata Motors                                  GMAT® 640
Gurpreet Singh            MBA, 3 years, Assitant System Engineer with TCS                     GMAT® 720
Rahul Dabohlkar           MBA, 3.6 years, Project Lead with TCS                               GMAT® 640
Supradeep Das             MBA, 3 years, Team Leader with Tech Mahindra                        GMAT® 720
Ritwik Ganni              MBA, 2. 6 years, Quality and Module Lead with L & T Infotech        GMAT® 620
Alpesh Kadakia            MBA, 3 years, Assistant System Engineer, TCS                        GMAT® 640
Rishiraj Jamdar           MBA, 2 years, Quality Assurance Engineer (Trainee),Godrej & Boyce   GMAT® 640
Siddharth Shah            MBA, 2 years, SAP Consultant, L & T,                                GMAT® 690
Jaskaran Singh            MBA, Programmer Analyst, CTS                                        GMAT® 700

Haskayne : University of Calgary
Arun Amarson              MBA, 3 years, Project Manager, Honeywell                            GMAT® 620

Pervinder Singh Chawla    MBA, 7 years, Senior Manager – BlackBerry Business,
                          Reliance Communications Limited                                     GMAT® 680
Nishant Malhotra          MBA, 6 years, Financial Solutions Manager, ICICI,                   GMAT® 680
Vishal Agarwal            MBA, 6 years, Deputy Manager - Sales, Lanxess India Private Ltd.,   GMAT® 690
Kalyan Ram Sivalanka      MBA, 2 years, Audit Consultant, Oracle, GMAT 660.
Jitesh Jaipuriyar         MBA, 10 years, Captain, P.Moller Singapore / Maersk Shipping        GMAT® 640
Chetan Suri               MBA, 2 years, Software Engineer, Infosys,                           GMAT® 680
Kiran Chiramana           MBA, 4 years, Assistant Systems Engineer, TCS                       GMAT® 720

Judge : Cambridge University
Naveen Kumar Rajnala      MBA, 4 years, Manager - Credit and Underwriting
                          (Poona Region), Citibank                                            GMAT® 700
Satyanarayana Pratapa     MBA, 14 years, Marketing Manager (Western India),
                          Glaxo Smithkline Beecham                                            GMAT® 650
Dhyan Somanna             MBA, 4 years, Manager-Quality, Daimler Chrysler                     GMAT® 720
Nidhi Chaudhury           PhD, 9 years, Governance Expert,
                          Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration            GRE® 1350
Abhilash Menon            MBA, 4.5 years, Assistant Manager –
                          Projects and Marketing with L & T                                   GMAT® 720
Chiranjith Gangopadyay    MBA, 3 years, Senior Software Engineer, ANZ Bank                    GMAT® 700
Manosij Ganguly           MBA, 10 years, Regional Manager, Shell India                        GMAT® 720
Said : Oxford University
Rajeev Bhattacharya        MBA, National Head - Process Management, EClerx                     GMAT® 720
Harsh Dhand                MBA, 2 years, Senior Research Engineer, Phillips                    GMAT® 730
Amardeep Sharma            MBA, 6 years, Country Head-Indonesia, ICICI Bank                    GMAT® 680
Vishal Mehrotra            MBA, 9 years, Head – Product & Business Analytics,
                           Mortgage, ICICI Bank, GMAT 770.
Raja Debnath               MBA, 10 years, National Collections Head- Retail
                           Personal Loans, Kotak Mahindra                                      GMAT® 730
Manish Bage                MBA, 3 years, Senior Engineer, Avaya Global Connect                 GMAT® 730
Abhijeet Shekar            MBA, 4.5 years, Project Leader, IBM                                 GMAT® 730
Shouvik Dhar               MBA, 4.5 years, Scientist, DRDO                                     GMAT® 700
Prashanth Ramani           MBA, 7 years, Project Manager, Infosys                              GMAT® 680
Rohit Khetan               MBA, 5 years, Technical Lead, Celstream                             GMAT® 760
Narayanan Venkataraman     MBA, 5 years, Senior Software Engineer, Sasken                      GMAT® 750
Arjun K.S                  MBA, 2.5 years, Entrepreneur, Acme AutoGas                          GMAT® 700
Parijat Kundu              MBA, 6 years, Deputy Manager – Database management,
                           Reliance Industries Limited                                         GMAT® 640
Anil Jadhav                MBA, 7 years, Manager, TATA AIG                                     GMAT® 700
Sumeet Bakshi              MBA, 7 years, Senior Manager – Strategy and Business
                           Development, Pfizer India                                           GMAT® 680
Ajay Thakur                MBA, 6 years, Maintenance Engineer -–Instrumentation And
                           Control Nuclear Power Corporation                                   GMAT® 640
Prasad Paloskar            MBA, 4 years , Marketing Executive, Siemens                         GMAT® 710

