Report on Faculty Grant Activity at Hobart and William

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					  Hobart and William SmitH CollegeS                                                                                       Fall 2009

  October 2008 –                                Report on Faculty Grant Activity
  September 2009                                at Hobart and William Smith
                                                                            Letter from the Provost
                                                                             In these challenging economic times, we are especially
Martha Bond           Alumni House
                                                                             grateful to faculty who have devoted countless
Director of Grants    Ph: (315) 781-3780
                      Fax: (315) 781-3767                                    hours to pursuing external funding. I applaud the
                                                      persistence and determination of faculty who seek
Anne Stengle          Alumni House
                                                                             external funding despite the ever-fiercer nature of
Assistant Director    Ph: (315) 781-3754                                     competition for these shrinking resources. That
                      Fax: (315) 781-3767                                    so many grant applications were successful in this
                                                    environment, is simply remarkable, and testimony to
Christine FitzGerald Alumni House                                            the quality and promise of the projects and the high
Grants Administrator Ph: (315) 781-3067                                      caliber of the faculty. This funding makes possible
                     Fax: (315) 781-3767                                     activities impossible to sustain otherwise: dance
                Provost Teresa Amott             residencies by nationally acclaimed companies;
Office of Grants      Alumni House               fieldwork and travel for undergraduate researchers; summer study abroad in
                      615 S. Main St.            Siberia and China for our students; collaborative initiatives with scholars at
                      Ph: (315) 781-3700
                                                 other institutions—these are just a few of the worthy projects successfully funded
                      Fax: (315) 781-3767
                                                 in the past year. I am also deeply appreciative of the knowledge, energy,
Hobart and William SmitH CollegeS                and commitment of our outstanding staff in the Grants Office who assist and
         Geneva, NY 14456                        support faculty in this endeavor. On behalf of our faculty, I want to thank them
                                                 for the long hours they devote to these tasks and their unstinting good will and

                                                 Teresa Amott, Provost and Dean of Faculty

  Faculty Grant Activity                     • Kristy Kenyon, assistant
                                               professor of biology, received
  July 2008 –                                  a grant from the National
  August 2009                                  Institutes of Health under
                                               its Academic Research
                                               Enhancement Award program
                                               to support her work on
 “That so many grant                           the molecular and cellular
 applications were                             activities that direct embryonic     Kristy Kenyon                   Erin Pelkey
 successful in this                            cells toward the creation of
                                               highly specialized olfactory systems in            Functionalized Nitrogen Heterocycles.
 environment, is simply                        moths. How embryos generate sensory                These methods support an important
 remarkable, and                               systems is a central focus in the field of         area of organic chemistry and the
 testimony to the quality                      developmental biology.                             emerging field of synthetic organic
 and promise of the                                                                               chemistry, and may assist medicinal
                                             • Erin Pelkey, associate professor of                and pharmaceutical chemists in the
 projects and the high
                                               chemistry, received a grant from the               discovery of novel drugs. Pelkey was
 caliber of the faculty.”                      National Institutes of Health under its            also funded by the National Science
                     — Teresa Amott            Academic Research Enhancement Award                Foundation for a similar research
                                               program for a project entitled New                 project but declined the award as a
                                               Methodology for the Synthesis of Highly            result of receiving the NIH grant.
 Jim MaKinster                            David Galloway               Kristen Welsh                Nan Arens                      Cynthia Williams

