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									    Email Marketing Guide For Campaign
         Performance Management

Without winning strategies, managing email marketing can be tricky. Read this whitepaper
       that to get insights on email marketing best practices for optimized results.
The dynamics of the market change every moment, you never know when people in
your target market will have a need for your service. It is a proven fact that the
more number of times you reach your targets, the more probability you will have
that your recipients turn into prospects and your prospects into customers. Email
marketing is the most cost effective channel to reach and repeat your marketing

Here are some golden strategies for email campaign performance management:

Obtain permission

Law requires that you send emails only to those who have consented to receive your
marketing messages. Don’t assume that permission is granted. But, truthfully,
identify if the names on your list have actually granted you permission to email
them. The process of permission will get easier for you if you consider their needs in
your permission process. Make it easy for your recipients to unsubscribe from your
email list whenever they want to.

Segment your list

Email marketing data offers a great scope of segmentation, which helps you to reach
an audience who might otherwise be inaccessible. Recent researches have proved
the fact that segmentation gives incredible results, so start it immediately.

Refine your opt-in campaigns

Review of the data that you have got and the confirmation email you are sending. In
case you are not using well-structured opt-in policies, then start it before long. As
your recipients will get cheesed of unwanted emails, you will see a marked decrease
in response rates.

Make your messages appealing

Make your message stand out amongst the mass of emails getting into the inbox. If
your email is in an html format, some email clients do not show images. It may
happen so that your customer might read your mail without opening the image. Be it
an html email or just a text email, ensure that your messages are appealing enough
even without the images.

Rethink Tired Campaigns

Tweak your campaigns that have run for a while to sound fresh and new. Email
offers a unique platform to quickly and cost-effectively change campaigns for the
better, so make the best use of it.
Brand affinity

Your brand is key to your success. Every aspect of your email marketing campaigns
needs to be in sync with the brand personality. Therefore check whether message
design reflects your brand and the content is relevant to your client


Go through the CAN SPAM regulations and check whether you are abiding by them.
Compliance with legal regulations can spare you much trouble and increase your

Test, test and test

Shoot different types of text messages and html messages with different graphic
elements, Examine to what your clients are best responding to. This will give you
insight about your clients’ needs.

Increase your open rate

How many of your recipients are opening the email that you send in order to actually
GET the marketing message? Factors that might influence your open rates:

   •   Maintaining an in-house list
   •   Using lists of reputed list vendors to reach your targets
   •   Reach and repeat campaigns as they generate higher rates
   •   Using names in the “From” field which has the maximum brand value
   •   Writing an appealing subject line
   •   Not using too many promotional words
   •   Not shooting mails at the odd hours of the day

Track your email marketing

Embed hyperlinks within your emails that will take them to pages where they can
reach a customized landing page or make online purchases. It allows you to track
sales specifically arising from the email. You can also embed a hyperlink in your
email to take the customer to a page where they fill in a form indicating interest in
your offering. This allows you to distinguish customers who find you via your emails
from those who find you via other means. A good email-tracking platform could give
you real-time campaign status including opens, clicks, leads etc.

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