Introduction of the Savin 7140WD and 5100WD Wide Format by itlpw9937


									                                                                                   April 10, 2009

           Introduction of the Savin 7140WD and 5100WD
                      Wide Format Systems—
    High-Volume Multifunctional Productivity in a Single Footprint

Dear Savin Dealer:

Savin is pleased to announce the release of the Savin 7140WD and 5100WD Wide Format
Imaging Systems with color scanning capability. These new systems are designed to support the
document workflow and productivity needs of today’s Central Reproduction Department (CRD),
Print for Pay and Data Center environments.

The Savin 7140WD and 5100WD represent the latest edition of Savin’s formidable Wide Format
line up, which provides seamless integration of printing, scanning and copying. These systems
combine complete scanning and document workflow capabilities with versatile new options to
provide the most comprehensive workflow solution for even the most demanding environments.


New Features:
• Embedded Color Scanner Option
•   10ppm (5100WD)
•   14ppm (7140WD)
•   Maximum copy and print length of 98.4 feet
•   Color LCD touch-screen control panel

Features Highlights:
•   10ppm (5100WD); 14ppm (7140WD)
•   Two Roll Paper Drawer
•   600dpi
•   320GB Hard Disk Drive/Document Server
•   Maximum copy/print length of 49.2’
    (5100WD) and 98.4’ (7140WD)
•   Expanded print volume

•   Embedded Printer Controller Option;
    Includes RPCS, HDI and PostScript drivers, as well as a Web Print Tool
•   Embedded Color Scanning (Preview, zoom, scan to email, folder, SMB, FTP, Document
•   Additional 1 GB Memory (For Scanning)
•   Additional Two Roll Paper Drawer or Optional Two Cut Sheet Paper Drawers

Note: RW-7140 External Print Controller and options will be available in August.
Attached please find the Savin 7140WD and 5100WD launch information and pricing.

Good Selling,
Linda Maxwell Allen
Wide Format Product Manager
Wide Format Product Marketing

     SAVIN 7140WD – 5100WD
             Savin 7140WD and 5100WD Launch Information

The Savin 7140WD and 5100WD and accessories are available for immediate order taking and

   •   Sales Training will be conducted by the regional Savin Support Team.
   •   Refer to the Launch Tools and Resources section for additional training materials.

Savin University has established training for the new 5100WD (D046)/7140WD (D049) systems:
   • 2404WD (B286) or 2406WD (B289), Savin University will offer a self-paced e-Learning
       Course to familiarize them with the new systems. This update package is only available to
       previously certified Wide Format Controller service professionals.

   •    For those Wide Format Controller support professionals, technical and sales, please visit
        the Ricoh University website for training details when the new controller becomes
        available - August 2009.

For complete details on D046/D049 product training, please visit the Ricoh University website at:

To give Savin dealers a head start getting the Savin 7140WD and 5100WD in front of their
customers, Savin is offering a New Product Demo Program for all units ordered and shipped May
31, 2009.

Show Room Plan:
The Show Room Plan makes it easy for you to place the Savin 7140WD and 5100WD in your
Demo showroom(s) by offering Best Dealer Price and 0% Financing for 12 months. Dealers may
order a maximum of one (1) unit each per sales location at Best Dealer Price; the first of eleven
(11) equal monthly installments is due sixty (60) days after shipment.

Quick Start Plan:
Best Dealer Price – unlimited quantity! Early payment discount: –5% discount for full payment
within 60 days of shipment. The number of orders that may be placed under the Quick Start Plan
is unlimited, so get your orders in by May 31, 2009.

       SAVIN 7140WD – 5100WD
       The components in the Savin 5100WD and 7140WD Product Portfolio will help you to prospect,
       position and place these new, innovative Lanier products into your customer environments. The
       Savin 5100WD and 7140WD Product Portfolio includes the following components:

                    Sales Launch Presentation             Competitive Comparison
                        6-Page Brochure                       Product Images
                                                            (print & web- ready)
                     Sales Information Guide               Product Configuration
                    What’s New and Different                Product Line Guide
                     Interactive Product Tour
                        Operator Manuals
                    Solutions Summary Sheets

       The Brochure and the Product Portfolio will be available during the week of April 6th. To order
       additional materials and components for the Savin 5100WD and 7140WD, please refer to the
       following information:

Item                                                             Price      Packaging       Order
Savin 5100WD and 7140WD Product Portfolio                        $7.50      1               S3025
Savin 5100WD and 7140WD Brochure                                 $10.25     25              S3022

            SAVIN 7140WD – 5100WD

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