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            Introduction                      Human Body Measurement Newsletter                             users of this technology and to people that wish to
                                                                                                            stay updated and informed about new technologies
 Human Body Measurement Newsletter               Homometrica Consulting introduces the                      and their applications.
 Homometrica Consulting introduces the             first number of the new newsletter                       This first number of the newsletter includes
   first number of the new newsletter                                                                       presentations of new products for the 3D
                 Page 1                       by the Editor Nicola D'Apuzzo,                                measurement of the human body and some
                                              Homometrica Consulting, Zurich, Switzerland                   interesting new applications of this technology, as
                                              I am very glad to introduce and present the first             well as contributions from the point of view of
                                              number of the Human Body Measurement                          institutional research.
                       .                      Newsletter. The topics of the newsletter regard 3D            You are kindly invited to subscribe to the newsletter
 Intellifit revolutionary full body scanner   human body measurements. It will be regularly                 to automatically receive the new numbers. You are
Millimeter-waves based technology allows      published and freely distributed over Internet and by         also invited to forward the present number to
      3D scanning without undressing          e-mail to the subscribers. Its intentions are to inform       colleagues or friends who could be interested.
                  Pages 1-2                   about new development and application in the field            Comments and possible contributions to future
                       .                      of human body measurement. It is targeted to all              newsletters are welcomed, please contact the editor
             corpus.e lightbeam®
      Mobile, accurate and affordable         readers interested in this technology, from                   at the following address:
               3D foot scanner                companies producing such systems and solutions,               Hoping you will find interesting this first number, I
                    Page 2                    through institutions involved in the research, to             wish you pleasant moments by reading it.
     The new Breuckmann bodySCAN
         Fast, accurate and flexible
       3D full body scanning system                                                               Technology
                    Page 3
                                               Intellifit revolutionary full body scanner                   Intellifit System is composed of the 3D scanner
                                                                                                            based on the millimeter-waves               technology
                                               Millimeter-waves based technology allows                     developed by PNNL and the accompanying software
      Research and Consulting                        3D scanning without undressing                         developed by Intellifit. The system was recently
                       .                                                                                    awarded the Editor's Choice Award from R&D
     ISPRS Working Group on Medical           by Nicola D'Apuzzo,                                           Magazine as the most technologically significant
       Image Analysis, Human Motion           Homometrica Consulting, Zurich, Switzerland                   product of 2004.
           and Body Measurement                                                                             The system is intended to be set up in the middle of
    Successful first meeting in Zurich of
      the newly formed working group                                                                        a public place like a shopping mall, individual retail
                 Pages 3-4                                                                                  store, or a trade show, where customers can step in
                       .                                                                                    and out of the unit, receive their printed information,
      Dynamic Surface Measurement                                                                           and continue shopping. Its external design
       Actual stand of research at the                                                                      expresses this function of the system at the best.
          University of Washington                                                                          The scanning process works in the following way: a
                   Page 4
                                                                                                            person steps inside the Intellifit cabin without
          Homometrica Consulting                                                                            undressing, the “L” shaped millimeter-waves
  Independent consulting firm in the field                                                                  transceiver swings around and over the person to
       of human body measurements                                                                           acquire the required data. The entire scanning
                   Page 5                                                                                   process lasts about 10 seconds. The collected data
                                                                                                            consists of about 200,000 points in space,
                                                                                                            representing the surface of the human body. Out of
                                                                                                            the measurements, automatic algorithms determine
                     .                                                                                      about 200 characteristic body sizes of the human
        Stylingcard – A platform for                                                                        body, such as the waist size, with an accuracy of
        good looking and well being                                                                         about 6 mm.
