TEMPLE CHAI’S 19th ANNUAL
                         ELLEN WOODNICK
                          MITZVAH MALL
                           SHOPPING LIST
                              Sunday, December 6, 2009
                               Temple Chai Social Hall

Mitzvah Mall is sponsored by the 4th Grade Religious School to promote Gemilut
Hasadim (deeds of loving kindness) and to provide a meaningful gift giving alternative.

Mitzvah Mall is a fair of charities that promotes charitable giving in a simple and
educational forum:

       Buy donation cards to 40 different charities
       Denominations ranging from 25 cents to $25
       Checks payable to Temple Chai (cash also accepted)
       Temple Chai will distribute the funds to the appropriate agencies

Your child will have a designated time with their class on December 6th to do his or her
“shopping.” Please review the shopping list with your child and select those charities that
have special meaning to your family or to those you want to honor with a donation. Please
help your child complete a shopping list.
      Please send a separate form and check with each child

Mitzvah Mall is open to everyone! You can participate in one of two ways:

   1. Mail your completed shopping list (attached) and check to: 4645 E. Marilyn Rd,
      Phoenix, AZ 85032 and we’ll mail you your selected donation cards.
   2. Shop in person.

 The Mitzvah Mall is named in honor of Ellen Woodnick, a beloved 4th grade teacher at Temple Chai,
who co-chaired the Mitzvah Mall for many years in its infancy.
                                         The Mitzvah Mall
                               Temple Chai’s 19th Annual Ellen Woodnick Mitzvah Mall Shopping List

 Mitzvah Donor’s Name _______________________________________Grade/Teacher____________________________

 Address ____________________________________________________________________ Phone _________________
 (only if mailing in)

               Gifts for:                     Qty.          $ Amt.                                 Item                                  Total $
Aid to Adoption of Special Kids                                  $ 1.00 Diapers & formula for foster children
                                                                 $ 5.00 Craft items for parties for foster children

                                                             $ 10.00 Backpack for a foster child for school

Dedicated to building and strengthening families for the children in Arizona's foster care system. Each day over 350 children in Maricopa County
have the security and love of an AASK foster or adoptive family.
All 4 Israel                                                     $ 5.00 Food, shelter and clothing for families of victims of
                                                                        terrorist attacks

                                                              $10.00 Plastic surgery for victims of terrorist attacks
Assists injured soldiers, victims of terror attacks and families of fallen Israeli Soldiers.
Alzheimer's Association                                           $ 1.00 A help line call
                                                                 $ 5.00 Five (5) help line calls
www.alz.org                                                   $ 10.00 Nurse to go to patient’s home to help

Dedicated to supporting Alzheimer patients and their families.
American Diabetes Association                                    $ 1.00 Computer paper for a research project
                                                                 $ 2.00 Brochures
                                                              $ 10.00 One (1) day at camp for a diabetic child

Mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people with diabetes.
American Heart Association                                       $ 1.00 Supports important research and programs
                                                                 $ 5.00 Supports important research and programs
                                                              $ 10.00 Supports important research and programs

Provides education for children and adults with heart diseases. Continues important research needed to treat these patients. Fights to reduce early
death and disability from heart diseases and strokes.

                                                                                                    2009 Ellen Woodnick Mitzvah Mall Shopping List
          Gifts for:                           Qty.         $ Amt.                                     Item                                   Total $
American Jewish Committee                                       $ 1.00 Student “No Hate” buttons to distribute at
                                                                $ 5.00 Lesson plan that counters prejudice

                                                              $ 10.00 Pamphlets for schools about Jewish holidays and
www.ajc.org                                                   $ 25.00 Lecture to a class about respect of difference
Builds bridges of tolerance and understanding with ethnic and religious groups in communities. The Jewish Ambassador to the non-Jewish
American Lung Association                                       $1.00 Mouthpieces for breathing tests or spacers for
                                                                $5.00 Publications for the Indian Reservations
                                                               $10.00 Peak flow meter (at home tester)

