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					“Fitness @ BYU” August 28, 2003 1. Which of the following is NOT something you can check out for free from the men’s and women’s locker rooms for day use? A) workout clothes B) goggles (swim and racquetball) C) tennis and racquetball racquets D) Sport balls (basketball, football, volleyball, etc.). With your BYU ID in hand, you can check out workout clothes (shirt, shorts, socks); swimsuits and towels (no goggles available however, you will need to bring your own – available for purchase at the BYU Bookstore for about $5); badminton, racquetball, and tennis racquets; and a large variety of sports balls: basketballs, footballs, racquetballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, walleyballs, and tennis balls. So all you really need to bring is your own tennis shoes (or goggles if you are going swimming)! 2. What is the fee per semester for you or your spouse to use the BYU exercise facilities? A) $5 B) $10 C) $20 D) Free . That’s right, full time BYU personnel or dependents are free to use the BYU facilities without charge. For full time personnel, the privileges show up on your ID automatically, and just be sure to bring your ID card with you when you go to check out clothes or use any exercise facility. Spouses or dependants need to make a trip to room 112 RB, with their spouse card/BYU ID card in hand, and they will put those privileges on their ID card. 3. Which of the following does BYU have available for reservation? A) Indoor tennis courts B) Racquetball courts C) Basketball courts D)All of the above are available for reservation. Want to play for FHE or on a specific day and time? Don’t stress about whether or not they will be available – the RB allows you to reserve these courts ahead of time. Call 422-3644 to make a reservation. All reservations may be made up to a week in advance and no later than the day prior to play. Reservations expire 10 minutes after the hour. 4. T/F If I, as a female BYU Personnel or spouse, would prefer to workout in a woman-only facility, there is such a place available on-campus. True! To many women, this more private facility would be the place of choice, and such a room exists within the Women’s Locker Room in 163 RB. There you can find a smaller version of the student and faculty weight rooms – with a few cardio machines and a weight sets/machines to allow for a more private workout (not to mention usually less lines!). Plus, there are even sign ups for the cardio machines to ensure you can use it at the time you’ve planned your workout (it’s recommended you sign up a day or two in advance for time preference). 5. Y-Be-Fit is an excellent program that allows for individual assessment of fitness and then three months of follow-up counseling/exercise and nutrition planning (similar to having a personal trainer). How much does this program cost for myself or my spouse if I am on BYU’s DMBA insurance? A) $20 B) $40 C) $50 D) $100. This comprehensive program only costs a minimal co-pay of $20 if you are on DMBA insurance, though the extensive tests and one-on-one counseling are worth hundreds of dollars. Most BYU personnel are not aware of this personalized fitness opportunity and it’s low cost. Call 422-4494 to make an appointment today! 6. T/F The large student weight room on the second floor of the SFH (293 SFH) is not open to personnel use. False. This large, two-sided weight room is open to both personnel and students, though many personnel are unaware it even exists. There you can find extensive weight sets, weight machines, and over 10 cardio machines. And with hours from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. you can work out before, after, or during work at your convenience (*just remember to pick up a weight room availability schedule from 112 RB or 293 SFH – a few hours of the day there are PE classes that use those facilities and the weight room is closed to public use). 7. T/F There is an aerobics program available to BYU personnel and their spouses. True! For a minimal fee of $30-35 you can enjoy the benefits of an on-campus aerobics program for the whole semester! Not only that, they try to cater to the work day schedule by offering classes before and

after working hours. Classes fill up fast, so go to 112 RB for more information and to sign up for classes. 8. Which of the following is NOT a type of aerobics class offered to BYU personnel through Intramurals? A) Water Aerobics B) Kickboxing C)Yoga D) Pilates. This extensive aerobics program offers Water Aerobics, Power Yoga, Powertone (a combination of aerobics and resistance training), and Step/Kickboxing. Sign up for the fall classes today in 112 RB! 9. Which of the following is NOT an assessment offered through Y-Be-Fit? A) Body Fat Testing B) Nutrition Evaluation C) Glucose Analysis D) Cardiovascular Testing . Although they do not offer a glucose analysis, they do offer a broad range of health tests. These tests can be done on an individual basis or all together as part of your Y-Be-Fit individual assessment program. For costs or to make an appointment, call 422-4494. 10. Which of the following is not a program offered through the BYU Wellness program? A) Educational Well & Wise Seminars B) Personal Training C) Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and Glucose Screenings D) Exercise and Nutritional Challenges . The Wellness Program offers three main types of programs:

Cancer Screenings Blood Pressure Screenings Glucose Screenings Cholesterol Screenings Flu Shots Bone Density Screenings Prostate Screenings Mammogram Screenings

Fitness Challenges 3K/5K Walks and Runs Holiday Weight Challenge Nutrition Challenge

Health Fairs Health Newsletters Well & Wise Seminars

These programs run throughout the school year and are available to all BYU personnel and their spouses at no cost (*with the exception that screenings are generally free if you are on DMBA insurance, if not, a small fee may apply). Keep an eye on what’s coming up by looking at our website at If you are interested in one on one personal training, Y-Be-Fit is a sister department of the Wellness Program that offers this service. Call 2-4494 for more information or an appointment.

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