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SharePoint Introduction by reuotld5


									program factsheet

SharePoint Introduction

                                       This course is intended for anyone who is new to
 SharePoint Introduction
 course details
                                       Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 and needs to create,
 Duration:                   1 Day
                                       manage, and publish their work to SharePoint sites and
                                       communicate in a collaborative environment.
 you will learn to
     Customise a site
     Add information to a team site
     Work with a personal site
     Work with subsites and forms
     Log into a SharePoint site          the learning process
     and read information
     Share information with team      Before the course
     members                          Participants must have basic computer skills and know how to work with
     Search the SharePoint sites      Windows applications.
     Integrate external data in a
                                      Our Training Needs Analysis survey is available to help you determine which
     SharePoint site
                                      level of training is most suitable for your level of experience with this
 the next step                        application. To access this contact us on 1300 658 388.
 Eager to learn more? We
                                      Prior to commencing the training, we provide pre-course material to reflect on
                                      and align your learning outcomes to the course content.
     Developing Powerful Teams
     The Leadership Edge              During the course
                                      This course will give you the skills and confidence to use SharePoint for various
 course dates                         work related applications. Each participant receives a training reference
 Visit for our      manual/workbook and supplementary training materials.
 latest course schedule or call us
 on 1300 658 388.
                                      After the course
                                      This course includes an associated eLearning course, containing similar
                                      content to the course delivered in the classroom. After completing the course,
                                      you will now be able to refresh your knowledge by logging on to the relevant
                                      eLearning course.
                                      We also provide post-course telephone support whenever you require it.

                                       "I really enjoyed this class, the              "I can't wait to go back to my
                                       instructor was energetic and                   office and talk to my team about
                                       knowledgeable."                                some of the things I learnt in this
                                                                                      course, it was fantastic!"

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program factsheet

      SharePoint Introduction course content
 Getting Started with SharePoint                Working with Personalised Sites
 Server                                           Create My Site
   Explore the SharePoint Environment             Customise My Site
   Assign Permissions                             Searching SharePoint Sites
                                                  Perform a Search
 Adding Information to a Team Site                Customise the Search Settings
   Use Libraries
   Work with Lists
                                                Integrating External Data
   Create a Workflow                              Use Excel Services
                                                  Work with Report Center
 Customising a Site                               Work with Dashboards
   Customise the Look and Feel of a Site          Use Business Data Catalog
   Customise Libraries and Lists
   Customise the Default Calendar
   Customise Pages Using Web Parts

 Working with Subsites
   Create a Subsite
   Create a Site Page

 Working with Forms
   Add Form Templates to a Form Library
   Use Form Templates

 Sharing Information with Team
   Create a Discussion Board
   Create Wiki Pages
   Communicate Using Blogs

     customising this course for your business
Pollak Learning Alliance can provide a range of consulting services to better meet your business needs, including closed courses for your
organisation, customised course material relevant to your industry and requirements, and blended learning solutions.

     training needs analysis
To ensure participants are booked onto the correct Desktop programs, we offer a survey tool that will align participants to the correct course for
their needs, based on their experience using an application. Your client manager will work closely with you to ensure that all staff are booked
onto the right programs and offer you the most suitable solution each time - whether this be public course training, group sessions, and any other
alternate methods of delivery that could also work for you at the time - such as online learning or one-on-one coaching.

Pollak Learning Alliance has led the way in measuring return on investment for end-user applications training. We have developed and
implemented our in-house Prepare-Learn-Apply-Measure (PLAM) system to provide our clients with return on investment information to assist
them in gauging the success of our learning and development initiatives.
Prepare: Pre-work                    Learn: During the course             Apply: Post-work                 Measure: ROI
Reflecting on and aligning           Focusing on relevance to             Action plans and post-work       Calculate and report on some
learning outcomes.                   on-the-job outcomes.                 encourage follow up.             aspect of return on investment.

     CPD points
Many professional institutions, industry bodies and associations require their members to undertake continuing professional development (CPD).
course may be recognised as contributing to your CPD. Please contact your professional institution to find out more.

     employability skills for nationally recognised training
A summary of the employability skills developed through qualifications can be downloaded from

For more information on this course, or to view the latest course schedule,
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