Educates children and adults with lung diseases. Continues important research needed to treat these patients.
Anti-Defamation League                                             50¢ A World of Difference Button
                                                                $ 1.00 35 handouts to combat anti-Semitism
                                                                $ 5.00 ADL lesson plan on the Middle East
Distributes materials, combats anti-Semitism and provides anti-bias education programs to students from pre-school to college.
Arizona Lost Boys                                               $ 2.00 Helps maintain the AZ Lost Boys Center, the only
                                                                       one of its kind in the world
                                                               $ 5.00 Goes toward scholarships for books
                                                              $ 10.00 Goes toward scholarship fund so the Boys can go
www.azlostboyscenter.org                                              to school
AZ Lost Boys Center is unique as a resource that links the best of American compassion and generosity with refugees, commonly known as the
“Lost Boys” of Sudan, who arrived to our community without the support of family and no concept of life in a modern city. It is the only center of its
kind in the world.
ARMDI                                                           $ 1.00 Medical supplies
                                                                $ 2.00 Medical supplies
                                                                $ 5.00 Medical supplies
The sole authorized fundraising arm for Magen David Adom in Israel which provides pre-hospital emergency medical, blood, disaster and
ambulance services. It’s Israel’s 911 service.
Camp Swift Foundation                                          $ 1.00     Breakfast at camp for a needy child
                                                               $ 5.00     Day at camp
                                                             $ 10.00      Bus trip
Provides 4 days of camp for impoverished children who could not otherwise participate in “fun” activities at camp.
                                                                                                        2009 Ellen Woodnick Mitzvah Mall Shopping List
            Gifts for:                        Qty.         $ Amt.                                    Item                                  Total $
Center for Cancer and Blood                                  $ 1.00      Crafts and activities
Disorders at Phoenix Children's
Hospital                                                     $ 5.00      Snacks in treatment lounge
                                                            $ 10.00      A meal at Camp Rainbow

Provides complete and integrated care for children diagnosed with cancer and life-threatening blood diseases.

Council for Jews                                             $ 1.00      Assistance for Religious School special education
               with Special Needs
                                                             $ 5.00      Summer camp inclusion assistance
                                                            $ 10.00      Sign language interpreter services


Serves children and young adults with disabilities in the Jewish community by providing assistance in religious school, camp, social groups, family
support groups and other facets of Jewish life.
Decolores Domestic                                            $ 1.00 Toiletries for one (1) night
Violence Shelter
                                                              $ 5.00 Meals for a day for one (1) person
                                                             $ 10.00 Full night stay in shelter

Provides temporary housing for families that are victims of abuse.
Foundation for Blind Children                                    25¢ A page of braille
                                                              $ 1.00 Snacks at pre-school for the blind for one week
                                                              $ 5.00 A tactile toy
                                                             $ 10.00 A children’s book in braille for pre-school

Provides a comprehensive system of services in Arizona, which optimizes the blind or visually impaired person's development - starting with infancy
through adulthood.
Gabriel’s Angels                                              $ 1.00 Treats for therapy dogs
                                                              $ 5.00 Polaroid film for dog and kid photo memories
                                                              $10.00 Sponsor a child for one year

Pet therapy program for abused and neglected children.

                                                                                                      2009 Ellen Woodnick Mitzvah Mall Shopping List
           Gifts for:                         Qty.          $ Amt.                                 Item                                  Total $
Hadassah’s Maternity Pavilion                                       25¢ Crayons, stickers
in the Mother and Child Center
                                                                  $ 1.00 Coloring books, colored markers
                                                                  $ 2.00 Drawing paper, puzzles and stuffed animals

The Mother Child Center at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem takes care of children of all ages. Some of them have are sick with illnesses like
pneumonia or asthma, or a broken bone from an accident on the playground and some have to have surgery.
Hospice of the Valley                                             $ 1.00 Personal care items: deodorant, shampoo, razors,
In Memory of Ellen Woodnick                                              nail care, lotions
                                                                  $ 2.00 Children’s books, magazines, toys
                                                                  $ 5.00 DVD's and CD's for patients and home visits

Supports patients and families who are facing terminal illness.
Jewish Family & Children                                          $ 1.00 Coloring books and crayons
                                                                  $ 2.00 Toiletries for homeless family
                                                                  $ 5.00 Formula and diapers
                                                             $ 10.00 One (1) week of Kosher lunches for a senior

Provides food, clothing and counseling for needy families in Phoenix.
Jewish Federation of Phoenix                                      $ 1.00 Chanukah candles for a Soviet family in Israel
                                                                  $ 2.00 One (1) box of matzah for the elderly in Phoenix
                                                                  $ 5.00 Reading glasses for an Ethiopian Jew in Israel

Enhances and strengthens Jewish life and supports needy Jewish families and individuals in Phoenix, in Israel and around the world.
Jewish Free Loan Society                                          $ 1.00 Provides funds for medical assistance
                                                                  $ 2.00 Provides funds for adoption
                                                                  $ 5.00 Provides funds for Religious School
www.jewishfreeloan.org                                       $ 10.00 Provide funds for summer camp

Provides interest free loans to the Jewish Community.

