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					                       MAIN PROJECT LIST
                      EMBEDDED SYSTEMS BASED
        Analog Electronics /Digital Design /IC Applications

MLE01   Automated Remote Data Logger
MLE02   Automated Guided Vehicle
MLE03   Automatic Street Light Controller With RTC
MLE04   Automatic room light controller with visitor counter
MLE05   Automatic control of unmanned rail gate
MLE06   Auto Mains Failure Switch
MLE09   Bi Directional Visitor Counter cum Power Management
MLE10   Bus Bar Protection from Over load
MLE11   Clock Controller Using 8051
MLE12   Credit Card
MLE13   College Id Card
MLE14   CDMA Transceiver
MLE16   Digital Frequency Meter
MLE17   DES (Data Encryption Standard) Algorithm
MLE18   Digital calendar (DISPLAYING time and date on LCD).
MLE19   Digital Energy Meter
MLE20   Development Of PIR Motion Sensor For Detecting Body Movement
MLE21   Development Of Embedded System For Energy Saving Of Street Light
MLE22   Development Of Advanced Automated Railway Gate Control System
MLE23   Digital Code Lock.
MLE24   Employee Id Card
MLE25   Embedded based electronic voting machine.
MLE26   Fire monitoring system.
MLE27   Fastest Finger First Indicator
MLE29   Health Insurance Card
MLE30   I2c protocol implementation (RTC).
MLE32   Keeps distance warning system.
MLE33   Liquid Level Control
MLE35   Microcontroller based digital code lock system.
MLE36   Mains operated Christmas star
MLE37   Micro controller based temperature LCD DISPLAY.
MLE38   Microcontroller Based Fire Monitoring and control System In Industries

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MLE39    Moving Message DISPLAY Using LCD (20x4)
MLE40    Night lamp with morning alarm.
MLE41    Online Accessable Realtimeclock Using At89s52
MLE42    Over Voltage Protection
MLE43 Password Based Automated Room System
MLE44 Prepaid Fare Card For Railways
MLE45 Prepaid Fare Card For RTC Buses
MLE46 Ration Card
MLE47 Remote Access Control System For Appliance Using Mobile Phone
MLE49 Static relay Operation using Microcontroller
MLE50 Street light control using light dependent register
MLE51 Solar tracking system.
MLE53 Sound detection system.
MLE54 Seven Segment DISPLAY Driver Using Controller
MLE55 Time operated home appliances.
MLE56 Temperature controlled fan.
MLE57 Traffic Light Controller
MLE58 Traffic Controller With Real Time Clock
MLE59 Temperature Dependent Dc Fan speed Control Using Thermistor
MLE60 Voter Card
MLE61 Voice Record and Play Back
MLE62 Vehicle Pollution Alert System
MLE63 Voltage Monitor And Control
MLE64 Water Heat Control System With Temperature Monitoring
MLE65 Weather Forecasting System
      2- Wheeler Theft Control Industrial Protection System Using Temperature, Smoke
MLE66 Sensors And Light Dependent Resistor
MLE71 4 Channel Fault Enunciator

                                Robotic Based

MLR01    Fire sensing Robot.
MLR02    Fire Sensing Robot
MLR03    IR Controlled Robot
MLR04    Light sensing Robot
MLR05    Mobile Land Robot
MLR06    Mobile based land Robot.

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MLR07   Metal Detection Robot.
MLR08   Obstacle Detection & Avoidance Robot
MLR09   Obstacle detection Robot.
MLR10   Robot control using RF (wireless) communication.
MLR11   Robot Controlling Using RF
MLR12   Temperature monitoring Robot using RF