 Swiss project uses scanning technology
   for fashion and beauty applications        Intellifit System in a retail store (image from Intellifit)
                Pages 5-6
                                              The Intellifit System applies a cylindrical holographic
              Grand Odyssey                   imaging technology that allows to perform a 360-
    The film where spectators star in         degree whole body scan in less than 10 seconds all
                  Page 6                      while the person remain fully clothed. The Intellifit
                      .                       scanner uses an innovative 3D body scanning
       Colored figurines from Japan           technology recently developed at Pacific Northwest
  MIC turns 3D bodyscans into figurines       National Laboratory in Richland (WA, USA). PNNL
                  Page 6
                                              researchers have developed a millimeter-wave
                                              holographic screening device that uses nonharmful,
                                              ultrahighfrequency radio waves to obtain accurate
            NEWSLETTER                        body        measurements.       A     millimeter   wave
                                                                                                            Scanning process and print-out with body measurements
                                              array/transceiver illuminates the human body with
                                              extremely low-powered millimeter waves. The                   The U.S. marketing strategy of Intellifit Corporation
       The Newsletter is published by         radiation (a class of non-ionizing radiation not              plays on the familiar sentiments of frustrated
   Homometrica Consulting, Switzerland        harmful to humans) penetrates clothing and reflects           shoppers that have to try (and take off) a large
                      .                                                                                     amount of clothes to find the item which fit them
                                              off the body. The reflected signals are collected by
          Editor: Nicola D'Apuzzo                                                                           correctly. Indeed, poor fit is the first reason for
                      .                       the array/transceiver and analyzed by a high-speed
  Subscriptions:          image processing computer.                                    returns and the second complaint among U.S.
Article submission:     The technology developed by PNNL was firstly                  shoppers, whether they shop online or in a store.
 Advertisements:        intended for security applications. In fact, the              Intellifit system could solve these problems by giving
                      .                       reflected signals can be analyzed to detect                   the correct fit size to the customer.
          Homometrica Consulting              concealed objects made of any material, The                   Quite every descriptions about Intellifit system
            Dr. Nicola D'Apuzzo                                                                             appeared in the press are positive and no problems
            Culmannstrasse 59                 company SaveView Inc. will exploit the technology
          8006 Zurich, Switzerland            for this specific application. On the other hand,             or criticisms are raised. However, I think open
                      .                       Intellifit Corporation translates this technology into a      questions are still present. I will express them shortly
                  complete solution to extract 3D human body                    in the following lines.
                                              measurements for custom fit applications.                     continues at page 2
2                                                                                                                                                      April 2005

Intellifit revolutionary full body scanner             laser scanning systems compensate the
                                                       pendulous movement of the persons by digitizing
Millimeter-waves based technology allows               them from top to bottom. The accuracy achieved
      3D scanning without undressing                   by other full body scanners are without any
                                                       doubts better then the results of Intellifit System.
by Nicola D'Apuzzo,                                    The second concern I would like to raise is the          Are you looking for a 3D full body scanner,
Homometrica Consulting, Zurich, Switzerland            reaction of customer to the active scanning              a 3D face scanner or other 3D scanning
continues from page 1                                  process. Even though the millimeter-wave                 devices for the human body?
My first concern is about the accuracy of the          radiation is nonharmful, complaints and
body size measurements performed by Intellifit         concerns can be expected. The problems raised
System. For a “best fit” solution it is in fact of     by the radiation generated by mobile phones can
extreme importance the precision of the                be taken as example. Already laser scanning
extracted measurements. To step inside a full          systems are seen by customers with a little
body scanner is always an event and provokes           concern and I can imagine that to be “radiated”,
entertainment to the customer. However, if the         even with nonharmful millimeter-waves, will not
extracted body measurement are not as precise          be easily accepted by everybody.
as the classical tape measurement, then                Even though, these concerns, I believe Intellifit
customers will not enter any more in the               System contributes to a great advance in
scanning cabin.                                        technology allowing the 3D scan of a person
                                                       without undressing.                                      Get the most complete and regularly updated
Technical reviews say that Intellifit system can                                                                list of companies and products:
achieve an accuracy of about 5-6 mm. This              Indeed, it is very interesting to survey how the
achievement seems to me optimistic. In fact, the       market will react to this new competitor in the          3D human body measurement systems,
10 seconds scanning time is quite long                 field of full body scanning. It is for sure to take in   including comparison chart: €195
considering the circular movement of the               consideration and keep an eye on the future
transceiver. It is barely difficult for a person to    development of the used technology.                      Or ask one for your special needs.
