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									Dear Editor, Springtime in Louisiana means Crawfish Boils, baseball and the start of lawnmowing season. Unfortunately, spring also is the beginning of the worst season for litter in our neighborhoods and on our roadways and waterways. Keeping Jonesville litter free is important because cleaner neighborhoods are healthier neighborhoods. Companies are less likely to invest in an area that has a large amount of trash because of the perception that trash breeds crime. This year, Affiliate name is (Event description) cleaning up Jonesville Park and the surrounding area, and we’re asking for your help so we can have a beautiful spring and summer without the unattractive distraction of litter. Please join us for name of event on date at location. Last year, nearly 1 million pounds of trash were collected and 2,000 miles of roadways cleaned during community events in Louisiana as part of the threemonth Great American Cleanup, which kicks off March 1. Maintaining a litter-free environment is a measure of our community pride, and makes our surroundings more pleasant and enjoyable. Please make a commitment to pitching in every day so you aren’t contributing to the litter problem. Thank you so much for doing your part to help Keep Jonesville beautiful. Name Affiliate name __________________________________________________ Dear Editor, It may start with just one cigarette butt out the driver’s side window. Add to that the unsecured garbage from the pickup in front of you, and the soda bottle that hit the rim rather than the trash can. Eventually, you have a litter problem that costs Louisiana $14 million a year to clean up. Next week, Affiliate name, will do its part to help create a litter-free city by hosting name of event. The event will help increase awareness of litter, bring together city citizens and create a clean and safer community for us all to enjoy. Clean neighborhoods reflect community pride, help increase property value, fuel economic development and create safer neighborhoods. Affiliate asks that you partake in our event festivities next weekend and help us to make city a better place by reporting litterbugs to the toll-free hotline at 1-888-LITRBUG. Consequences of litter buggin’ are far reaching and can result in fines from $50 to $5,000. Name Affiliate name

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