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                                           Love Letter 
2nd Quarter 2009               Love INC “Vision Trip” to Hudsonville
Inside this issue:             Casting a vision for Newaygo County
                         On April 2nd, thirty-five
Gap Ministries -     2   community members,
ways churches            including Love INC
are serving              staff, board members,
                         volunteers and local
Letters and Sto-     3   pastors took a trip to
ries from our            Love INC Hudsonville,
community                Jenison, Grandville
                         (one of the National
Did You Know?        3   Training Centers for Love
                         In the Name of Christ).
Love INC         4
                         The trip was designed
Contact Informa-
                         to cast a vision for
                         ways Love INC can
                         help partner churches           The mission of Love INC—Newaygo
Love INC Finan- 4
cial Support
                         organize, collectively          County is to mobilize the Body of Christ
Churches                 and individually, to ef-        in Newaygo County to be the Church in
                         fectively serve people          action. Our job is to provide a solid
What is a Love       4   in need. The trip gave          clearinghouse that receives requests, re-
INC Partner              participants a clear un-        views the nature, extent, and legitimacy
Church?                  derstanding of the              of the request, and matches individuals
                         Love INC mission and            or families to the most appropriate
                         allowed them to ob-             source of help. It is also our job to build
                         serve clearinghouse             church and community relationships by
                         operations, visit multi-        offering Christians tangible, manageable
                         ple Gap Ministries, and         ways to use their God-given gifts to help
                         observe a mature Re-            people in need see and experience
                         lational Ministry               Christ’s love. “Helping the Church Help People”
                         Program in operation.
 Our mission is
                         Greetings from the Love INC Board                          If your church is not in-
 to mobilize the                                                                    volved with Love INC,
                         Greetings! My name is        Love INC because that is      please read on in the
Church to trans-         Dave Kooienga; I am a        exactly what it is…an ex-     newsletter and discover
                                                                                    some of the ministry op-
 form lives and          new 2009 board member.       tension of our local
                                                                                    portunities we currently
                         I wanted to take the op-     churches...a resource de-
communities in           portunity to let you know    signed to help churches       offer. We also invite you
                         that YOUR Love INC has       combine their talents and     to contact our office (231-
  the name of            many exciting programs       efforts to more effectively   652-4099); we’d love to
                                                                                    share with you the bene-
     Christ.             and projects going on and    serve the people of
                                                                                    fits of serving together!
                         in the works. I say “your”   Greater Newaygo County.
Spring Love Letter 2009                                                                                               Page 2

                   Love INC Gap Ministries: Ways You Can Help
                   The Bunk Bed Ministry: Many families live in tiny apartments and others have multiple families
                   living together under one roof. Sleeping space can be very limited. Through the Love INC Bunk Bed
                   Ministry, families in need can receive solid, well-built bunk beds. Bob and Sandy Rudy, from Body of
                   Christ Lutheran Church, took on the role of Bunk Bed Ministry Coordinators. Bob, a retired carpenter,
                   has built our first set of six bunk beds and Sandy stained them. This ministry belongs to all of our part-
                   ner churches. Construction is just the first step; here are five ways you and your church can help make
                   this ministry a success:

                      Help construct, stain, and polyurethane unassembled bunk beds.
                      Hold a fund raiser or take up a special offering to purchase twin mattresses ($69 ea.), twin sheet
                        sets, and twin quilts/comforters.
                      Make twin quilts/comforters.
                      Provide building space to store 6-8 unassembled bunk beds and the mattresses.
                      Be part of a 2-4 person team that delivers and assembles the beds in people’s homes and presents
                        them with the new linens.

                   Growing Love—Gardening Ministry: This ministry is being offered through Love INC for the first
                   time in 2009. Coordinator Robin Veltkamp, from Grant Wesleyan Church, and land owners Norm and
                   Donna Rosema, along with volunteer gardening mentors will walk alongside families providing them with
                   the opportunity to learn gardening techniques, plant, grow, and harvest their own gardens. Robin
                   would also like to offer canning, freezing and possibly some cooking classes as well. Here are some
                   ways you can help with this gap ministry project:

                      Become a gardening mentor. Walk alongside the gardeners with support, advice, and love.
                      Assist with canning, freezing, and cooking classes this coming summer and fall.
                      Provide gardening tools for the gardeners to use.

                   Seasonal Worker / Migrant Family Ministry: Many seasonal workers come to W. Michigan to
                   work on the vegetable farms and in the orchards. Often, workers and their families arrive in vehicles
                   loaded with people with little room for personal items. Camp housing does not usually provide dishes,
                   pots, pans, curtains, towels and bedding. This is a gap we, the Church, can fill. Love INC is looking for a
                   church or a group of churches to host the seasonal worker ministry. Love INC can provide much of the
                   needed items, but we cannot effectively store and distribute the items. We need the following:
                      Volunteers to assemble and clearly label boxes of dishes (plates, bowls, cups, silverware, pots and
                        pans); bedding, towels and curtains; and some clothing (hats, light jackets and sweatshirts).
                      A place to store the items once they are assembled.
                      Volunteers willing to distribute the items to families once needs have been verified through the Love
                        INC Clearinghouse.
                      Volunteers who speak Spanish to help make distribution easier on the families we serve.