stay immobile in a standing position during this       Sources:
period. Other full body scanning systems               Intellifit Corporation, Horsham (PA), USA,               More information at:
available in the market try to solve the problems                                       or send an e-mail to:
caused by the person moving during the                 Pacifit Northwest National Laboratory,
process. Scanning systems based on white light         Richland (WA), USA
projection, try to reduce the scanning time to a       TechCommJournal, Dec 2004/Jan 2005
minimum in the range of few 2-4 seconds and

     corpus.e lightbeam®                               Mass-customization and best-fit selection using
                                                       these scanners have nevertheless not been
                                                                                                                The captured information is sent in the
     Mobile, accurate and affordable                   successful up to now for a major reason: the             background to the high performance server to
             3D foot scanner                           costs of the required investments are just too           process the 3D models and measurements of
                                                       high for a normal shoe shop.                             the individual foot. In the moment when the
by Dirk Rutschmann,                                    The lightbeam 3D foot scanner is built to                second foot is captured the results of the first
corpus.e AG, Stuttgart, Germany                        dramatically reduce the costs in using such a 3D         foot are received and shown in the software. The
                                                       foot scanner. It is based on our MagicalSkin             transmitted data has a size of 200-300 KB per
                                                       technology widely used for orthopedic and                foot.
                                                       medical applications. Up to March 2005                   The centralization of the expensive parts of the
                                                       approximatively 140 shops are using these kinds          scanner makes the whole technology affordable
                                                       of affordable scanners.                                  for every user by avoiding spare time of these
                                                       We have shifted hardware to software                     components on every instance.
                                                       components and have centralized these                    Application
                                                       expensive components for all users on an                 The 3D data set can now be post processed
                                                       Internet server for an overall much more                 according to the application, exported into
                                                       economic approach. In this way, the shop                 standard file-formats, like DXF, VRML etc.
                                                       requires just a small platform which is equipped         Depending on the application for which the data
                                                       with one digital video camera.                           set is used, it is also possible to fully
                                                                                                                automatically read out specific parameters or
                                                                                                                measures like for example size, length, height or
The traditional way of selecting shoes in retail                                                                circumferences. The accuracy is 1 mm.
stores is based on one-dimensional measures:
foot length, foot width, perimeters etc. These
rather crude 1-dimensional measurements,
manually taken from a 3-dimensional body, allow        The affordable and mobile lightbeam® 3D footscanner
only for a very broad selection of a fitting shoe.
                                                       A 3D foot scan is as easy as the following steps:
The best fit must still be found by trial and error,
i.e. by trying on a substantial number of different    Preparation
shoe sizes and styles from a necessary large           The body part to be digitized is covered with a
collection hold in stock at the retailer. This         low-cost elastic garment, the “Magical Skin”. The
‘customization’ process in buying shoes is time        “Magical Skin” bears special color and b/w
consuming for the customer, requires an                photogrammetric marks.
expensive stock and personal from the shoe             Acquisition
retailer and still more then often leads to a non      The customer has to step, wearing the                    One-Click Scanning Software
satisfying result.                                     MagicalSkins, on the scanners platform. By               Additional information about corpus.e and its
On the other hand there is a vast number of            using the One-Click lightbeam Software, the feet         products can be found at the web address:
sophisticated 3D laser- and fringe projection          are digitized one after the other taking       
based foot scanners on the market which are            approximately 25 seconds per foot.
able to scan the correct 3D shape of a foot.
3                                                                                                                                                      April 2005

The new Breuckmann bodySCAN                           The bodySCAN system is the consequential
                                                      enhancements of the in-vivo metrology series.
        Fast, accurate and flexible                   Based on the long lasting experience of in the
       3D full body scanning system                   area of skin and face measurements,
                                                      Breuckmann developed a system for the fast
by Heike Ehrhardt and Hans Woerner,                   digitization of the whole human body.
Breuckmann GmbH, Meersburg, Germany                   The interaction between the patented projection
                                                      technology and an especially designed control
                                                      unit enables the system to finish the whole scan
                                                      procedure in less than 2.5 seconds – so the
                                                      bodySCAN system is the fastest scanning
                                                      system of all systems with resolution less than
                                                      0.5 mm. In this way the test person can be
                                                      scanned in a natural and relaxed posture.
                                                                                                             Breuckmann bodySCAN
                                                                                                             The ability to capture the complete geometry of
                                                                                                             the body, even in dynamic positions, creates
                                                                                                             manifold possibilities of using the data:
                                                                                                             - Tailor-made clothes for extreme sports
                                                                                                             - Computer animation and computer games
                                                                                                             - Gifts and souvenirs, such as sculptures or
                                                                                                                sub-surface engraving
Scanning a person by using bodySCAN                                                                          - Medical technology and prosthetics
Breuckmann has been developing its wide range                                                                - Individually fitted seats, in car manufacturing
of scanning systems since 1984. Since that time,                                                                and aircraft construction
the company has developed a pretty extensive                                                                 - Fashion and design, mass customization
range of products, all based on the same core
technology that moves from mainstream reverse
engineering and inspection, through facial
scanning and into medical areas for dental and
                                                      Scanning two persons in a natural pose
dermatology purposes.
