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   Legislative Budget
Request for FY 2007-2008
     Charlie Crist, Governor
 James R. McDonough, Secretary
    Department Of Corrections

Core Mission: to protect the public by operating
a safe and efficient correctional system.

Key facts:
  90,000+ inmates housed in 59 prisons and 80 minor
  150,000+ offenders reporting to 151 offices
  28,000+ FTE slots
  $2.3 billion base budget

                Florida Department of Corrections     2
The department’s Legislative Budget
Request for FY 2007-08 focuses on
appropriate funding for:

  the projected increases in inmate population

  critical facility maintenance

  department revitalization

  anti-recidivism programs

  vehicle and medical equipment replacement
                 Florida Department of Corrections   3
          Florida’s Prison Population
           CJEC Estimate at June 30
                       Oct 12, 2006 Estimate
110,000                                        102,672          105,339
105,000                            99,401
100,000            95,297
           2007      2008             2009          2010          2011       2012

                            Florida Department of Corrections                       4
Funding for Prison Construction
LBR funding for construction of new prison beds was
based on population projections of CJEC 03/21/2006.
  $60.7 million requested for 3,068 prison beds
      (June 2010 forecast = 98,893 inmates)

Revised CJEC forecast of October 12, 2006
  $144.9 million requested to fund 4,154 beds
      (June 2010 forecast = 102,672)

In addition, the department estimates that a new annex
(1,523 beds) will be required to address the impact of
proposed anti-murder legislation.

The department also requests $3.5 million for planning
of new facilities.

                   Florida Department of Corrections     5
Funding for New Prison Population
         in FY 2007- 2008
Inmate population is anticipated to grow to an
end-of-year population of 95,136

$36 million and 53 positions are requested to
accommodate the increased inmate population

$7 million and 248 positions are requested for
support staff (health, education and non-housing
security staff) for new and expanded institutions
opening during FY 2007-08

                Florida Department of Corrections   6
   Repairs and Maintenance

$25 million is requested for critical maintenance needs

Request includes issues that are required to ensure
public and personal safety or prison capacity
  Roof replacement
  Security/facility repairs & improvements
  Environmental/health issues

$1.1 million for telephone system upgrades

                 Florida Department of Corrections    7
     Department Revitalization

$15.2 million to restore 198 support positions to

– Provides administrative support to wardens and
  security staff
– Provides administrative oversight and fiscal
– Funding for salary additive to attract and retain capable
  health care professionals
– Funding for salary additive to recruit and retain qualified
  maintenance staff

                  Florida Department of Corrections       8
$4 million to increase contracted in-prison
substance abuse treatment

$1.5 million to restore community corrections
residential beds

$6.3 million to increase work release transition
center programs

$3.3 million to increase educational programs
                Florida Department of Corrections   9
Other Issues in Support of Mission
  $3 million is requested for replacement of aging vehicles which
  compromise the safety of staff and inmates

  $2.8 million is also requested for fleet maintenance

  $1.1 million is requested for replacement of radiology equipment at
   – 18 years old, the equipment can no longer be repaired and contracting
     costs up to 6 times in-house procedures

  Price level increases
   – $28 million for health services, both department-provided and
   – $11 million for food, utilities, leases and substance abuse treatment

                      Florida Department of Corrections                  10
Other Issues in Support of Mission
  $4.6 million for restoration of administrative processing
  fees for inmate bank

  $1.4 million for restoration of inmate work squads
  (general revenue) for state agencies

  Additional staff (5) for sentence structure case analysis
  - $ 250,000

  $3.2 million for critical technology issues
   – Supported by legislatively required feasibility study

                     Florida Department of Corrections       11
     FY 2007 – 2008 LBR Summary
FY 2007-2008 Base Budget                                       $ 2.3 billion

FY 2007–2008 LBR Issues                                        $ 303.0 million

– Over 70% of LBR is for growth (new prison beds,              $ 217.5 million
  increase in pop, repairs & maintenance)

– Priority issues (revitalization, anti recidivism, vehicles
  price level increases, inmate bank fee, work squads, IT)     $ 85.5 million

Note: priority issues only total 3.8% of base budget

                           Florida Department of Corrections                    12
   Legislative Budget
Request for FY 2007-2008
     Charlie Crist, Governor
 James R. McDonough, Secretary

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