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									                                 President’s Letter                          Annie Achee, Susan Brown, and Toni
                                                                             Sexton for organizing and presenting
                                 Kitty Gregg                                 such a wonderful event. Thanks also to
                                                                             Dave and Pam Duke for all they did to
                                                        Ah! Spring!!--
     April 2009                                         The loveliest
                                                                             make the evening a success.
                                                        time of the year!!
                                                                             On March 1, the Debutante Ball
                                                        Spring is a time
                                                                             Committee presented the Debutante
                                                        of renewal, of
                                                                             Fashion Show and Luncheon at the
Inside this Issue                                       flowers, of
                                                                             Marriott Denver South. The room was
                                                        budding trees, of
                                                                             packed with parents and friends of the
                                                        longer days, of
                                                                             Debutantes. Denise Snyder, the owner
                                                        warmer temps, of
    President’s Letter                                                       of the boutique, Mariel, in downtown
1                                spring fever, spring vacation, of being
                                 out from under a dark, heavy winter.
                                 Love it!! Happy Spring to everyone!
                                                                             Denver provided the current fashions
                                                                             from Italy for the Debutantes. Three
                                                                             Blind Mice provided the clothes for the
                                                                             Tiara Mistresses. Thanks to Jaylene
    Fine Arts Foundation         The Fine Arts Foundation presented the
2      Luncheon and
       Debutante Fashion
                                 Citizens of the Arts Jubilee on February
                                 6, in the Grand Ballroom of the Brown
                                                                             Smith, Cindi Burge, Mary Harrison,
                                                                             and Sharon Whiton Gelt who were
                                                                             Co-Chairs of this fabulous event. I
       Show                      Palace. Honoring our 2009 Citizens of
                                                                             think it was the best ever!!
                                 the Art, Dave and Pam Duke, was such
    Fine Arts Foundation         a pleasure. We had record attendance,
3      Citizen of the Arts
                                 record entertainment and record sales in
                                 our Auction. This year, we added a few
                                                                             Many other Board Members work
                                                                             behind the scenes to make everything
                                                                             happen in order and on time. A few I
                                 new components, the live auction, a
                                                                             would like to recognize for
                                 giveaway and additional music. The
                                                                             extraordinary effort are Gail Nash,
    Fine Arts Foundation         evening’s Silent Auction and Live
4      Board Directors
       Proposed Slate 2009-
                                 Auction were chaired by Mary
                                 McNicholas, who always does an
                                                                             Lynn Hinkle, D’Wayn Stone, Deb
                                                                             Coles, Pat Elliott, Mary Melland,
                                                                             Jane Wiltshire, Toni Sexton, Jean
       2010                      outstanding job. The entertainment
                                                                             Watt, Murri Bishop, Cindy
                                 was provided by the DU Lamont Jazz
                                                                             Denkenberger, and Margo Schlup.
                                 Trio during the Cocktail Hour and the
    Debutante Events                                                         Thanks, Ladies, for all you do for us.
5   Annual Donor Campaign
    Upcoming Events
                                 entrance music was performed by the
                                 Jazz Arts Messengers. After dinner we
                                 were treated to a special performance of
                                                                             Our Spring Membership Meeting is
    Web Site Update                                                          coming up May 5, 2009, at the Westin
                                 the Denver Brass 5. The evening was
                                                                             Hotel, Tabor Center. Our Membership
                                 topped off by the Duke’s
                                                                             Vice Presidents, Adrienne Fitzgibbons,
                                 granddaughter, 2-year old Audrey,
    Dave Duke’s Citizen of the                                               Susan Stiff, and Janie Prendergast
6     Arts Speech
                                 making her singing debut with the
                                 Denver Brass 5. It was truly an
                                 unforgettable evening. Thanks to
                                                                             have been organizing this event. It will
                                                                             be one grand time.
                                 Claudette Erek, Jubilee Chair, and
                                                                             Don’t forget the Fine Arts Foundation
                                 Lynn Wong, Jubilee Co-Chair, and the
                                                                             Debutante Ball coming up July 18,
                                 entire Jubilee Committee including
                                                                             2009, in the Cable Center at University
                                 Mary McNicholas Pat Elliott,
                                                                             of Denver. D’Wayn Stone, Ball Chair
                                 Kimberly Porter, Lynn Cahen, Jean
                                                                             and Lynn Hinkle, Ball Co-Chair, are
                                 Watt, Janie Prendergast, Karen
                                                                             busy planning great things for this
                                 Fisher, Deb Pushchak, Jeanne
                                                                             event. It is going to be out of this
                                 Shannon, Deb Coles, Sheila
                                 Oldenburg, Liz Frawley, Marj Wise,
Because we have such devoted and
hard-working members in our                Fine Arts Foundation
organization, the Fine Arts Foundation
is having a wonderful year despite the     Luncheon and
economy and the gloom and doom of
Wall Street. If you want a break from it   Debutante Fashion
all, please come to the Spring
Membership Event in May and at the         Show
Debutante Ball in July. See you there!!
Kitty                                      D’Wayn Stone

