List of selected candidates and waitlisted candidates - PDF by reuotld5


									The following candidates have been selected for the sixth Young Scholars
Programme at IGIDR from 9 November to 21 November 2009. It is required
that participants should be in the campus latest by 8th night and not leave
before the evening of 21st November 2009. Please confirm acceptance of
the offer by 10.00 AM on 21 September 2009 (Monday), indicating also the
status of your ticket to reach Mumbai. In case you do not confirm by that
date (together with ticket status) we will offer the place to another wait listed
candidate. Please note that once your offer lapses, your priority goes to the
end of the waitlist.


1       Ruchika Rani           
2       Surinder Mohan        
3       Sudhanshu Shekhar Patra
4       K. Aruna              
5       Venkatesan G          
6       Soumya Mishra         
7       Prachi Pandey         
8       P Selvamani           
9       Manash Roy            
10      Archana Kesarwani     
11      Geeta Nair            
12      Tanya Sethi           
13      Avneet Kaur           
14      Aparna Sengupta       
15      Janmejaya Mishra      
16      Indrani Sarma         
17      Rateeshkumar K S      
18      Soumendra Kumar Mohanty
19      Rajesh Bag            
20      Arunraj R             
21      Vivek Kumar Singh     
22      Malay Ganguli         
23      Mohammad Amin Ansari  
24      Ranjeeta              
25      Shadan                
26      Ahana Banerjee        
27      Nupur Ray             
28      Nivedita Sarkar       
29      Rasi R A              
30      Alaknanda Sanap       
31      Manjusha Chatterjee   
32      Sababasmi K P         
33      Deepak Varshney       
34      Manasi Singh          
35      Ajay Kumar Ranjan     
36        Deepak Singh         
37        Swati Sachdev        
38        Eshwer Kale          
39        Suchet Kumar         
40        Tania Chakraborty    

The following candidates have been put in the YSP-6 waitlist. The list is made
as per the order of priority. However, the selectors reserve the right to change
this in order to suit the objectives of the programme i.e. multidisciplinary and
wide ranging participation in the programme.

While there is no guarantee that the waitlisted candidates will get a confirmed
offer, from past experience we find that cancellations occur even as late as a few
days preceding the YSP. Hence if you wish to enhance your chance we strongly
advise that you buy at least the onward journey ticket to reach Mumbai on time.


     1     Fr Mohan Mathew            
     2     Rashim Wadhwa              
     3     Bidu Bhusan Dash           
     4     Tauqueer Ali Sabri         
     5     Hans Nicolai Adam          
     6     Shakti P Srichandan        
     7     Abhinav Kumar Jha          
     8     Binay Kumar Pathak         
     9     Saptarshi Basu Roy Choudhury
     10    David Daniel T             
     11    Smita Raut                 
     12    Manash Ranjan Mishra       
     13    Rupendra Singh Chauhan     
     14    Angan Sengupta             
     15    Amit Kumar                 
     16    Vinayak Kant Mishra        
     17    Suraj Kumar Dhal           
     18    Suchismita Datta           
     19    Madhubanti Banerjee        
     20    Bhawna Munjal              

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