6th grade artist list by c7iileio90


									6th grade artist list

     M.C. Escher            Da Vinci          Picasso              O’Keeffe    Warhol     Monet           Haring

    Chihuly             Saint Phalle      Cristo           Gehry          Wegman        Van Gogh           Rockwell

        Pollock                Eliasson            Gorey       Kahlo          Adams     Oldenburg Frank Lloyd Wright
                                                                6th grade artists…page 2

Schulz      MichelAngelo     Close           Rivera       Matisse         Coolidge           Chanel

 Smithson         Ringgold     Geisel          Degas              Carle          Disney          Rothko

                             Please note: Jerry Uelsmann and Anne Geddes are wonderfully unique photographers,
Uelsmann       Geddes         but both are unbelievably difficult to research. CHOOSE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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