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					                                    “SPIRAL UP 6”
WEEKLY HOMEWORK SPELLING ASSIGNMENTS for the week of November 2, 2009

Keep this list at home to study for your TEST on Thursday, November 5, 2009
Your test will include * words from the WORD LISTS on the back of this page.
Keep this list in a safe spot at home for a Review Week in Spelling for SPIRAL UP 6-10

WEDNESDAY: ALPHABETICAL Spelling list and SENTENCES on lined notebook/folder paper
   (paper is available in school if needed):
1. FIRST, write “WORD LISTS” * words in an alphabetical order column.
2. THEN, write these words two more times (forming two additional alphabetical order
   columns) for a total of 3 (THREE) times.
3. On the backside of the paper, write 3 (THREE) sentences using ONE or more word(s) from
   the ENTIRE WORD LISTS in each sentence. Check for spelling, capital letters and periods! Be
THURSDAY: PARENT PRACTICE Spelling Test due on THURSDAY! Help your child do a
  practice spelling test as homework. You dictate all of the * spelling words to your child. Your
   child forms a list on lined paper by writing each dictated word from memory. Check the
   entire written list and have your child practice and learn incorrectly written words. Repeat
   the practice spelling test again until the entire list is written correctly. ACKNOWLEDGE
   your child’s success by signing his/her perfect practice test. CONGRATULATE your child
  for accomplishing such a great task (no errors.) Your child turns in this signed homework
  practice paper on THURSDAY morning with a smile! 
FRIDAY: NEW spelling list for the next week. Get an early start on assignments!

Directions: Be prepared to match the correct definitions on your THURSDAY spelling test.
   1.    beneath = lower than something else
   2.    briefly = not lasting long
   3.    wheat = edible grain for making bread, pasta
   4.    seaweed = plants that grow in the ocean
   5.    squeaky = having a high, thin sound
   6.    grief = great sadness, trouble
   7.    creek = a small stream flowing into a river
   8.    thief = somebody who steals something
   9.    weak = not strong
   10.   week = 7 day period usually starting on Sunday
   11.   crease = fold in paper or fabric
   12.   canteen = small portable drinking container
                          WORD LISTS
   Learn and practice READING ALL of the words listed below.
   Practice SPELLING the * words.
   On Thursday, you will be tested on spelling the * words only!

List #1           List #2            List #3             List #4
 *mean              *clean              *people             *yield

 seek               *chief              eighteen            nineteen

 *wheat             sheep               briefly             seaweed

 sneeze             reach               beneath             *squeaky

 *treat             three               easy                hockey

 grief              key                 *weekly             *backseat

 creek              *stream             *increase           *greedy

 *shield            queen               *dream              *field

 *relief            belief              *cream              *feel