                   Wood Ministry: Body of Christ Lutheran Church is the host church for the Love INC Wood Ministry.
                   We have a good start on collection of wood for the 2009 fall/winter heating season, but we need help
                   from our partner churches to get the job done. Every 4th Saturday of the month a “wood
                   work day” is being held at Body of Christ (537 W. Brooks Street, Newaygo—just west of
                   Wesco), from 9am—2pm, with lunch provided. We need volunteers to help collect wood, cut wood,
                   split wood, load/stack/transport/unload wood, donate wood, provide lunches for the workers, provide
                   trucks, splitters, trailers, and strong backs. This ministry belongs to all partner churches, let’s be ready
                   to help provide heat to families in need. For more information, please call coordinators Carrie Wygmans
                   616.481.2489 or Dean Letter 989.289.9251.

                   Growing Hope Relational Ministry: This ministry is centered around financial management
                   classes and personal growth classes. Through the program, trained Love INC volunteers walk alongside
                   individuals and families as they set and reach financial and personal goals. Many volunteers are needed
                   to make this ministry a success. Currently, we are looking for volunteers in the following areas: child-
                   care providers, budget mentors, financial management class teachers and personal growth class teach-
                   ers. Summer classes are offered Wednesday evenings from 6pm—8pm. During the school year classes
                   are offered Thursday evenings from 6pm—8pm. For more information, please call the Love INC Office at
Spring Love Letter 2009                                                                                             Page 3

Loving Millie
Recently, 75 year old            financial obligations. Millie   agency and Love INC, Mil-
“Millie” contacted the Love      needed a financial mentor       lie was able to catch up
INC Clearinghouse seeking        to help her properly man-       the back rent, stop the
assistance with her rent.        age her income. Since           eviction process, and in no
She was behind more than         our financial classes were      time become current with
$2,800 and the eviction          already in process, Love        all of her monthly financial
process had been started.        INC contacted Millie’s          obligations. Millie was
When we reviewed her             church, explaining the          very grateful that Love
monthly income and ex-           situation and asking if         INC, her church, and the
penses, it became clear          there was someone from          local agency would take
that Millie could easily pay     the church that could help      the time to help her get         “Bear ye one another’s
her monthly bills with           her. The church agreed to       back on her feet.                 burdens and so fulfill
funds to spare. When             assist Millie; she signed a     Bonus: The gentlemen work-         the law of Christ.”
asked how she had ac-            contract with them agree-       ing with Millie is now inter-
quired such a large rental       ing to work with them for                                                  Galatians 6:2
                                                                 ested in becoming part of the
debt, she admitted that          at least a year and to          Love INC Growing Hope fi-
she had been giving most         abide by their budgeting        nancial management pro-
of her monthly income to         conditions. With the help       gram. God is so good!
her daughter for her bills       of her church and some
while neglecting her own         financial help from a local
Loving Karen                                                                                     to the
                                                                                                 Love INC
“Karen” came to the Love         there might be in Karen’s       Easter and said she had         Pantry &
INC Clearinghouse re-            family would be restored.       some items she would like       Receiving the Michi-
questing help with a den-        A week later, Karen called      to give her for her apart-      gan Tax Credit:
tal bill. During the intake      Love INC and asked to           ment. She ended the note
process, the Love INC            speak with the woman            by asking Karen to come         If you are interested in
worker asked Karen if she        who had prayed for her          for a visit, as she and the     receiving the 50%
had any family members           during the intake. Karen        rest of the family would        Michigan Tax credit for
who could be of help and         graciously thanked the          love to see her. Prayer         donating to the Love
support in her time of           worker for her prayer con-      does heal broken hearts         INC Community Food
need. She quickly replied,       cerning her family. She         and help mend relation-
                                                                                                 Pantry, please send
“No”. Her tense body lan-        said she had been so            ships!
guage and quick response         touched and convicted by
                                                                                                 your financial donations
                                                                 “….the earnest prayer of a      to: Feeding America
led the worker to believe        the prayer that she went        righteous person has great
there must be some               home and wrote an Easter        power and wonderful results.”   West Michigan Food
strained family relation-        greeting to her mother                                          Bank, (formerly Second Har-
                                                                                  James 5:16b
ships in Karen’s life. After     and mailed it straight                                          vest Gleaner’s Food Bank),
the intake was complete,         away. A few days later                                          864 W. River Center Dr.
the worker prayed for            Karen received a response                                       NE, Comstock Park, MI
Karen; she prayed that           from her mother; she                                            49321-8955. Ask them
any broken relationships         wished Karen a Happy
                                                                                                 to place the donation on
                                                                                                 the Love INC Ne-
                                                                                                 waygo County ac-
Did You Know?                        In 2008 Love INC
                                      funding came from
                                                                  In April 2009 Love INC
                                                                   was asked by commu-           count: #2215 and
                                      the following                nity members to pray          place the account num-
 The 2009 Love INC Auction          sources:                     for more than 80 differ-      ber in the memo portion
  raised $5,900 to help fur-                                                                     of your check.
                                                                   ent concerns? Our staff
  ther our ministry. Thank                50% Resale
                                                                   prays each morning be-        Thank you to all of our
  you to all who participated.             Store
                                                                   fore the day begins.          donors for your gener-
                                          35% Grants
 During the 1st quarter of                                      The Love INC Pantry          ous gifts. We could not
  2009 Love INC Volunteers                7% Individuals
                                                                   serves 700 - 900 fami-        serve 700-900 families
  logged more than 7,300                  5% Churches                                          each month without
                                                                   lies each month?
  hours of service?!                      2% Businesses                                        your help.
                                          1% Events             God loves you! ♥
            Service & Contact                     Love INC Core Values:
            Information                              We are Christian. Everything we think, say and do is in the Name of
11 W. 96th Street
                                                     Prayer is an integral part of who we are.
Grant, MI 49327
                                                     We follow Christ’s example of valuing those in need.
Phone: 231.652.4099
Fax: 231.652.4079                                    We value unity of the Body of Christ.

