Butterfly List.indd by yue97jill


									Butterflies of Pioneers Park Nature Center

                 The following butterflies have been reported at
                 the Nature Center.
                 * indicates species considered remnant-dependent
                 Overwintering stages:
                  (l) larva (p) pupa     (a) adult (m) migrates

                Family: PAPILIONIDAE -Swallowtails
                  ___ Black Swallowtail           Papilio polyxenes
                  ___ Giant Swallowtail*          Papilio cresphontes
                  ___ Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (p) Papilio glaucus

      Family: PIERIDAE - Whites and Sulphurs
       ___   Checkered White (p)            Pontia protodice
       ___   Cabbage White (p)              Pieris rapae
       ___   Olympia Marble                 Euchloe olympia
       ___   Clouded Sulfur (l)             Colias philodice
       ___   Orange Sulfur (l)              Colias eurytheme
       ___   Southern Dogface               Colias cesonia
       ___   Cloudless Sulfur               Phoebis sennae
       ___   Little Yellow (m)              Eurema lisa
       ___   Dainty Sulfur (m)              Nathalis iole

      Family: LYCAENIDAE - Hairstreaks
       ___   Harvester                      Feniseca tarquinius
       ___   Great Copper*                  Lycaena xanthoides
       ___   Gray Copper                    Lycaena dione
       ___   Bronze Copper                  Lycaena hyllus
       ___   Coral Hairstreak               Satyrium titus
       ___   Juniper Hairstreak             Callophryus gryneus
       ___   Gray Hairstreak                Strymon melinus
       ___   Reakirt’s Blue                 Hemiargus isola
       ___   Eastern Tailed-Blue (l)        Everes comyntas
       ___   Spring Azure (p)               Celastrina ladon
Family: NYMPHALIDAE - Brushfoots
 ___   American Snout               Libytheana carinenta
 ___   Variegated Fritillary (m)    Euptoieta claudia
 ___   Great Spangled Fritillary    Speyeria cybele
 ___   Regal Fritillary* (l)        Speyeria idalia
 ___   Silver-bordered Fritillary   Bolorio selene
 ___   Gorgone Checkerspot* (l)     Chlosyne gorgone
 ___   Silvery Checkerspot          Chlosyne nycteis
 ___   Pearl Crescent               Phyciodes tharos
 ___   Question Mark (a)            Polygonia interrogationis
 ___   Eastern Comma                Polygonia comma
 ___   Mourning Cloak               Nymphalis antiopa
 ___   American Lady                Vanessa virginiensis
 ___   Painted Lady (m)             Vanessa cardui
 ___   Red Admiral (a)              Vanessa atalanta
 ___   Common Buckeye               Junonia coenia
 ___   Red-spotted Purple           Limenitis arthemis astyanax
 ___   Viceroy*                     Limenitis archippus
 ___   Hackberry Emperor (l)        Asterocampa celtis
 ___   Tawny Emperor                Asterocampa clyton
 ___   Little Wood-Satyr (l)        Megisto cymela
 ___   Common Wood-Nymph* (l)       Cercyonis pegala
 ___   Monarch (m)                  Danaus plexippus

Family: HESPERIDAE - Skippers
 ___   Silver-spotted Skipper      Epargyreus clarus
 ___   Hayhurst’s Scallopwing      Staphylus hayhurstii
 ___   Wild Indigo Duskywing       Erynnis baptisiae
 ___   Common Checkered-Skipper (l) Pyrgus communis
 ___   Common Sootywing (l)        Pholisora catullus
 ___   Least Skipper (l)           Ancyloxypha numitor
 ___   Fiery Skipper               Hylephila phyleus
 ___   Peck’s Skipper              Polites peckius
 ___   Tawny-edged Skipper (p)     Polites themistocles
 ___   Sachem                      Atalopedes campestris
 ___   Delaware Skipper (l)        Anatrytone logan
 ___   Hobomok Skipper*            Poanes hobomok
 ___   Two-spotted Skipper         Euphyes bimacula

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