  Fine Arts Foundation

                                           The Fine Arts Foundation Debutantes
 Membership Luncheon                       provided a sneak peak into spring at the
                                           annual FAF Luncheon and Debutante
  Come join us and bring a                 Fashion Show on March 1, 2009. The
                                           Denver Marriott South provided a
           friend!                         lovely venue and luncheon for all in
    Tuesday, May 5, 2009                   attendance. Denise Snyder, owner of
     11:30 am – 1:00 pm                    Mariel on Larimer Street, kept everyone
                                           informed on the new trends for spring
   The Westin Tabor Center                 with her commentary as the girls
                                           modeled this season’s cutest clothing.
    Augusta Room – Lobby                   Martha Kelce introduced this year’s
            Level                          Debutantes and commented on all their
    1672 Lawrence Street                   wonderful talents and future plans.
      Denver, Colorado                     Kathy Messenger of Three Blind Mice
                                           outfitted this year’s two tiara mistresses
                                           for the event. Kendall Calderone and
 Please send in your check                 Caroline Caplis have become good
 by April 28, 2009 payable                 friends while preparing for this year’s
 to Fine Arts Foundation                   Ball. The Co-Chairs for the Luncheon
 in the amount of $35.00.                  and Fashion Show, Cindi Burge, Mary
                                           Harrison, and Jaylene Smith, did a
                                           beautiful job of bringing everything
 Parking is $5 for self park               together for a lovely event. Sharon
 or $12 for valet.                         Whiton Gelt also provided support
                                           while working with Denise Snyder of
                                           Mariel. We are all now ready for spring.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                     2
                                           The evening began with cocktails and a
                                           silent auction with the theme of “Love
                                           is all Around Us”—love of family,
                                           friends, community, fine arts, etc. The
                                           upbeat music of the Jazz Arts
                                           Messengers was playing while over 200
                                           guests entered into the ballroom. The
                                           tables were adorned with floral
                                           centerpieces by Kimberly Porter and
                                           silver boxes of chocolates by Jubilee     For anyone who missed the fantastic
                                           Chair, Claudette Erek.                    speech by Dave Duke or if you would
                                                                                     like to relive the moment, it is included
                                           Auction Chair, Mary McNicholas,           at the end of this newsletter.
                                           presided over the Live Auction which
                                           added excitement to the evening. Guests   Next year’s Jubilee will be chaired by
                                           paid tribute to Lt. Christopher Gregg     Lynn Wong.
                                           who was on leave from Iraq visiting his

                                           The 2009 Debutantes strolled around
                                           the ballroom handing each guest a
Fine Arts Foundation                       candied rose as an expression of thanks
                                           from Pam and Dave Duke.
Citizens of the Arts
Claudette Erek

The Ballroom at the Brown Palace was
the setting for this year’s Fine Arts
Foundation Citizens of the Arts Jubilee.
President Kitty Gregg presented the
2009 Citizen of the Arts award to Dave
and Pam Duke.
                                           Dave and Pam graciously accepted their
                                           award and responded with kind words
                                           and personal sentiments. Dave delivered
                                           a heart-warming acceptance speech
                                           expressing his love for the arts.