All of the products rely on a technology called       The bodySCAN sensor system consists of four
Miniaturised Projection Technology (MPT), itself      measurement pillars, each equipped with a
based on structured white light scanning. This        projector and two digital cameras. Features
patented MPT device projects a moiré fringe           which should be particularly stressed are the
pattern on the object being scanned. This is then     flexible construction and no necessity of a
captured using the camera unit. As the two            special scan cabin. The system works at
devices are separated horizontally at a known         subdued light and can be built up in a very short
distance (referred to as the sensor base), the        time. The eight datasets which are captured
OPTOCAT software can perform triangulation            within each scan, are processed and finally
calculation to measure the position of each point     combined with the powerful OPTOCAT software. 3D scans in dynamic positions
within the fringe pattern. Because of the way the     The software offers an easy-to-use graphical Additional information about Breuckmann and
system works, it can scan millions of points          user interface.                                   its products can be found at the web address:
within a few seconds.                                                                         

                                                 Research and Consulting
ISPRS Working Group on Medical                        After the introduction, all the board members
                                                      present at the meeting shortly introduced
 Image Analysis, Human Motion                         themselves.
    and Body Measurement                              Nicola D'Apuzzo has a background of mecha-
                                                      nical engineering with focus on biomedical
    Successful first meeting in Zurich of             applications. Moreover he received his Ph.D. in
     the newly formed working group                   the topic of human body measurement and                Some actual works of the medical imaging group
                                                                                                             directed by Gábor Székely
extracted from the publication written by             tracking from video images. Currently he directs
                                                      in Zurich a consulting firm in the field of human      Hans-Peter Meinzer is director of the division
Nicola D'Apuzzo,
                                                      body measurements. His main activities regard          Medical and Biological Informatics of the
Homometrica Consulting, Zurich, Switzerland
                                                      3D human body scanning for various                     German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.
Petros Patias,
                                                      applications in medicine and fashion/beauty.           He has a rich background on bioinformatics and
The Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece
                                                                                                             medical imaging. The current main research
The first meeting of the newly formed working                                                                activities of his group are: segmentation of
group was held in Zurich on February 21st 2005.                                                              medical images (CT, NRM, echography) for
At the beginning of the meeting, Petros Patias                                                               diagnosis and therapy support, augmented
introduced the goals of the working group and                                                                reality and navigation in computer aided surgical
listed the aims of the first meeting of the working                                                          intervention, 3D echography, and 3D simulation
group in five important points: (i) get to know                                                              of cell migrations. The current main applications
each other, (ii) review the working group terms of    Some of the consulting activities of Nicola D'Apuzzo   are cardiology, heart surgery and liver surgical
reference, (iii) select focal points, (iv) set                                                               planning.
strategic targets and (v) set actions plans.          Gábor Székely currently directs the Medical
Petros Patias, chair of the Working Group V/6         Image Analysis and Visualization group of the
and former chair of the Commission V, has done        Computer Vision Laboratory of ETH Zurich. The
some work about medical image analysis during         main research topics of the group are: computer
his career, however his great contribution to the     aided surgical navigation, segmentation of
working group is his deep knowledge of the            medical images, visualization of medical data,
structures     and     organization    of    ISPRS    image registration from different sources (e.g. Some actual works of the Medical and Biological
(International Society of Photogrammetry and          CT, NMR, PET, surface), quantitative X-ray Informatics group directed by Hans-Peter Meinzer
Remote Sensing,                       analysis and surgical simulation.
