Wolf Achievement and Elective Checklist and Homework Here is by reuotld5


									                                  Wolf Achievement and Elective Checklist
                                             and Homework

Here is a list of the achievements and electives we have worked on in our Den meetings, Pack meetings, or Pack
sponsored events. If you attended these events and completed the items, please sign them off in your scouts
Wolf book. Leaders will sign off items at Den meetings. Don’t forget to work on achievements at home; all
twelve need to be complete to receive the Wolf badge at the April Pack meeting advancement ceremony. This
list will be updated monthly and given at each meeting. All new achievements and electives will be printed in
blue. Homework will be printed in red.

At any time that your Wolf scout participates in the flag ceremony, you may sign off Achievement 2b (p. 48).

When your scout participates in singing 3 songs with the den, sign off Elective 11c (p.165)

If you attended the Pack Cookout & Rocket Launch and the Pack Swim Party, you may sign off Elective 18f (p.
199). If you built a model rocket, sign off Elective 5g (p. 141)

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award- see handout for requirements. Items in blue were offered as Pack
activities. Wolf requirement is in red.

August Den meeting
Bobcat Trail (pp.16-25, p.26 needs to be completed at home)

September Den meeting
Achievement 4a (p.61), 4b-4e (pp.61-63, homework)
Achievement 6a (p.71), 6b (p. 71, done at home), 6c (p. 73)
Elective 4a & b (p.128)
Elective 6a (p.142, library go-see-it), 6b (p.143, homework)
Collecting Belt Loop (must have completed Achievement 6b & c and attended the library go-see-it)

October Pack meeting
Elective 4e (p. 123)
Elective 11f (p.167)

November Den meeting
Achievement 2a-2g (pp. 47-55) (Achievement 2e, outdoor flag ceremony was done at the Swim Party in August
and at Adventure Day in September.)
Elective 11a (p. 162)
Elective 17a (p. 190)
Achievement 10 (pp. 89-93) (The 2nd grade field trip to the Topeka Zoo can count for 10c)

December Den meeting
Achievement 4f- Sherriff’s Office go-see-it, Thursday, December 10 at 6:00. (p. 63)
Achievement 5a-e (pp. 65-69)
Elective 13f (p.177)
Achievement 11 (pp. 95-99)

By keeping up with this list, your Scout will have completed Achievements 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, and 11 by winter
break. We will work on the other six in the first few months of the new year. You may also complete
Achievements at home at any time. All Achievements must be complete by April 15. Keep up the good work!!

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