 • Jim MaKinster, associate professor                          • In collaboration with a colleague at             predictions associated with the three
   of education, received a grant from                           Union College, David Galloway,                   principle formation hypotheses: a
   the National Science Foundation                               associate professor of Russian area              tectonic model, climate models, and
   to supplement his current Crossing                            studies, was funded by the U.S.                  a biotic model. Additionally, Arens
   Boundaries award, a collaborative                             Department of Education to develop               applied to the National Science
   initiative with colleagues at Cornell                         web-based interactive instructional              Foundation for a research project
   University that provides middle                               materials on Russian verbs of motion             titled An Upland Flora from the Late
   and high school students with real-                           that will greatly enhance the teaching           Cretaceous of Central Montana:
   time information and technical                                of Russian at the beginning and                  Vegetation Change, Diversity and
   competence to use information                                 intermediate levels. Additionally,               Climate and, with colleague David
   technologies to address biodiversity                          with colleagues Judith McKinney                  Kendrick, requested NSF support
   conservation issues. With this new                            and Kristen Welsh, Galloway                      for a curricular project to develop,
   funding, MaKinster will establish                             was instrumental in enabling the                 assess, and deploy a teaching
   collaborative relationships with at                           Colleges to secure a Russian Foreign             method for geoscience students that
   least three organizations in Kenya;                           Language Teaching Assistant for the              parallels inquiry-based learning in
   one of these will be the Green Belt                           academic year 2009-10 from the U.S.              STEM laboratories.
   Movement founded by Nobel Peace                               Department of State.
   Prize Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai                                                                           • Cynthia Williams, the William
   Sc.D.’94, P ’94, P ’96.                                     • Mihaela Petrescu, assistant                      R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Dance,
                                                                 professor of German, received a                  received funding from both the
    MaKinster also again received funding                        fellowship from the Association of               New England Foundation for the
    from Finger Lakes WIRED to enable                            American Teachers of German to                   Arts and the Mid Atlantic Arts
    young women from high schools in                             participate in the Berlin Seminar in             Foundation to support a residency
    rural areas of the Finger Lakes region                       summer 2009. Petrescu has also                   and performances in early 2010 by
    to attend the Colleges’ Environmental                        applied to the Max Kade Foundation               the Axis Dance Company, a troupe
    Summer Science Youth Institute.                              for support of a short-term study                composed of both wheel-chair and
                                                                 abroad tour for advanced students of             stand-up dancers. Williams also
 • Thanks to the work of Associate                               German.                                          was awarded funding from New
   Professor Cedric Johnson and                                                                                   York State DanceForce to support a
   Professor Cynthia Williams, the                             • Susan Henking, professor                         three-day teaching and performing
   Fisher Center received funding from                           of religious studies, received a                 residency featuring Jody Sperling
   the New York State Council for the                            fellowship from the American                     and Time Elapse Dance.
   Humanities for the fall 2009 lecture                          Council on Education to participate
   series on Engendering Crisis.                                 in its premier higher education                • Associate Professor of Dance
                                                                 leadership development program.                  Cadence Whittier received a
 • John Halfman, professor of                                    She is currently working with                    grant from the Phelps Arts Center, a
   geoscience, received support from                             Chancellor John Cavanaugh at the                 decentralized site of the New York
   both the Owasco Lake Watershed                                central administrative offices of the            State Council for the Arts. The award
   Association and the Town of Fleming                           Pennsylvania State System of Higher              will support Dancing Design/Moving
   to conduct stream sampling studies                            Education.                                       Sound, a concert series of multi-
   in eight sites in the Owasco Lake                                                                              disciplinary artists including dancers,
   watershed. Halfman will collect                             • Nan Arens, associate professor of                choreographers, musicians, as well
   and measure stream discharge,                                 geoscience, received a grant from                as composers and sculptors who will
   conductivity, and temperature data                            the American Chemical Society’s                  offer performances throughout the
   at each site, as well as analyze water                        Petroleum Research Fund to support               summer and fall of 2009.
   samples for suspended sediments,                              her work on Black Shale Deposition in
   phosphates, and nitrates.                                     the Late Catskill Basin. Arens will test

Report on Faculty Grant Activity at Hobart and William Smith                                                                                          Fall 2009
 Meghan Brown                             Stacey Philbrick-Yadav           Tara Curtain                 Eugenio Arima                Justin Miller