                                                                                                      continues at page 4
4                                                                                                                                                     April 2005

                                                 Research and Consulting
ISPRS Working Group on Medical                                                                              Patias proposed Agios Nikolaos, a picturesque
                                                                                                            small town in Crete, Greece as place where the
 Image Analysis, Human Motion                                                                               workshop should be held.
    and Body Measurement                                                                                    The working group will participate actively at
                                                                                                            conferences related to medical imaging, by
    Successful first meeting in Zurich of                                                                   organizing technical sessions and/or tutorials:
     the newly formed working group                   Some areas of research performed by Petros Koidis     SPIE Medical Imaging 2006, MICCAI 2005
extracted from the publication written by                                                                   (Medical Image Computing and Computer
                                                      Important decisions about the activities of the
Nicola D'Apuzzo,                                                                                            Assisted Intervention), CARS 2006 (Computer
                                                      working group were taken during the meeting. It
Homometrica Consulting, Zurich, Switzerland                                                                 Assisted Radiology and Surgery), CAOS 2006
                                                      was decided to submit proposal for joined
Petros Patias,                                                                                              (Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery), 9th
                                                      projects within the working group at EU 7th
The Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece                                                              Symposium on 3D Analysis of Human
                                                      Framework Program.
                                                                                                            Movement 2006, ISPRS Comm. V Symposium
continues from page 3                                 It was also discussed about the organization of a
                                                      workshop in November 2005, focused on 4D
Petros Koidis is professor at the Department of                                                             All the participants of the working group meeting
                                                      (4 dimensions) or 3D+T (3 dimensions + time).
Fixed Prosthesis and Implants Prosthodontics of                                                             were satisfied with the results achieved. The
                                                      The topic would be very interesting and
the Dental School of the Aristotle University of                                                            meeting was closed with a glass of wine.
                                                      attractive. It includes several research and
Thessaloniki in Greece. His current activities                                                              All readers, working in the fields of the working
                                                      application areas, such as movement analysis
imply mouth rehabilitation and biomaterials for                                                             group, are invited to join and become active
                                                      and joint kinematics, navigation in computer
medical and dental applications. The main topics                                                            members.
                                                      aided surgical interventions, dynamic 3D surface
of his actual research are focused on: dental and                                                           More information about the working group, as
                                                      measurement, long time shape tracking. It was
implant treatment planning and therapeutics,                                                                well as the original report, are available at the
                                                      decided to invite clinicians to the workshop. In
modification of existing materials, development                                                             homepage of the working group:
                                                      this way, the workshop could represent a first
of new materials corresponding to biological                                                      
                                                      attend to establish a platform to connect
structures, biomimetics and tissue engineering.
                                                      photogrammetry, medical imaging and medicine.

Dynamic surface measurement                                                                                 The spacetime stereo approach has several
                                                                                                            advantages. It serves as a simple yet general
        Actual stand of research at the                                                                     framework for computing shape when only
          University of Washington                                                                          appearance or lighting changes. For objects in
                                                                                                            motion, possibly deforming, the oriented
extracted from publications written by                                                                      spacetime window matching provides a way to
Li Zhang,                                                                                                   compute accurate disparity maps when standard
University of Washington, Seattle (WA), USA                                                                 stereo methods fail. This last case is shown to
                                                      Face capture system: six cameras and two projectors   be particularly effective for structured light
                                                      Three of the cameras capture the left side of the     scanning of moving scenes. The next figures
                                                      face, and the other three capture the right side.     show an example of the results achieved by
                                                      To facilitate depth computation, we use two           acquiring dynamically the shape of the face of a
                                                      video projectors that project gray-scale random       person changing expression.
                                                      stripe patterns onto the face. The projectors
                                                      send a "blank" pattern every three frames, which
                                                      is used to compute both color texture maps and
                                                      time correspondence information (optical flow).
Creating face models that look and move               The vast majority of stereo research has focused
realistically is an important problem in computer     on the problem of establishing spatial
graphics. It is also one of the most difficult, as    correspondences between pixels in a single pair       Some frames of acquired image sequences
even the most minute changes in facial                of images for a static moment in time. The
expression can reveal complex moods and               appearance of the real world varies over time,
emotions. Yet, the presence of very convincing        due to lighting changes, motion, and changes in
synthetic characters in recent films makes a          shading or texture over time. Traditional stereo
strong case that these difficulties can be            algorithms handle these variations by treating
overcome with the aid of highly skilled animators.    each time instant in isolation. Better results may
                                                      be obtained by considering how each pixel             Measured 3D surface of the human face
Because of the sheer amount of work required to
create such models, however, there is a clear         varies over time and using this variation as a cue    Additional information about the work described
need for more automated techniques.                   for correspondence an approach we call                here, as well as, the original publications can be
Modeling facial dynamics is essential for creating    spacetime stereo.                                     found at the web address:
animations, but it is more difficult to achieve due   The basic principle of spacetime stereo is  
in part to limitations in current shape capture       straightforward. First, consider conventional
technology. In particular, laser-scanners and         stereo algorithms, which generally represent                        ADVERTISEMENT
most other high-resolution shape capture              correspondence in terms of disparity between a
techniques do not operate effectively on fast         pixel in one image and the corresponding pixel in
moving scenes (a transition to a smile can occur      another image.
