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									Informational Bulletin #10

City of St. Louis
A FREE street tree may only be a phone call away.

Dear St. Louisian,
Approximately 80,000 trees line the streets of St. Louis. These street trees provide us with many benefits, from making our neighborhoods more pleasant places to live to enhancing and moderating the environment around us. A sampling of the many benefits trees provide can be found in the column to the right. You can play a valuable part in sustaining our communities street tree population by requesting a street tree. Why do we need additional street trees? New trees need to be planted to sustain the street tree population as aging, diseased and dangerous trees are removed. Many new street trees can be planted to enhance the existing street tree population as well. Property owners can have a street tree planted in the “tree lawn”, the City right of way that is typically between the curb and sidewalk at no charge. The Alderperson of your ward allocates funds for street tree planting each year. Furthermore, street trees are planted and maintained throughout their life by the Forestry Division. The Forestry Division is also actively surveying wards throughout the City for new street tree plantings. If you have received a tree planting door hanger, do nothing and a tree will be planted during the next growing season. Although the tree lawn is City property, whenever possible we do not plant street trees when they are not wanted by adjacent property owners. Therefore, the door hanger will also have a number to call to refuse the tree. Please call this number if you don’t want the tree. If you are thinking about refusing the tree, please give us an opportunity to address any concerns about trees you might have before your refusal. Please keep in mind before refusing a tree, their many benefits and that a wide variety of street trees can be selected today to fit most growing environments with little risk of causing problems for adjacent property owners. We hope you will take advantage of this program.

It has long been established that a properly managed and tree population can increase the value of a community by shade, accentuating the architecture of buildings, adding value with spring flower displays and colorful fall foliage and the area a finished appearance with tree lined streets. cared for providing seasonal by giving

Specific Tree Benefits
1. Trees can lower overall energy expenses by shading a house from summer heat and screening a house from winter winds. In the United States, the energy savings from properly located healthy mature trees can be as high as 20-25% per year. 2. Trees filter pollutants, absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Twenty mature trees filter the pollutants of one car driven 60 miles a day. In addition, 78 mature trees produce enough oxygen annually for 18 people. 3. The presence of mature trees plays a contributing factor in where people choose to reside. The majority of people find tree lined neighborhoods appealing and this attitude is often reflected in the increased property values of these areas. Healthy mature trees can increase property values 5-20% higher than property without trees. 4. Various studies indicate that trees can help reduce crime and strengthen urban communities.

If you think you have a tree lawn that is at least 3 feet wide or larger give us a call at 613-7200 between January 1st and June 30th and request a street tree. The Forestry Division plants trees in the “tree lawn”, the City right of way that is typically between the curb and sidewalk at no charge to the adjoining property owner.

A Program As Easy As 1,2,3

1. Contact the Forestry Division at 613-7200 and request a street tree. The only information you will need to provide us with is your address. Please do not request trees for your neighbors. 2. The Forestry Division will then conduct a tree planting evaluation. An evaluator will come out and determine the location and type of the tree to be planted. The foundation of a trouble free street tree population begins with proper tree selection and placement. Therefore, certain restrictions exist to where the Forestry Division can plant street trees. If a suitable planting site cannot be located, the evaluator will leave a card explaining why. 3. If your request was made between January 1st and June 30th a street tree will be planted in the upcoming planting season (November-May).


The City o f St. Louis Forestry Division
FOR MORE INFORMATION Please call us at 613-7200 with any questions or concerns you may have in regards to street tree plantings. Several other informational bulletins are available and include Street Tree Information (#2), Street Tree Care (#3) and Tree Placement (#6). Copies of these bulletins are available free of charge.

The City of Saint Louis Forestry Division
1415 N. 13th Street St. Louis, MO. 63111 (314) 613-7200
Prepared By: Jamie Frank (1/17/2002)

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