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									Domain Registration
Beginning a new online business or web presence does not always begin with the prefect
domain name, but somewhere in the process of determining your market-base, you will
have to decide on a valid name. The steps to completing a domain registration are
incredibly simple, however many developers and site owners or operators get stuck at the
point of determining a good name.
The business of domain registration continues to grow by leaps and bounds. New online
slang terms and acceptable abbreviations to common names and words keep the industry
and fledgling businesses alive. What once was considered a critical faux pas by using
misspellings and jumbled texts is now all too commonplace.
A domain registrar typically does not care about the length of your domain name. Your
future clients and site visitors however will definitely need your address to be brief, and
more importantly, memorable. If you are selecting a multiple word name in your domain
registration, consider using hyphens to break up the name for easy reading. Not only will
your visitors potentially find it easier to remember, but search engines and spiders
employed by the engines will see your hyphens as spaces, allowing your domain name to
be read as a possible keyword or key phrase combination. Two birds, one stone.

We suggest to choose only ICANN accredited domain name registrars such as Network
Solutions. This ensures that you get a perfect service & reliability at a reasonable price.
Before registering a domain you can use domain lookup tool to see which domains are
It's a common practice of Web Hosting companies to offer a free domain with hosting
plan so Envisionwebhosting recommends you to review these offers:
- Free domains for the life of your hosting. Plans start at $3.99 month.
- Free domain with annual hosting plan
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Private Domain Registration
Another aspect of domain registration to consider is Private Domain Registration. The
question is: “Should you use private domain registration services?” First you should
know what this service is.
Private domain registration is typically run by a third party who will assume the contact
and whois information for your purchased domain(s). You remain the complete owner of
the domain itself; however public information displayed by the registrar whois servers
will reflect their information. The service company will then act as a buffer or proxy for
you – keeping unwanted mail and solicitations from bombarding you, should your
personal data be found.
The downside to private domain registration is that it is generally a separate fee from
your basic registration. You will be responsible for paying the registrar, and
simultaneously the private domain registration service provider. These payments are both
facilitated through your primary registrar. In most cases this will in effect double the cost
of your domain registration.

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