in a fraction of a second). Furthermore, the          The matching function used to compute
problem of creating animation tools that exploit      disparities       typically     compares    spatial
captured models of 3D facial dynamics has yet         neighborhoods around candidate pairs of pixels.
to be explored.                                       Spacetime stereo simply adds a temporal
We present a novel, end-to-end system for             dimension to the neighborhoods used in the
producing a sequence of high-resolution, time-        matching function. The spacetime window can
varying face models using off-the-shelf               be a rectangular 3D volume of pixels, which is
hardware.                                             useful for reconstructing scenes in which
Our system takes as input 6 synchronized video        changes in lighting and appearance, rather than
streams (4 monochrome and 2 color) running at         shape changes, dominate. When the object is
60 frames-per-second (fps), and outputs a 20          moving significantly, the disparity must be
fps sequence of high-resolution 3D meshes that        treated in a time-dependent fashion. In this case,
capture face geometry, color, and motion. The         we compute matches based on oriented
videos are recorded by a camera rig shown in          spacetime windows that allow the matching
the figure.                                           pixels to shift linearly over time.
5                                                                                                                                                     April 2005

                                                  Research and Consulting
Homometrica Consulting                                 Some examples of services offered by
                                                       Homometrica Consulting are presented here.
                                                                                                             We know the different products and solutions
                                                                                                             existing for the measurement of the human
Interdependent consulting firm in the field            DEVELOPMENT: You want to develop a 3D                 body. We help you planning the marketing of
      of human body measurements                       human body measurement system (hardware or            your system/solution.
                                                       software).                                            You get the target area for your system. You
by Nicola D'Apuzzo,                                                                                          save time by avoiding studying the different
Homometrica Consulting, Zurich, Switzerland            We know the different methods and technologies
                                                       for the measurement of the human body (e.g.           solutions present in the market.
                       Homometrica Consulting          face, hands, back) in any condition (e.g. fixed or    PURCHASE: You want to buy/use a 3D human
                       was founded on April 2004       in movement). Based on our experience in the          body measurement system.
                       by Dr. Nicola D'Apuzzo in       field, we help you planning the development of        Based on our experience in the field of human
                       Zurich, Switzerland. It is an   your system.                                          body measurement, we know the correct method
                       independent      consulting     You get the directions for the development of         for your application and we find the best system
                       firm based on over eight        your system. You save time by avoiding studying       fulfilling your requirements.
                       years experience of Nicola      deeply all the different technologies.                You save time by avoiding searching and
                       D'Apuzzo in the fields of                                                             evaluating different systems. You save money
                       human       body    measu-      INTEGRATION: You want to develop a 3D
                                                       human body measurement solution based on              by selecting the correct and the less expensive
                       rements, surface digiti-                                                              technology for your application.
                       zation and 3D scanning.         existing products (hardware and software).
Technical consulting is the company's main             We know the different products existing for the       INFORMATION: You want to learn about 3D
activity. It provides advice on wide ranging           measurement of the human body. Based on our           human body measurements.
issues in the field of human body measurement          experience in the field, we find the correct          We teach you the different methods and
associated with equipment purchase, product            technologies fulfilling your requirements and we      technologies used to measure the human body.
development and research.                              help you integrating them into your solution.         You learn the specific know-how. You save time
Our consulting services include:                       You get the adequate elements to be integrated        by avoiding learning the entire technology
- project managing,                                    into your solution. You save time by avoiding         background.
- products evaluation,                                 searching and evaluating different systems.           Additional information about Homometrica
- report and presentation editing,                     MARKETING: You want to sell your 3D human             Consulting can be found at the web address:
- market and research surveying.                       body measurement system/solution.           