                                           Following a performance by the Denver
                                           Brass 5, Dave and Pam’s 2-year old
                                           granddaughter, Audrey, sang “So Long,
                                           Farewell” as she joined Dave and Pam
                                           in waving goodnight to the audience.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                    3
                                      Fine Arts Foundation
                                      Board Directors
                                      Proposed Slate
                                      The Nominating Committee is proud to
                                      present the proposed slate for the 2009-
                                      2010 Fine Arts Foundation Board of

                                      President – Jody Phelps
                                      President Elect – Murri Bishop
                                      Vice President – Gail Nash
                                      Assistant Vice President – Carolyn
                                      Vice President of Grants – Karen Fisher
                                      Assistant Vice President of Grants –
                                      Jennifer Fronk
                                      Vice President of Membership – Annie
                                      Assistant Vice President of Membership
                                      – Jane Wiltshire
                                      Assistant Vice President of Membership
                                      – Janie Prendergast
                                      Vice President of Development – Hilde
                                      Assistant Vice President of
                                      Development – Julia Scheele
                                      Vice President of Marketing – Susan
                                      Assistant Vice President of Marketing –
                                      Mary McNicholas
                                      Treasurer – Pat Elliott
                                      Assistant Treasurer – Lynn Cahen
                                      Assistant Treasurer – Lauri Speich
                                      Recording Secretary – Gwen Lake
                                      Administrative Secretary – Mariette
                                      Ball Chair – Lynn Hinkle
                                      Ball Co-Chair – Mary Ann Henry
                                      Jubilee Chair – Lynn Wong
                                      Jubilee Co-Chair – Jeanne Shannon
                                      Strategic Planning Chair – Margo
                                      Fine Arts Foundation Fund Chair – Judy
                                      Nominating Chair – Mary McNicholas
                                      Nominating Committee – Pat Elliott,
                                      Gail Nash, D’Wayn Stone and Jean
                                      Board Advisors – Vivian Tate and
                                      Rhondda Hartman

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                        4
Debutante Events                              Annual Donor                               .
D’Wayn Stone                                  Campaign                                   .
Debutantes Enjoy Their Year
                                              Jane Wiltshire                             Upcoming
The 17 young ladies who are preparing
                                              The Annual Donor Campaign of the           Events
                                              Fine Arts Foundation encourages
for their presentation on July 18th are       individuals, corporations or other
having quite a year. Since the first of       foundations to support the arts in the
the year, the girls have enjoyed an           community through grant partnerships       May 5, 2009
evening at the Brown Palace with their        with the Foundation and contributions      Springtime Membership
parents, honoring the 2009 Citizens of        to the Endowment Fund. Donations are       Luncheon
the Arts, Dave and Pam Duke. The              appreciated in any amount and may be       The Westin Tabor Center
girls and their families put together         designated to fund Grants or directed to   11:30 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.
several baskets for the silent auction        the Endowment Fund. Gifts may be
which were a big hit.                         made in honor or remembrance of loved
                                                                                         July 18, 2009
                                              ones. Partnership Program monies           Fine Arts Foundation
Puttin’ on the Glitz model workshop is        are distributed by grants, following the
one of the most enjoyable events for the                                                 Debutante Ball
                                              Fine Arts Foundation allocation
girls. They practiced ramp walking and        guidelines. The Fine Arts Foundation
received makeup tips in preparation for       Endowment Fund was created in 1996
the Fashion Show in March. Everyone           to ensure the future of the Fine Arts
enjoyed the evening being with friends        Foundation and to enhance the
and making new ones.                          credibility of the Fine Arts Foundation
                                              in the community. The Denver
The Fine Arts Foundation Luncheon             Foundation manages The Fund.
and Debutante Fashion Show was held
on March 1st at the Denver Marriott           Benefit levels may be found on our web
South. The Debutantes and Tiara               site,
Mistress’s showed us what was new for         www.FineArtsFoundationDenver.com.
spring with fashions from Mariel and          All donations are tax-deductible.
Three Blind Mice. Way to show off the         Donations may be sent to Pat Elliott,
best of spring fashions!                      6560 East Berry Avenue, Greenwood
                                              Village, CO 80111.
We are now counting down to this
year’s Ball on July 18th at the Cable         Thank you for your consideration of a
Center just north of the University of        gift to the Fine Arts Foundation.
Denver Campus. The Debutantes’
Moms will have their final
informational coffee on April 9th where
they will be given all the details for Ball
night. The Debutantes and their                          Web Site Update
presenters will enjoy dinner at the
McNicholas home, where they will be                      Cindy Denkenberger
introduced to the curtsey for Ball night.
They are also going to get a few                         Pictures from the 2008 Debutante Ball,
pointers on general dinner etiquette.                    provided by Bettinger Photography are
The girls, their parents, and escorts will               available on their website – click
learn how to dance the waltz for                         http://www.bettingerphoto.com/debutantes.php to
presentation night. The dinner and                       see the beautiful pictures.
dance lessons will be at The Denver
Country Club on June 14th.                               If you have any suggestions or specific
                                                         pictures you would like to include, please e-
By the time Ball week arrives, we will
                                                         mail Cindy at cingregg@yahoo.com.
all be looking forward to the girls’
presentation and curtsey. Plan to attend
and share in the fun at the Cable Center.                http://www.fineartsfoundationdenver.com/