• Tom Drennen, associate professor                                 • Assistant Professor of Geoscience Tara         spectrometer and related equipment
  of economics, again received funding                               Curtin submitted a proposal to the             for synthesis and evaluation to initiate
  from Sandia National Labs to support                               American Chemical Society’s Petroleum          a cross-disciplinary research program
  a research assistant to work on an                                 Research Fund requesting support for           aimed at finding and characterizing
  alternative liquid fuel transportation                             a project titled Calibrating Sediment          novel histone deacetylase inhibitors
  model that compares the production                                 Proxies for the Study of Holocene              which are potential anticancer
  costs, carbon emissions, and energy                                Climate Change in the Finger Lakes.            therapeutics.
  balances of several alternative liquid
  transportation fuels. Drennen also                               • Religious studies faculty Michael           • Mary Hess, an instructor in the
  collaborated with researchers at the                               Dobkowski and Richard Salter                  English department, submitted a
  University of Rochester to submit a                                submitted a proposal to the Litthauer         travel and research proposal to the
  proposal on Distributed Renewable                                  Foundation requesting support to              New York State Archives for her work
  Energy to the National Science                                     enable students enrolled in Religious         on a project titled They Hear His
  Foundation under its Integrative                                   Studies 279, Torah and Testament,             Voice: The Long Odyssey of Peter
  Graduate Education and Research                                    to travel to Toronto to see the exhibit       Wilson, Cayuga Physician and Orator.
  Traineeship program.                                               of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Royal
                                                                     Ontario Museum.                             • Assistant Professor of Physics Pasad
• Meghan Brown, assistant professor                                                                                Kulatunga submitted two proposals
  of Biology, received a Junior Fulbright                          • With colleagues at South Dakota State         to the National Science Foundation:
  Fellowship under the U.S. Department                               University, Eugenio Arima, assistant          the first, under NSF’s Major Research
  of State’s Fulbright Scholar Program to                            professor of environmental studies,           Instrumentation program, proposes
  spend a semester in Italy at the Istituto                          submitted a proposal to the National          acquisition of an imaging system and
  per lo Studio degli Ecosistemi to continue                         Space and Aeronautics Administration          associated equipment to conduct
  her research on Bythotrephes, the spiny                            titled Shifting Fire Regimes of the           single quantum dot spectroscopy and
  waterflea native to Lake Maggiore.                                 United States, Australia, and Brazilian       optical trapping of bio-conjugated
                                                                     Amazonia: The Roles of Climate                quantum dots; the second was for
• Stacey Philbrick-Yadav, assistant                                  Change, Land Use, and Mitigation              research titled Experimental study
  professor of political science, was                                Efforts. Arima also requested NASA            of microscopic trap loading and an
  instrumental in enabling the Colleges to                           funding for a collaborative proposal          investigation of atom dynamics in
  secure a Fulbright Language Teaching                               titled Integrating Amazonian Social           configurable microscopic double-
  Assistant in Arabic for academic year                              Science Panel Data for Carbon Cycle           wells. Kulatunga has also submitted
  2009-10 from the U.S. Department of                                Modeling. Additionally, with colleagues       a proposal to the National Institutes
  State.                                                             from Michigan State University                of Health for a project titled
                                                                     Arima has requested support from              Investigation of the Spectral-Shift and
• Thanks to Eric Barnes, assistant                                   the National Science Foundation for           the Fluorescent Intermittence of Bio-
  professor of philosophy, HWS was                                   collaborative research on Contentious         Conjugated Quantum Dots.
  awarded a grant from the Open Society                              Land Change in Amazonia’s Arc of
  Institute to enable the Colleges to host                           Deforestation.                              • Working with science faculty and
  the International Debate Education                                                                               administrative colleagues, Christine
  Association Round Robin Debate                                   • Chemistry faculty Justin Miller and           de Denus submitted a proposal on
  Tournament. This second annual                                     Erin Pelkey, in collaboration with            behalf of the Colleges to the National
  award allowed HWS to welcome an                                    biology colleagues Sigrid Carle               Science Foundation requesting
  international contingent of highly-                                and Patricia Mowery, submitted                support under Stimulus Funding to
  competitive debate teams from India,                               a proposal to the National Science            install climate control in the research
  Israel, South Africa, and the United                               Foundation under its Major Research           and research training labs in Eaton
  Kingdom, in additional to the top teams                            Instrumentation program to acquire            and Lansing Halls.
  in the U.S.                                                        a liquid chromatograph-mass