Stylingcard – A platform for                           The virtual twin: Key for your success. The
                                                       principle stylingcard is based on collection and
good looking and well being                            presentation of a detailed personal profile. The
                                                       personal profile is a combination of a high quality
Swiss project uses scanning technology                 3-D scanning data and a structured analysis of
  for fashion and beauty applications                  personal requirements and wishes. The entire
by Hans Flury, HF Consultants GmbH,                    data constitutes the "virtual twin". The principle
Wangen bei Olten, Switzerland                          guarantees complete protection of privacy and
                                                       personal data. Each customer is owner of his
                                                       own data, and can periodically update its profile.
                                                       The virtual twin can be used easily in different
                                                       An intelligent solution: The regional consulting
                                                       center Styling Point. The Styling Point is the
                                                                                                             The value net of Stylingcard®
                                                       communication platform in the concept. In a
                                                       Styling Point, the customer obtains all the           Stylingcard is flexible and can be used from
                                                       required personal data (3D scanning and               home through Internet, in the styling point or in a
                                                       personal profile) and is offered style consulting     retail shop. Stylingcard will improve the customer
                                                       from specialists of different branches. Personal      advisory service and the value chain of the
Individuality becomes standard wit a new                                                                     stylingcard partner. Stylingcard partner take
"platform for good looking and well being"             one-to-one consulting, as well as online access
                                                       to the entire stylingcard network are provided at     profit from the closer match of demand and
Stylingcard offers a universal storage medium          the styling point. At a Styling Point, mass           supply with e.g. lower logistic cost, lower capital
allowing to match personal desire and industrial       customization becomes reality.                        requirements and write off rates. These are the
offerings. A large amount of personal data,            The "Gene code" makes it work: 30 to 100 MB           elements to have a fast return of investment
including 3D body shape, body sizes and                data need to be stored for each customer. The         (ROI) for the stylingcard partner and provide the
personal wishes are stored and available to            new technology of semantic system is a core           basis for a successful business.
participating retailers.                               element of the stylingcard principle. It makes        Stylingcard is based on serious research:
Based on the stylingcard principle, the customer       new compression dimensions available to               The joint venture of science and representatives
can match his personal requirements with most          everybody on an individual stylingcard. The large     of different markets is developing the presented
of the products on the market. The new principle       amount of data are stored and encoded in a            solution for good looking and well being since
allows, as a logical consequence of the new            neuronal network. From this, a "Gene code" is         more than two years. The company founded
economy, the following change in attitude: The         extracted. The original data can be recon-            2003 in Zurich will provide the possibility to buy
product chooses the customer! Thus implying            structed, e.g. through a handshake, on a              individual and cost-efficient products, based on
that successful manufacturers and retailers are        standard viewer. Alternatively the "Gene code"        professional style consulting.
enforced to have always actual and updated             can reproduce all the time the initial data.
customer's data. Stylingcard make this available                                                             The market is ready for new solutions: It is an
                                                       The value net connects customers, retailers and       accepted opinion that the consumer market is
without high investments.                              manufacturers. Stylingcard is a platform offering     shrinking or saturate. Customers have money,
Focus on individuality: Most companies focus           great benefits for everybody. Customers have a        but they hesitate to buy new products. Low cost
today on customer's behavior and data,                 never-seen-before variety of products available.      products of global players are sold everywhere
implementing customer cards, performing market         They can choose, based on their own profiles,         at very low prices. This battle ruins more and
analysis or surveying customer's satisfaction.         clothes, shoes, jewelery, eye-glasses and much        more European companies. An opposite trend
Stylingcard removes the uncertainty of guessing        more in a transparent way. Retailers have the         shows economic growth on the home market.
customer's wishing and tailoring of innumerable        possibility to offer a much larger range of           The demands for personalized products with
products to best fit the demand. All services can      products and services, without high investments.      prices    comparable to mass            production
be sold with high competitive prices and high          Manufacturers receive electronic readable             merchandise is steadily growing.
customer satisfaction, the market's data is            orders, based on 100% transparent data and
managed efficiently.                                   ready for direct manufacture.                         continues at page 6
6                                                                                                                                                          April 2005

Stylingcard – A platform for                          The Stylingcard project starts NOW: The
                                                      Stylingcard AG in Switzerland is actually                                ADVERTISEMENT
good looking and well being                           collecting with mobile and stationary styling
                                                      points individual customer data of more than
Swiss project uses scanning technology                100'000 people (average 5% of the market
  for fashion and beauty applications                 potential in Switzerland). A 3-D body scanner is             HOMOMETRICA CONSULTING
by Hans Flury, HF Consultants GmbH,                   the base for the virtual twin. The first collection of
Wangen bei Olten, Switzerland                         data is offered at no cost to the customer. A fee                 Expert assistance for questions
                                                      will be eventually introduced in the second year                  on human body measurements,
continues from page 5                                 of use. Partial sponsoring by partners is                       surface digitization and 3D scanning.