                                   PC Based

MLP01   Development Of Pc Based PWM For Dc Motor EWEED Control
MLP02   DISPLAY The Data On LCD Using Pc (Rs-232 Protocol).
MLP03   Electrical Equipments Controlling Using Pc
MLP04   Home Automation Through PC.
MLP05   PC based device control
MLP06   Pc Based Temperature Monitoring And Control
MLP07   PC Based Voltage Monitoring.
MLP08   Pc Based Power Distribution System Monitoring And Control
MLP09   PC Based Moving Message DISPLAY
MLP10   PC Based Temperature Monitoring Using Lm35 And RS 232 Protocol.
MLP11   PC Based Humidity Monitoring.
MLP12   PC Based Single Channel Data Acquisition
MLP13   PC Based Stepper Motor SPEED Control.
MLP14   PC Based Ac Motor SPEED Control Using (P.W.M Technique).
MLP15   PC Based Speed control of DC motor using PWM Technique
MLP16   Remote Controlling Of Pc Using Ur Own Remote
MLP17   Transformer Protection from Over load and Monitoring of load current in PC

                               Wireless Based

MLW01   Crash notification using GSM technology
MLW02   Electronics Burglar Alarm Using Passive Infrared Sensors
MLW03   GSM based home automation (using mobile).
MLW04   GSM (mobile) based ac motor EWEED control using mobile.
MLW05   GSM (mobile) based dc motor EWEED control using mobile.
MLW06   GSM (mobile) based stepper motor EWEED control.
MLW07   GSM Controlled Door Latch Opener With Security Autodial-Up
MLW08   IR Based Appliance Control System
MLW09   Prototype Of RF Based Station Intimation Using Wireless Communication
MLW10   RF based(wireless) device controlling

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MLW11    RF based (wireless) temperature monitoring.
MLW12    Visitor Counter Cum DISPLAY System Using IR With 7 Segment LEDs
MLW13    Wireless Based Electrical Device Control.(IR or RF)
MLW14    Wireless Based Device Control.(RF)
MLW15    Wire Less Based Automatic Shutter Control System.
MLW16    wireless voting system
MLW17    Wireless data communication using RF.
MLW18    Wireless chatting system using RF
MLW19    Wireless Electronic Notice Board
MLW20    Zigbee Based Time And Attendance By Tracing With Ir

           Electrical / Power Electronics / Energy Systems
MLPE01    Automatic load sharing of transformers
MLPE02    DC motor control using PC (pulse width modulation technique).
MLPE03    Direction Control of Stepper Motor
MLPE04    Design And Implementation Of Object Counter For Industrial Automation
MLPE05    SPEED synchronization of two DC motors
MLPE06    Electrical Apparatus Control System In A Plant Using RF Wireless
MLPE07    SPEED Control of DC motor using PWM technique
MLPE08    I V R S For Industries
MLPE09    Stepper Motor Direction Controlling.
MLPE10    Smart card based Vehicle Operated System
MLPE11    TRIAC Based SPEED Control Of Induction Motor

                                Security Based

MLS01    Embedded based security system with IR sensors.
MLS02    Embedded security system (key pad & LCD).
MLS03    Encryption Standard Network Security
MLS04    Electronic Security System
MLS05    Home security system.
MLS06    Industrial security system.
MLS07    Shopping Malls Security & Power Management System
MLS08    Security Alert System For Industries with Smoke Sensor

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                       DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING

MLD01    A Spatial median filtering for noise removal in digital images
MLD02    Brain tumor detection using region growing method
MLD03    Frame separation and restoration of video signal
MLD04    Image compression using DWT
MLD05    Implementation of image slicing using MATLAB.
MLD06    Implementation of reverse watermarking system
MLD07    Image denoising using DWT
MLD08    Image denoising using ROF method.
MLD09    Implementation of image restoration.
MLD10    Implementation of color optimization.
MLD11    Image blur reduction using adaptive tonal correction
MLD12    Image enhancement using histogram techniques
MLD13    Implementation of visual cryptography using DH method.
MLD14    Image segmentation and texture extraction for Number Recognition system.
MLD15    Implementation of IMAGE steganography using LSB
MLD16    JPEG compression using DCT.
MLD17    Multi resolution watermark based on wavelet transforms for digital images.
MLD18    Morphological operations using matlab on images.