Report on Faculty Grant Activity at Hobart and William Smith                                                                                           Fall 2009
 Christine de Denus                       Donald Spector               Feisal Khan                   Betty Bayer                   David Weiss

• Physics professor Donald Spector                             • Helen McCabe, assistant professor             • Marc Corliss, assistant professor of
  submitted a proposal to the National                           of education, applied for a Fulbright           math and computer science, working
  Science Foundation for a research                              fellowship to China under the U.S.              with colleague John Vaughn,
  project titled Sources of Physical                             Department of State. Her project,               submitted a proposal to the National
  Entropy in Computation. Spector                                Collaboration and Networking                    Science Foundation requesting support
  proposes to identify both the physical                         Among Disability Organizations in               to design and implement a complete
  entropy associated with basic                                  China: Examining the Impact on                  computer system called MiniSys, as
  computation steps and the entropy                              Disability Policy will build on her work        well as a set of integrated software
  encoded within computer programs                               begun in 1992.                                  tools, all of which students can use in
  themselves.                                                                                                    computer science course projects.
                                                               • Kristen Welsh, assistant professor
• Steve Penn, associate professor                                of Russian area studies, applied to           • Professor of English David Weiss
  of physics, submitted a proposal to                            the National Endowment for the                  submitted a proposal to the National
  the National Science Foundation to                             Humanities for summer support                   Endowment for the Arts requesting
  continue his work on Advanced LIGO                             of a project entitled Combining                 support for The Body Lyric, a festival
  (Laser Interferometer Gravitational                            Thought and Ecstasy: Pushkin’s Poetic           of disability and the arts that will take
  Wave Observatory). A long-time                                 Inspiration in Nabokov’s Prose.                 place on campus in Spring 2010.
  collaborator in this multi-university
  initiative, Penn focuses on two of the                       • Betty Bayer, professor of women’s             • Devparna Roy, assistant professor of
  noise barriers—test mass thermal                               studies, and colleagues at the Fisher           anthropology and sociology, submitted
  noise and bilinear noise—that must be                          Center requested support from                   a proposal to the Rural Sociological
  overcome before LIGO makes regular                             Margaret H. Wycoff Foundation for               Society to support her work on the
  gravity wave detections.                                       the Center’s 2009 speakers series on            attitudes of New York State corn
                                                                 animation.                                      farmers toward genetically modified,
• Feisal Khan, associate professor                                                                               organic and hybrid seed.
  of economics, received funding from                          • Assistant Professor of Religion
  the Smith Richardson Foundation for                            Etin Anwar submitted proposals
  a project titled Banking with Allah:                           on Globalism and Islamism at the
  Pakistan’s Experience with Islamic                             Crossroads: Shaping Identities in
  Banking. Khan is working on a                                  Indonesia to the National Endowment
  monograph on the Pakistani experience                          for the Humanities, the American
  with Islamic (Sharia compliant)                                Council of Learned Societies, and the
  Banking focusing on how it differs                             Society for the Humanities at Cornell
  from conventional banking and how it                           University. Anwar also applied for an
  affects Pakistan’s overall stability.                          NEH summer stipend for this project.

    It is possible that you are not listed in this newsletter but you have, in fact, recently applied for or received a grant or fellowship.
    If this is the case, please let us know! We are sorry that we missed you and would very much like to hear more about your project.


Report on Faculty Grant Activity at Hobart and William Smith                                                                                           Fall 2009