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                5
Fine Arts Foundation                         There are artists, artisans, artifacts, art
                                             objects and works of art.                     At the Denver Art Museum and other
Jubilee                                                                                    places, I’ve discovered definitions by
February 6, 2009                             I’m just trying to “articulate” all the       well-known artists.
Dave and Pam Duke                                                                          Robert Motherwell: Art is an
                                             So, “What is art?” It’s a tiny question,      experience, not an object.
“Citizens of the Arts”                       with a big elusive answer!
                                                                                           Twyla Tharp: Art is the only way to run
                                             If you have a great voice and sing only       away without leaving home!
                                             in the shower, can you be an artist?
Remarks by Dave                              Does art require an audience? Or a            Georges Braque: Art is meant to disturb.
                                             certain quality? Do you have to be
Duke                                         “discovered” to be a real artist?             Oscar Wilde: Art never expresses
                                                                                           anything but itself. (He was quite in
                                             If you write the most beautiful prose or      earnest when he said that!)
                                             poetry, are you an artist? Margaret
                                             Mitchell, unbeknown to anyone, did just       Pablo Picasso: Art is a lie which makes
                                             that. When she pulled the manuscript          us see the truth.”
                                             Gone With the Wind out of her drawer,
                                             it eventually became a monumental             But even more revealing are kids’
                                             work of art. Was it art while hidden in       answers to the same question:
                                             her drawer? Or did it become art
                                             through some sort of process over time?
                                                                                           The kids said: Art is what your heart is
As a Citizen of the Arts, I’ve had a         It seems to me that young children are        telling you and what you want to say to
question on my mind for quite some           natural artists.                              the world.
                                             Give kids a chance, and you’ll find           Art is your insides coming out!
The question is: “What...... exactly…        them creating a puppet show, dancing
is…. Art?                                    around the house, singing to themselves,      Art is grace and effort, resulting in
                                             playing invisible flutes, finger painting,    something that provokes thought.
If Pam and I are going to be citizens of     making movies with Mom and Dad's
“it”, we should at least know what “it”      camcorder, or dressing up the family          Art is an idea that becomes a physical
is!                                          dog as the star of a show. Give kids a        reality.
                                             ball or a stick and they’ll invent a new
I know there’s fine art, right? And          game!                                         Art is everything you see.
there’s high art, low art, pop art, modern
art and contemporary art (though I           You’ll notice in our bio that Pam and I       Art is whatever I want it to be.
confuse the two), experimental art,          helped with the building of a new
visual art, performance art, Native          Immanuel Lutheran School in Loveland.         When I draw art, it makes me feel
American art, western art, Crayola art       We recently received a card from Bud          happy. (4-year-old Sabrina)
(my favorite!), primitive art, every         Westermann whose granddaughter
country and tribe in the world art. I        attends the school. But this card isn’t       And last….
even took a course called Military Art.      just any card! It sports a beautiful work
                                             of art on its front cover. The art on the     I don’t know what art is. I don’t think
Artists create dance, music, poetry,         card reminds me of the art I was              anyone else does either. That’s why it’s
ballet, opera, film, novels, paintings,      admiring this past weekend at the             “art”!
sculptures… The list of art forms goes       Denver Art Museum. Except that this
on and on….                                  card’s art was created by Bud’s               As I’ve asked my tiny question, I’ve
                                             granddaughter, Gwendolyn!                     seen how it noticeably affects people -
Things are “artfully done.”                                                                especially art lovers. It's an open-ended
We “master the art of something.”            So, I’ve become an itinerant Citizen of       question. What you'll find in the asking
                                             the Arts - wandering around the city –        and answering is that your relationship
There’s art appreciation and art history.    asking my little question, “What is           to art begins to change.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                           6
You’ll see yourself begin asking: What        drawings you bring back from Italy.
purpose does art serve? Why do I
respond to art the way I do? Why did          It’s in . . . the conversation you just had.
the artist do it this way? Why do I like,     It’s in a loving wink and the way you
or not like, what an artist has done?         think.