MLDE01 Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation.
MLDE02 DTMF Generation and Detection using matlab
MLDE03 Digital Modulation and Demodulation using Quadrate Phase Shift Keying
       Technique in MATLAB
MLDE04 Design and performance evaluation of multi-rate digital filters
MLDE05 Implementation of GMSK modem
MLDE06 Implementation of heart beat monitoring using DWT
MLDE07 Implementation and analysis of decision feedback equalizers
MLDE08 Implementation of QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) using matlab
MLDE09 Implementation of CDMA using BPSK technique
MLDE10 Implementation of modulation techniques (AM, FM, PM).
MLDE11 Performance and Analysis of Multi carrier DS-CDMA Communication System.
MLDE12 Single Sideband modulation via HILBERT TRANSFORM

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                           SPEECH PROCESSING

MLDE01    Analysis of frequency variations on a real time speech signal
MLDE02    speech processing using Kalman filter
MLDE03    Speech compression using LPC
MLDE04    Implementation of PCM (pulse code modulation) on Speech signals.
MLDE05    Implementation of Speech compression using DWT
MLDE06    Implementation of Speech codec using G.729 standard
MLDE07    Implementation of Fragile Speech watermarking.
MLDE08    Noise cancellation of Speech/audio using adaptive equalizers
MLDE09    Post processing of Speech/ audio signals using extended weiner filtering
MLDE10    Time delay effects of a real time Speech signals using signal processing

                         VLSI (VHDL/ Verilog HDL)

MLV01  A lossless data compression and decompression algorithm and its hardware
MLV02  A Verilog impimentation of UART Design with Bist Capability
MLV02A A Robust UART Architecture based on Recursive Running Sum Filter for
       Better Noise Performance
MLV03  An area-efficient Universal Cryptography Processor for smart cards
MLV04  An FPGA based general purpose data acquisition controller
MLV04A A PicoBiaze-Based Embedded system for monitoring applications
MLV05  A VHDL Model of IEEE1451.2 Smart Sensor: Characterization and application
MLV06  A VLSI Architecture For Visible Watermarking In A Secure Still Digital
       Camera (S2dc) Design (Corrected)
MLV07  An FPGA-Based Architecture for Real Time Image Feature Extraction
MLV08  A Low-Power Multiplier with the Spurious Power Suppression Technique
MLV09  A Symbol-Rate Timing Synchronization Method for Low Power Wireless
       OFDM Systems
MLV10  Block-Based Multiperiod Dynamic Memory Design For Low Data Retention
MLV11  Controllable Arbitrary Integer frequency divider based on VHDL
MLV12  Compliant Digital Base band Transmitter on a Digital Signal Processor
MLV13  Design and implementation of spectral estimation algorithm on FPGA
MLV14  Design and analysis of low density parity check encoder for fixed and mobile
       wireless access systems

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MLV15  Design analysis of 1-Gigabit Ethernet media access controller(gemac) core for
       full-duplex operation
MLV16  Design and turbo convolution code decoder for 3GPP wireless mobile
       communication systems
MLV17  Design and implementation of orthogonal frequency division multiple access
       modem on FPGA
MLV18  Development of keyboard controller for single board computer based on FPGA
MLV19  Design and discrete cosine transform processor on FPGA for video compression
MLV20  Design and development of traffic light controller on FPGA
MLV21  Design and implementation of CAN Controller on FPGA
MLV22  Design Exploration of A Spurious Power Suppression Technique (SPST) And
       it’s Applications
MLV23  Design Of Reconfigurable Coprocessor for Communication Systems
MLV24  Digital system control for Three Degree of Freedom Mechanical Arm with
MLV25  Design and implementation of Digital Camera System on Chip
MLV26  Development of 8051 microcontroller synthesizable model and implementation
       on FPGA
MLV27  Development of intellectual property for local interconnect network for
       automobile sensor interface applications
MLV28  Design and implementation of finite impulse response filter in FPGA using
MLV29  Design and prototyping of portable media player asic on FPGA
MLV30  Development of Huffman encoder for MPEG-2 video encoding applications
MLV31  Design of real time clock on FPGA for portable hand held applications
MLV32  Development of FPGA based PCI bus arbiter multiprocessor Environment
MLV33  Design and implementation of adaptive differential pulse code modulation
       encoder and decoder ip for communication applications
MLV34  Development of video display processor on FPGA
MLV35  FPGA Implementation of USB Transceiver Macro cell Interface With Usb2.0
MLV36  FPGA Based Generation of High Frequency Carrier for Pulse Compression
       Using Cordic Algorithm
MLV37  FPGA based Power Efficient Channelizer for Software defined Radio
MLV38  FPGA based implementation communication modulation
MLV38A Fuzzy based PID Controller using VHDL/VERILOG for Transportation
MLV39  Improvement of the orthogonal Code Convolution Capabilities using FPGA
MLV40  Implementation and prototyping on 8051 core architecture on FPGA