                                                                                                    2009 Ellen Woodnick Mitzvah Mall Shopping List
          Gifts for:                            Qty.        $ Amt.                                     Item                                Total $
Jewish National Fund                                          $ 18.00 Buys a tree in Israel

Buys trees to replenish the soil and forests in Israel.
Jewish World Watch                                              $ 1.00 Toothbrush & toothpaste for a refugee child in
                                                                $ 5.00 Pen, notebook and crayons for a refugee child in
                                                              $ 10.00 Backpack that holds items for the Backpack
www.jewishworldwatch.org                                              Project.
Works to mobilize synagogues and their surrounding communities to combat genocide and other blatant human rights violations around the world.
Jordan’s Jungle                                                 $ 1.00 Small stuffed animal for a hospitalized child
                                                                $ 5.00 Medium stuffed animal for a hospitalized child
                                                               $10.00 Large stuffed animal for a hospitalized child

Provides stuffed animals to hospitalized children to help ease the loneliness and pain of being in the hospital.
Kivel Campus of Care                                            $ 2.00 Materials for arts and crafts programs
                                                                $ 5.00 One kosher meal for a resident
                                                              $ 10.00 Covers Cost of resident’s lunch outing at a local
www.kivelcare.org                                                     restaurant
A geriatric care facility in Phoenix which has provided loving care for low income elderly since 1958. The campus houses independent living
apartments and assisted living residents. Provides seniors with 24 hour a day caregivers, a 24 hour emergency call system, bathing and dressing
assistance, kosher meals, a full time Rabbi and a full calendar of planned activities. Provide a community to support and uphold the dignity and
autonomy of the elderly.
Leukemia Foundation                                             $ 1.00 Buys beads for “Beads of Courage” bracelets that
                                                                       help the children track the progress of their
                                                               $ 5.00 Gift for a child
                                                               $10.00 Books for the Children's Library
                                                                      at University Medical Center in Tucson

Gives emotional and financial aid to families who have children with leukemia in Arizona. They are an all volunteer organization that works with
social workers to provide assistance to these families.

                                                                                                        2009 Ellen Woodnick Mitzvah Mall Shopping List
            Gifts for:                         Qty.          $ Amt.                                 Item                                  Total $
Lifeline for the Old in Israel                                   $ 2.00 Mid-morning snack for an elderly person
                                                                 $ 5.00 Hot lunch for an elderly person
www.lifeline.org.il                                             $10.00 Bus pass for an elderly person to go to the artisan
                                                                       center to make their crafts

Gives needy elderly and disabled the opportunity to be part of the Israeli society.
Make-A-Wish Found.                                               $ 1.00 Gift for a child
                                                                 $ 5.00 Gift for a child
                                                                $ 10.00    Gift for a child

Grants wishes to terminally ill children.
Multiple Sclerosis                                               $ 1.00 Information for someone who has been diagnosed
                                                                        with Multiple Sclerosis
                                                                 $ 5.00 Help a mom with Multiple Sclerosis buy a
                                                                        wheelchair so she can go to the soccer field and
                                                                        watch her daughter play soccer and go to her
www.nationalmssociety.org                                               son’s school to watch him in a play
                                                                $ 10.00 Pays for a day at Camp Hope for a boy or girl
                                                                        whose father has Multiple Sclerosis
Supports patients and research for this debilitating disease.
NA’AMAT                                                          $ 1.00 Snacks at daycare for one day
                                                                 $ 2.00 Diapers and formula for needy families.
                                                                 $ 5.00 Sends a child to Child Development for a day
                                                                $ 10.00 Assist a single mom and her children to move into
 www.naamat.org                                                          an empowerment program
Hebrew acronym for “Movement of Working Women and Volunteers” is an organization that strives to enhance the quality of life for women, children
and families in Israel, the U.S. and around the world. Originally named Pioneer Women.
National Ovarian Cancer                                            25¢ Stamp for thank you letters mailed to donors
                                                                    50¢ Mailing to doctors letting them know about NOCC
                                                                        – stamps, brochures, letterhead
                                                                 $ 2.00 Car magnets for awareness
                                                                 $ 5.00 Newly diagnosed ovarian cancer survivor
                                                                $ 10.00 Sends volunteers to health fairs and women’s
                                                                        expos to educate about ovarian cancer. Provides
                                                                        hand outs, brochures, give away items and
                                                                        symptom cards.

Raises awareness and promotes education about ovarian cancer. The Coalition is committed to improving the survival rate and quality of life for
women with ovarian cancer.