Consumers want to become co-designers and             anticipated.
identify with their products. They don't want to      The different industries can be part of the                    Project managing, products evaluation,
buy clothes or shoes, they want to buy best-          stylingcard principle. Their participation is based                report and presentation editing,
fitting clothes and most comfortable shoes.           on a developed questionnaire. The expectations                    market and research surveying.
Big industry and trading companies as well as         of customers, retailers and manufacturers are
many start-ups are following this trend. They         high. There is a high potential of cost savings
want to find solutions for the individual             and a reduction of the risk associated with the               Extensive network of business contacts
requirements of their customers. The strategy of      introduction of a new product.                                with manufacturers, research institutions,
mass customization needs new methods in               More Information about "Stylingcard": If you                        solution providers and users.
communication, marketing and manufacturing            would like to have more information about the
processes. Complete solutions, which can be           business model, the next steps and the market             More information at:
easily integrated into existing environments, are     penetration with Styling Points, don't hesitate to        or send an e-mail to:
required. Stylingcard is such a solution!             contact us or have a look at

         Grand Odyssey                                Each spectator gets a role (there are soldiers,
                                                      doctors, scientists and politicians involved in the
      The film where spectators star in               story) as a Toshiba supercomputer is processing
                                                      the one-time-only film.
by Nicola D'Apuzzo,
                                                      The Futurecast System was initially developed
Homometrica Consulting, Zurich, Switzerland
                                                      by Waseda University Professor Shigeo
                                                      Morishima, and Mistui-Toshiba engineers
                                                      completed it after amassing a great deal of
                                                      know-how and technology.
                                                      The process can be described as follows.            3D face model and parametrized face mask
                                                      (1) A simple face scanner capture images from (4) The face mask can then be directly inserted
                                                      the person from different directions.               and animated in the movie.

The Exposition 2005 in Aichi Japan is full of new
technological innovations. A world-fisrt in
entertainment is shown at the Mitsui-Toshiba
Pavillon: GRAND ODYSSEY, a unique computer
animated film.
Spectators queueing outside what appears to be
                                                      Spectator original face, face scanner
an ordinary cinema, are invited to place their
faces into a hole in the wall for a few seconds.      (2) A 3D computer model of the person's face is
High-resolution digital cameras perform a quick       automatically generated from the scanning data.           Person's face inserted and animated in the movie
scan from several angles, and everyone takes          (3) Out of the 3D face model a parametrized
                                                      face mask is automatically extracted. The                 More information about GRAND ODYSSEY can
their seats. The animated film begins as normal,                                                                be found at the web address:
but the cast is made up of walking, talking digital   parametrization allows to index face features as
                                                      eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, etc.               
replicas of people in the audience.

Colored figurines from Japan                          The Japanese company MIC applies the well
                                                      known rapid prototyping technologies of 3D
    MIC turns 3D bodyscans into figurines             scanning and 3D printing in the production of
                                                      figurines that represent accurate replicas of real
by Nicola D'Apuzzo,
Homometrica Consulting, Zurich, Switzerland
                                                      3D body scanning (KonikaMinolta VIVID910) is
Sources:                                              used to acquire the shape as well as the texture
Gareth Edwards, engadget,            of a person. A precise 3D computer model of the
TV Tokyo Corporation,              face and bust of the scanned person is edited 3D milling and resulted plastic model of the person
                                                      accurately on computer by using modeling The new and important achievement of MIC is
                                                      software (SensAble FreeForm).                      the automated coloring process of the plastic
                                                                                                         model. This allows the production of
                                                                                                         impressively realistic figurines.

                                                      3D scanning of the person, results of the scanning, and
                                                      3D colored surface model
                                                      The prepared 3D data is sent to milling or 3D
                                                      printing machines to result in a precise plastic
                                                                                                       Final result: colored figurine
                                                      replica of the scanned person.

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