E-mail: info@loveincnewaygo.com                      We value transformation in the lives of people and communities.
Website: www.loveincnewaygo.com                      We value churches living out the two great commandments to love God
                                                       and love their neighbors.
2009 Love INC                                        We value building Christ-like relationships.
Hours of Operation                                   We value connectedness of the Love INC movement.

Resale Store                                         We model excellence.
M, W, Th, F: 9:00 am to 3:45 pm                      We value continually maturing in our capacity to meet people’s needs.
Tuesdays: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturdays: 9:00 am to 11:45 am
                                                  2008/09 Churches who financially support Love INC:
Food pantry
M, W, Th, F: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm                  Aetna Calvary Church                     Grant Wesleyan Church
Tuesdays: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm                     Amazing Grace Acres Church               Hesperia Baptist Church
Tues. Eve:    5:00 pm to 7:00 pm                  Bailey Christian Church                  Kent City Baptist Church
We will register people to use the pantry until   Bible Study Church                       New Community Church—Newaygo
we reach the limit we can serve by closing time   Body of Christ Lutheran                  New Life Assembly of God
each day.                                         Cedar Creek Evangelical Church           Newaygo Baptist Church
                                                  Chapel Hill United Methodist Church      Newaygo United Church of Christ
Office and Clearinghouse
                                                  Church of God                            Newaygo United Methodist Church
M - Th: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
                                                  Church of the Living Christ              North Casnovia Baptist Church
Tues. Eve (as needed): 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm         Croton Community Church                  Northland Church of Christ Missions
Friday: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm                       Croton Trinity Bible Church              Pine Grove Community Church
                                                  Ensley Baptist Church                    Redeemer Lutheran Church
Love INC Staff
                                                  Family of God Church                     Reeman Christian Reformed Church
Michele Zimmerman, Executive Director             First Baptist Church—Fremont             Rice Lake Baptist Church
Rita Astras, Clearinghouse Coordinator            First Christian Reformed Church          River Valley Community Church
Kathy Kuperus, Clearinghouse Assistant            First Congregational Church              St. Bartholomew Catholic Church
Dick Ringlever, Clearinghouse Assistant           Fremont Christian Church—DOC             St. Joseph Catholic Church
Sue Black, Office Assistant/Gap Ministry          Fremont United Methodist Church          St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
                                                  Grace Bible Church                       St. Michael Catholic Church
Tracy Conley, Food Pantry Coordinator
                                                  Grace Community - Howard City            Seventh Day Baptist Church
Peggy Breen, Resale Store Manager
                                                  Grant Christian Reformed Church          Trinity Christian Reformed Church
Amanda Hughes, Store Asst. Manager
                                                  Grant Reformed Church                    Victory Fellowship Church
Joanne Marvin, Administrative Assistant
                                                  Grant United Church of Christ                       ♥ Thank You ♥

What is a Love INC Partner Church?
Church partnerships are essential to Love INC.
Without church partners, there is no Love INC.                      Promotes Love INC Gap Ministries
                                                                      within the partner church network.
Each partner church:
                                                                    Commits to praying for Love INC, clients, other part-
   Agrees with the Apostles’ Creed.                                 ner churches, and for unity in the Body of Christ
   Introduces Love INC to their congregation.
   Promotes volunteerism and encourages church                 There is no other group like the church. The
     members to participate in the Love INC ministry.            church is ideally suited by design and definition to
   Participates in the financial support of Love INC.          address human needs. Love INC brings the
   Refers requests for help to the Love INC Clearing-          church together into one working unit to share the
     house.                                                      love of God with people in need. (1 John 3:18).

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