                                                                                                    2009 Ellen Woodnick Mitzvah Mall Shopping List
         Gifts for:                           Qty.          $ Amt.                                    Item                                   Total $
New Day Center                                                    25¢ Pencil, pen, eraser, note cards, student folders,
                                                                    s marker, chalk, rulers, stickers or assignment paper

                                                                  50¢ Paintbrush, protractor, juice box, nutritious snack
                                                                      or raisin box
                                                               $ 1.00 Comb, beads, canned fruit, paint, whiteboard or
                                                               $ 5.00 Movie passes, museum passes, meal coupons,
                                                                      (McDonalds, Burger King, Jack in the Box),
www.umom.org                                                          puzzles, games, books, clay or diapers
Offers school and shelter for homeless families.
Paradise Valley Emergency                                      $ 1.00 Two (2) cans of food
Food Bank
                                                               $ 5.00 One (1) dinner for a family
                                                              $ 10.00 One (1) day’s food for a family


Provides emergency food assistance.
Ronald McDonald House                                             25¢ Laundry soap, bath soap, shampoo
                                                               $ 1.00 Milk for a family for one (1) day
                                                               $ 2.00 Cleaning supplies and paper products
                                                             $ 10.00 One night’s stay for a family

Provides a home away from home for the families of children requiring medical treatment.
Seeds of Peace                                                  $1.00 Ice cream sundae that Israeli and Palestinian
                                                                      campers can share during a bunk party at the
                                                                      Seeds of Peace International Camp
                                                              $ 5.00 Phone calls for Israeli or Palestinian camper to
                                                                     stay in touch with a friend that s/he made from the
www.seedsofpeace.org                                                 “other” side of the conflict while at the Seeds of
                                                                     Peace International Camp
                                                             $ 10.00 Ticket for one Middle Eastern teenager to attend
                                                                     his/her first minor league baseball game at the
                                                                     Seeds of Peace International Camp
An international organization whose goal is to unite teenagers from conflicting regions of the globe such as Israel/Palestine, India/Pakistan and the
Balkans area. Sponsors a summer camp, workshops, presentations, seminars, sports, music and art activities which are coordinated through the
center of coexistence which help spread the Seeds of Peace mission.

                                                                                                       2009 Ellen Woodnick Mitzvah Mall Shopping List
          Gifts for:                         Qty.          $ Amt.                                    Item                                  Total $
 Shalom Center for Healing                                     $1.00 Literature to help people understand Jewish
                                                               $5.00 Flowers and candy to bring beauty and sweetness
                                                                     to Services of Hope and Comfort
                                                             $10.00 Goes toward counseling for families going through
 www.templechai.com                                                 difficult times
Provides educational programs, support groups and spiritual development while utilizing Jewish wisdom, tradition and compassion.
 Sojourner Center                                             $ 1.00 Answers a call from a mom who need a safe place
                                                                     to sleep with her children

                                                              $ 5.00 Opens the gates at Sojourner Center for a family
                                                                     who need a safe bed
                                                             $ 10.00 School supplies for five kids in our classrooms
A safe haven from domestic violence.
 Technion University for Cancer                               $ 1.00 Supports Autonomous Medical Systems Center
 Research in Israel
                                                              $ 5.00 Supports Autonomous Medical Systems Center
                                                             $ 10.00 Supports Autonomous Medical Systems Center

Develops nanotechnology to cure cancer. Nanotechnology is a small robot like molecule that will go directly to the cancer cells and kill them by
releasing chemotherapy only in the area of the cancer. People won’t have the side effects associated with the present day chemo, like hair loss,
mouth sores and diarrhea and reaches places(like the center of the brain) that cannot be reached surgically.
 Temple Chai                                                     50¢ Colored pencils
 Early Childhood Center
                                                              $ 1.00 Markers
                                                              $ 5.00 One lunch for a student
                                                             $10.00 Scholarship for student

Joins and supports every child and their family on their journey by providing a roadmap paved with Jewish values, a myriad of opportunities for
children to learn, explore, experience and grow.
Temple Chai Religious School                                  $ 1.00 Classroom supplies for student
                                                              $ 5.00 Snack on a school retreat
                                                             $ 10.00 Religious School book
                                                             $ 25.00 Transportation for one (1) person for a retreat
Is Committed to the education and mentorship of Jewish children and their families to enable them to celebrate and observe Judaism. Our goal is to
ensure the continuity of the Jewish people l’dor v’dor (generation to generation).
 Total Quantity:                                                                                         Total Amount Donated:

                                                                                                     2009 Ellen Woodnick Mitzvah Mall Shopping List

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