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MLV41  Implementation of 12C controller on FPGA
MLV41A Implementation of A Multi-Channel UART Controller Based On FIFO
       Technique and FPGA
MLV42  Implementation of IEEE 802.11 a WLAN base band Processor
MLV43  On The Design Of A Multi-Mode Receive Digital-Front-End For Cellular
       Terminal Rfics
MLV44  Optimized Software Implementation of a Full-Rate IEEE 802.11a
MLV45  The CSI Multimedia Architecture
MLV46  VLSI Architecture and FPGA Prototyping of a Digital Camera for Image
       Security and Authentication
MLV47  VHDL implementation of direct sequence spread spectrum modulator for
       personal secure communication in battle filed

                       MINI PROJECTS
MLM01    Automatic Light Beam Shifting Of Vehicle’s On High Ways
         Automatic Speed Regulation Depending On Incoming Vehicle On High
MLM02    Ways(Fuel Injection)
MLM03    Automatic Light Lamp with Morning Alarm
MLM04    Automatic Exhaust Fan Control Coupled To Gas Leak Detection
MLM06    Auto turn off battery charger
MLM07    Anti Theft Alarm For Bikes
MLM08    Automatic Heat Detector
MLM10    Access Control System
MLM11    Autonomous Robot
MLM12    Altimeter --- To Measure The Altitude
MLM13    Air Flow Sensor
MLM14    Automated Traffic Signal Controller
MLM15    Automatic Control For Unmanned Railway Gate.
MLM16    Automated Car Parking System
MLM17    Automated Vehicle Identification And Toll-Pass System.
MLM18    Burglar Alarm System
MLM19    Build A Carbon Monoxide SNIFFER
MLM20    Build The Breath O-Meter
MLM21    Built Your Own Multi-Frequency Digital Signal Generator
MLM22    Build A Simple Infrared Illuminator
MLM23    Biopic Heartbeat Monitor
MLM24    Baby Incubator

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MLM25   Colour Intensity Measurement (Liquids)
MLM26   Classic Ac 230 V Timer
MLM27   Colour Reflectance Measurement (Solids)
MLM28   Co2 & O2 Monitoring In Green House
MLM30   Coin Based Toll Gate System.
MLM31   Clap Switch
MLM32   Condenser Mice Audio Amplifier
MLM33   DTMF Telephone Remote Control
MLM34   DTMF Development Board
MLM35   DTMF Proximity Detector
MLM36   Digital Object Counter (5v)
MLM37   Digital Alarm Clock
MLM38   Ding-Dong Bell
MLM39   Digital Panel Meter (5v)
MLM40   Dc Motor Direction Control
MLM41   Dual Motor L298 H-Bridge Control
MLM42   Depth Of The Medium Based On Attenuated Reflectance
MLM43   Depth Of The Medium/Liquid Level By Change In Conductance
MLM44   Data Logger
MLM45   Dc Motor Control PWM Technique
MLM46   Digital Temperature Controller – Microcontroller Based
MLM47   Digital Compass/Navigation
MLM48   Designing A Digital Thermometer By Using A Selected Temperature Sensor
MLM49   Electronic Eye With Security System
MLM50   Electronic security system
MLM51   Electronic watchdog
MLM52   Electronic Card Lock System
MLM53   Electronic Jam
MLM54   Electrical Equipment Controller
MLM55   E2prom Based Data Entry Real Time Clock Control Application
MLM56   FET 4 Input Mixer (+/-9v)
MLM57   Fastest Finger First Indicator
MLM59   Fire & Smoke Alarm System
MLM60   Fluid Level Detection
MLM62   Fluid Flow Measurement (Liquid)
MLM63   FM Booster
MLM64   G.P.S. Receiver
MLM66   Home Automation (Ac/Dc) Using Pc Interface
MLM67   House security system
MLM68   Home Automation Using Television Remote Control
MLM69   Intelligent Battery Charger