At some point, we find ourselves              All these things, and many others, are
saying, "I once had an idea like that! I      our own personal footholds in the world
could do something like that!”                of art.

At that point, we move from art               Because art isn't something somebody
observer to participant in our own art.       else does. It's what we all do. It simply
                                              comes down to how far we want to
Andy Warhol once said: Art is what you        explore it.
can get away with"
                                              Pam, I think it’s going to be fun being
And one of the kids said: Art is what         Citizens of the Arts!
you do when you're not doing what
you're supposed to do"                        It certainly is fun being here tonight
                                              with you, our very dear friends!
These are deliciously exciting thoughts
– almost as though our own art is a           Thank you for this honor.
sought-after guilty pleasure!

So, “What is art?” I’m not sure my            (Reprinted with Permission)
quest is over. But this I know: there’s
art in every single one of us, my dear
                                               Debutante Recommendation Form
It’s in: . . . the way you say “Hi!” on the
telephone, talk about your dreams,             The Fine Arts Foundation
express joy, teach in the classroom,           FOR DEBUTANTE CONSIDERATION
advise a client, deliver a sermon, help a
patient, or watercolor a Valentine’s Day
                                               Name _________________________ Graduation Year ____________
                                               Parent’s Names____________________________________________
It’s in . . . the way you talk about
broccoli and cauliflower, tell a joke,
                                               Address __________________________________________________
stroll down the lane, toss your head,
tend a garden, or prepare a meal.
                                               Phone ____________School ____________Grade this year _______
It’s in . . . your laugh, in your writing
                                               Sponsor ___________________ Sponsor’s Phone _______________
about your kids, in the way your purse
your lips, in the way you make your
                                               Family’s level of Interest:
own Christmas gifts, in the way you
twirl as you dance, intuit an answer, or
ask a question.
                                               **Please include information as to academics, activities, sports etc.
It’s in . . . the beautiful glass plate you
made, the tree you pruned, the card you
                                               Return to:
wrote, the way you styled your hair.
                                               Gail Nash
                                               3780 South Roslyn Way
It's in . . . the way you arrange a retail
                                               Denver 80237
display, tell a story, the way you care
about people, how you embrace your
religion, make ice cream, curtsy or take
a bow, shake someone’s hand, throw a
dinner party, rescue a friend. It’s in the

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                              7

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