Cranfield University
Chiradeep Guha             MBA, 15 years, CEO, India Foils                                     GMAT® 660
Ashutosh Gangrade          MBA, 8 years, First Engineer, OMI Shipping                          GMAT® 650
Abhishek Kedia             MBA, 8 years, Senior Software Engineer, Qwest Software Solutions,   GMAT® 720
Anil Kumar Soni            MBA, 10 years, Chief Engineer, LPG Crystal Marine                   GMAT® 660
Subrojyoti Sarkar          MBA, 2.6 years, Executive - Marketing and Sales, Tata Motors        GMAT® 650
Chaitanya Pandey           MBA, 8 years, Major Indian Army                                     GMAT® 710
Mukund Chavan              2007, 6 years, Sr. Officer – Material (Fuel) Resource Planning,
                           Tata Power Company                                                  GMAT® 680
Ajay Thakur                MBA, 6 years, Maintenance Engineer -–Instrumentation And
                           Control, Nuclear Power Corporation                                  GMAT® 640
Amit Temunilikar           MBA, 9.3 years, Team leader, Accenture                              GMAT® 640
Mayur Mahaladdkar          MBA, 5.3 years, Module Lead , Persistent Systems                    GMAT® 690
Krishna Pali               MBA, 11 years, Deputy Manager,BHEL                                  GMAT® 680
Hemant Bhakauni            MBA, 9.8 years, Project Manager, Wipro Technologies                 GMAT® 710
Prabal Bannerjee           MBA, 4 years, First Assistant Engineer, OMI                         GMAT® 680
Apnav Miglani              MSc Finance & Management , 8 months , Process Associate , TCS       GMAT® 620
Santosh Tiwari             MBA, 6 years , Third Engineer, Shell Ship Management Ltd            GMAT® 680

Manchester Business School
Akshhaye Pasarkar          MBA, 3 years, Software Consultant, Mastek                           GMAT® 750
Abash Lal                  MBA, 5 years, Senior Analyst, Goldman Sachs                         GMAT® 640
Avinash Shyamaraj          MBA, 4 years, Pre Sales Consultant, Wipro Technologies              GMAT® 590
Kailash Nagdev             MBA, 3 years, IT Associate, Morgan Stanley Capital International    GMAT® 660
Megha Shah                 MBA, 3 years, Project Manager with Shapoorji & Palloonji            GMAT® 590
Amit Maheshwari            MBA, 14 years, Deputy Manager, BHEL                                 GMAT® 650
Hitesh Bajaj               MBA , 3.5 years, Project Lead , Hexaware Technologies Limited       GMAT® 670
Zahid Hossian              MBA, 5 years, Project Leader, Infosys                               GMAT® 710