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MLM70    Infra Red Illuminator
MLM71    IR Remote Switch
MLM72    Invisible Broken Wire Detector
MLM73    IRDA (Infra Red Data Communication Protocole Implémentation)
MLM74    Industrial Automation Data Acquisition System
MLM75    Interfacing Color Sensor With Different Wave Lengths To Microcontroller
MLM76    Industrial Protection System Using Light Dependent Resistor
MLM77    I2cprotocol Based Real Time Clock Control Application
MLM78    Interfacing IBM Key Board To Micro Controller
MLM79    Infrared Control For Pc
MLM80    Infrared Remote Control Timer
MLM81    Infrared Card less Head Phone
MLM82    Infrared Auto Switch
MLM83    Infrared Toy Car Motor Controller
MLM84    Ionizer Mains (230v Ac)
MLM85    Knock Alarm
MLM86    Light Sensing Robot
MLM87    Long Range Fm Transmitter
MLM88    Logic Analyzer
MLM89    Line Follower Robot
MLM90    Leaf Moisture Analyzer
MLM91    Light Sensitive Inductive Load Controller
MLM92    L293 H-Bridge Dc Motor Controller
MLM93    LED Panel Meter
MLM94    LED-Based Message Display
MLM96    Laser Torch Based voice Transmiter and Reciver
MLM97    Long Duration Timer
MLM98    Line Telephone Share
MLM99    Micro Controller Clock
MLM100   Mobile Phone Battery Charger
MLM101   Mobile Cell Phone Charger
MLM102   Musical Touch Bell
MLM104   Micro Controller To Ethernet Interface
MLM105   Microcontroller based Scrolling Message Display
MLM106   Microcontroller Based Intelligent Glass Break Detector
MLM107   Modern House Automation (Ac/Dc) Using Ir Communication
MLM108   Particulates Monitoring Using Light Beam Attenuation
MLM109   Ph Controller
MLM110   Pc To Pc Laser Communication
MLM111   Quality FM Transmitter
MLM112   RF Control Of Induction Motors And Other Industrial Loads

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MLM114   Remote Controlled Fan Regulator
MLM115   Robot Control Using TV Remote
MLM116   Remote Control For Home Appliances
MLM117   Solar Battery Charger And Shunt Regulator
MLM118   Solar Lighting System
MLM119   Stepper Motor Based Valve Controller
MLM120   SMS Chatting Using RF
MLM121   Season Based Automatic Streetlights Switching
MLM122   Six Channel Petrochemical Fire Monitoring And Control Station
MLM123   Simple Function Generator 12v
MLM124   Sinewave Generator
MLM125   Simple Code Lock
MLM126   Stepper Motor Control Using Microcontroller
MLM127   Telephone Receiver
MLM128   Telephone Number Display
MLM129   Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
MLM130   Teach-In 2002 Lab Work – 5 – Strain Gauge Weighing Machine
MLM131   Telephone Call Counter
MLM132   Touch Dimmer
MLM133   UNIPOLAR 4-Phase Stepper Motor Controller Board
MLM134   U.S.B. Connectivity To Micro Controller
MLM135   Ultra Bright LED Lamp
MLM136   Variable Auxiliary Power Supply
MLM137   Wireless Vehicle Path Tracer Using IR & RF
MLM138   Who's First (Game) Indicator
MLM139   Water Level Controller
MLM143   4 Channel Infrared Remote
MLM144   0 - 20v Led Voltmeter
MLM145   7 Digit Code Lock (6 - 15v)
MLM146   4 Digit 7-Segment Multiplex DISPLAY

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