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Purchasing HDD camcorder


									Purchasing HDD camcorder
Compact and lightweight digital camcorders to hard drives are quickly introduced in the world of recording the image. The latest hybrid models record own videos and pictures on their memory cards. Manufacturers have understood, the time to scan data and the simplicity of the device. So this year, sales of camcorders will still grow. The success of camcorders to hard drives residing mainly in ease of use. These devices allow a quick copy video files to a PC and allow a wide variety of storage media, as also a good minidisk drive capacity (up to 80 GB), they invariably provide the recording memory cards without losing image quality. Other significant assets, an economy in mini helmets. concerning the price, they are around 450 euros. At this rate, most camcorders record video in standard mode. For images in high definition, it takes at least 600 euros. Through efficient compressors, can save between 8 and 12 videos in high quality and up to 35 hours as low quality. The latter option is however to be avoided because the images are often of poor quality. Regarding the autonomy of these devices, they are usually about 1 hours. It should therefore not forget the charger if you want to shoot long. To upload videos, connect the device to a USB port 2. Support for file formats is usually in MPEG-2. The weaknesses of its devices reside mostly in their fragility use despite a shock. The strength of the memory card: a hybrid camcorder also allows recording to an external memory card. This feature is useful when your hard drive is full. Three formats exist: the SDHC (least expensive), the MicroSD and Memory Stick from Sony. The storage capacity can be 8 GB, which allow you to store up 1:40 video. In our selection, we chose the hard drive camcorder from JVC MG33HE which costs about 470 euros. Very compact, it represents an excellent compromise in terms of storage capacity (30GB), optical quality and price Then the Panasonic SDR-H40EG, Strengths: Good storage capacity, great zoom, good ergonomics. Weakness: the image quality. The Sony DCR-SR35E: Strength is very intuitive touch screen, very compact. Weakness stabilizer are not very efficient. Its price is 480 euros. Toshiba Gigashot K80: Strength HD video, good storage capacity. Weakness: The stabilizer seems flawed in telephoto. Visit contributors website:

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