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					Constitution Party of Bond County Logo Here FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VOTER‟S CONSTITUITONAL RIGHTS VIOLATED BY NEW LAW Town Hall Meeting Planned in Bond County to Discuss Action Greenville, IL – November 18, 2009. The Constitution Party, in conjunction with the Globe Theater and the Bond County Clerk‟s Office is sponsoring a town hall meeting on Tuesday, December 1st, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, at the Globe Theater, in Greenville, IL to inform the citizens of Bond County about a new Illinois law that has recently been passed that violates the state constitution. According to the Illinois Constitution, Article III, Section 4 – ELECTION LAWS: “The General Assembly by law shall…insure secrecy of voting and the integrity of the election process,” This new law (Public Act 95-699) infringes on a voters‟ constitutional right to a secret ballot. Worse yet, this legislation has the potential to intimidate a voter into casting a vote for a candidate when in fact they did not want to vote for a candidate in a particular office. Bond County Clerk, Randy Reitz, in an article in the Bond County Advocate, said, “Per the new law, each of the constitutional offices on the ballot must be voted, even if there is only one candidate. The public act has made it mandatory that if there is not a vote in a state office position, the ballot will be kicked out of the machine as an „under-vote.‟” There were a large percentage of voters, who did not cast a vote for a gubernatorial candidate in the Illinois General Election of 2006, but who did vote for other offices that were on the ballot. The cause for this “undervoting” in the gubernatorial race was due to voter dissatisfaction in the candidates, not the mistakes or stupidity on part of the voters. “Anytime that a ballot is cast that has one or more offices that are left blank; it is considered an undervote.” According to Ted Stufflebeam, who is the chairman of the Bond County Constitution Party. On the Champaign County Clerk‟s Blog, Mark Sheldon writes, “In Champaign County, there were 53,869 ballots cast. Of those, 3,749 (7%) had undervotes for one or more of the statewide constitutional officers.” Additionally, he said, “regarding voter notification of undervotes on the above noted races, we found that notification would have almost no impact in preventing uncounted votes.” In a recent radio interview, Randy Stufflebeam, a Constitution Party candidate for Illinois Governor said, “Public Act 95-699 violates the Illinois state constitution on so many levels. This is nothing more than the Republicans and Democrats forcing Illinois voters to vote for someone, when they do not provide a candidate that conscientious voters can vote for.” If you plan to vote in the upcoming elections in 2010, you need to come to this town hall meeting!

For more information on the town hall meeting or the Constitution Party in Bond County, contact Ted Stufflebeam, by phone at 618-664-2624 or by email at The Constitution Party is nation‟s third largest party in terms of voter registration. For more information on the Constitution Party, visit

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