Amit Jha                   MBA, 10 years, General Manager, Reliance Industries Ltd             GMAT® 550
Salim Karu                 MBA, 10 years, Managing Partner (Own Business) Vee Machinewell      GMAT® 560
Sushil Patil               MBA, 10 years, Executive, Reliance                                  GMAT® 550
Rajesh Sarada              MBA, 11 years, Manager– Marketing, ACC                              GMAT® 540
Alok Kumar                 MBA, 20 years, Captain & Master Mariner, Bergesen Norway            GMAT® 590
Kannan Subramanium         MBA, 14 years, Manager – Service, Siemens                           GMAT® 640
Nilotpal Chatterjee   MBA, 3.5 years, Design Engineer, Aker Kvarner                        GMAT® 590
Rujuta Manohar        MBA, 2 years, Software Developer, Mastek                             GMAT® 730
Sachin Bordia         MBA, 2.2 years, Accounts Manager, Asian Paints                       GMAT® 710
Kiran Shete           MBA, 8 years, Orthopedic Surgeon, Sancheti Institute
                      for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation                                   GMAT® 660
Sandeep Maurya        MBA, 8 years, Second Assistant Engineer, IMT                         GMAT® 650
Yashavantha Shenoy    4 years, Major, Indian Army                                          GMAT® 640
Pratibha Venkatesen   2 years, Analyst, Verizon                                            GMAT® 710
Uday Kumar            4 years, Works Manager, Southern Railways                            GMAT® 750
Rakesh Gupta          4 years, Senior Engineer, Microsoft                                  GMAT® 760
Sathish Munoth        7 years, Entrepreneur, Munoth Tyre House                             GMAT® 650
Saikat Podder         5 years, Senior Associate, CTS                                       GMAT® 760
Achint Saraf          4 years, Financial Controller, Saint Gobain                          GMAT® 710
Amit Mitna            3 years, Manager – Production (Resins & Emulsions),
                      Asian Paints                                                         GMAT® 720
Shankhabrata Bagchi   11 years, District Superintendent – Kurnool, IPS                     GMAT® 740
Venkata Krishna       5 years, Engineer, BHEL                                              GMAT® 700
Bikram Singh          6 years, Staff Pilot, Indian Navy                                    GMAT® 720
Vishaka Parasher      3.5 years, Project Manager, Tata Bluescope Steel                     GMAT® 700
Anil Jadhav, MBA      7 years, Manager, TATA AIG,                                          GMAT® 700
Jayati Talukdar       MBA, 6.7, Model,                                                     GMAT® 660
Mayank Gupta          MBA, 3.4 years, Second Officer, Motia Shipping                       GMAT® 700
Prashant Singh        MBA , 4.4 years, IT Analyst, TCS                                     GMAT® 730
Sneha Singh           MBA, 2 years, Software Engineer, Hexaware                            GMAT® 710
Neera Pandey          MBA, 5 years, Executive Production, Reliance Lifesciences,           GMAT® 710
Aditya Satpute        MBA, 2.8 years, Executive- Project Management, Larsen
                      and Toubro Ltd,                                                      GMAT® 740
Saahil Agarwal        MBA, 1.6 years, Consultant, Kanbay Software                          GMAT® 740
Bhavesh Singhi        MBA, 4.6 years, Executive- Marketing (Brand
                      Communications), Kotak Mutual fund                                   GMAT® 750
Avinash Suresh        MBA, 2.4 years, Manager (Corporate Services),
                      GODREJ INDUSTRIES                                                    GMAT® 660
Priyanka Nath         MBA, 3.3 years, Assistant Manager, Shoppers Stop Ltd                 GMAT® 700
Rohit Narula          MBA, 5 years, Engineer, Anglo Eastern Ship Management                GMAT® 690
Malavika Natu         MBA, 7.5 years, Senior Design Engineer, AMD                          GMAT® 720
Vishnu Dutt Sharma    MBA, 4.1 years, Design Engineer, Texas Instruments                   GMAT® 760
Innu Nevatia          MBA, 2 years, SAP Labs,                                              GMAT® 700
Mukta Karandikar      MBA, 6.5 years, Senior Manager, ING Vysya,                           GMAT® 660
Ras Bihari Singh      MBA, 3 years, Software Engineer, Infosys                             GMAT® 700
Saumya Khare          MBA, 3 years, Officer Class – 1, Ministry of Railways                GMAT® 690
Vineet Dixit          MBA, 4 years, Deputy Manager, Dr. Reddys Lab                         GMAT® 740
Shammak Banerjee      MBA, 3.6 years, Manager with Tata International Ltd                  GMAT® 640
Kairoze Motishah      MBA, 14 Years , Master Mariner, International Andromeda
                      Shipping Company                                                     GMAT® 660
Avdesh Kumar          MBA, 6 years, Director with Vridhi Agro Private Ltd                  GMAT® 680
Pawan Bal             MBA , 2 years , Marketing Executive, Zapak Gaming                    GMAT® 710
Tejasvi Uttarwar      MBA, 4.6 years, Senior Software Engineer, L & T Limited              GMAT® 710
Jacob Xavier          MBA, 2.5 years ,Consultant, FOQAL Educational Services               GMAT® 730
Jeline Jacob          MBA, 3 years, Communications Assistant, Centre for Civil Society     GMAT® 660
Praveen Srivastava    MBA, 3.3 years, Flight Lieutenant- Indian Air Force                  GMAT® 710
Tamal Pal             MBA, 5 years, Second Assistant Engineer , Chevron Corporation, USA   GMAT® 690
Vijeth Shetty         MBA, 2 years, Manager, Ashok Leyland                                 GMAT® 720
Bharath Shrinivas     MBA, 4.6 years, Assistant Manager- ( Credit and Risk
                      Management) with Infrastructure and Leasing Finance Ltd              GMAT® 700

Madhur Shrivastava    MBA, 6 years, Lead Consultant, Mahindra British Telecom              GMAT® 710
Anindya Saha          MBA, 4 years, Second Engineer, OMI Shipping                          GMAT® 730
Ashwin Joshi          MBA, 6 years, Lead Designer, Mahindra British Telecom                GMAT® 650
HEC Paris
Rajvinder Uppal       MBA, 3 years, Senior Consultant IBM                              GMAT® 650
Ratna Mukhopadhyay    MBA, 1 year, Senior Scientist, on-Ferrous Materials Technology
                      Development Centre                                               GMAT® 680
Rahul Agarwal         MBA, 3 years, Software Engineer, Infosys,                        GMAT® 680
Sayan Chaudhuri       MBA, 3 years, ERP services delivery head – Thailand,
                      3i Infotech Pvt.Ltd.,                                            GMAT® 720
Sayantan Kundu        MBA, 2 years, Software Consultant, Infosys                       GMAT® 710
Sholanki Sarkhel      MBA, 4 years, Business Analyst, Zircadian                        GMAT® 660
Narendra Varde        MBA, 2 years, Business Development Manager,
                      Oxygen Entertainment                                             GMAT® 700
Ashish Singh          MBA, 2 years, Software Engineer, Infosys                         GMAT® 730
Amit Agnihotri        MBA, 3 years, Product Manager-Liabilities, Centurion Bank,       GMAT® 710
Gulshan Singh         MBA, 3 years, Account Manager - Quantitative Research,
                      TNS Middle East and Africa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates          GMAT® 720
Avik Chatterjee       MBA, 3 years, Associate Consultant, Kanbay                       GMAT® 700
Ankita Athawale       MBA, 3.7 years, Module Lead, Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd         GMAT® 740
Chintan Padhi         4.4 years , Assistant Systems Engineer, TCS                      GMAT® 730

Melbourne Business School
Mrinal Yadav          2 years, Software Engineer, Infosys                              GMAT® 720
Dipanjan Gupta        4.2 years, Assistant Systems Engineer, TCS,                      GMAT® 730
Ankur Bansal          MBA, 2.5 years, Validation Engineer, Infosys                     GMAT® 710
Rajesh Rangwani       MBA, 4 years, Assistant Manager, Citibank                        GMAT® 670
Shrirang Palshikar,   MBA, 7 years, IT Analyst, TCS                                    GMAT® 690
Gaurav Bansal         MBA, 3 years, Technical Consultant, CTS                          GMAT® 710
Anupam Agarwal        3 years, Management Trainee with Assurance and
                      Advisory Services Department, E&Y                                GMAT® 740
Pallavi Galgali       MBA, 7 years, Software Engineer, IBM                             GMAT® 630
Vivek Purantar        MBA, 4 years, Senior Software Engineer, ANZ Bank,                GMAT® 710
Vineet Singh          MBA, 3 years , System Analyst, The Royal Bank of Scotland        GMAT® 700

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