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									CAUSE NO.___________________ THE STATE OF TEXAS VS. ______________________ § § § IN THE DISTRICT COURT 52ND JUDICIAL DISTRICT CORYELL COUNTY, TEXAS



On the ____day of _______________, 200___, came into open Court,_____________________, Hereinafter styled “Defendant” and acknowledged himself or herself to owe and be indebted to the State of Texas in the principal sum of $ _____________, to be levied on his or her goods, chattels, land and tenements, but to be void in case the said Defendant shall well and truly make personal appearance before the Honorable District Court, Coryell County, Texas, at the Courthouse of said County upon notice by the Court, and there remain from day to day and term to term of said Court to answer the State of Texas upon a charge by complaint duly presented and pending in said Court, whereas the said Defendant is charged with the Felony Motion to Adjudicate Guilt and/or Motion to Revoke Community Supervision, for the offense of:__________________________________________________________, AND personally appear before any other Court to which the complaint may be transferred, and for any and all subsequent proceedings had relative to such charge. The Defendant being duly sworn made the following affirmations: I, __________________________, do solemnly swear that I will appear before the 52 DISTRICT COURT, Coryell County, Texas, at the Courthouse of said County, in Gatesville, Texas, upon oral or written notice by the Court, or pay to the said Court the principal amount of this bond, to-wit: $_____________, as necessary and reasonable expenses incurred in any arrest for my failure to appear. This Bond is conditioned that during the pendency of the above styled and numbered case, the Defendant shall comply with the following conditions pending trial or hearing:
1. 2. The Defendant shall not violate the laws of the State of Texas, any other state or of the United States, and shall follow each and every term of Defendant’s Community Supervision as a condition of this bond. The Defendant shall report in person to the Coryell County Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD) not less than as directed by CSDC, and shall notify CSCD of all changes of employment, residence or phone number with 72 hours of each such occurrence. The Defendant shall have no contact whatsoever, in any manner or form, with any witness or victim in this case, and shall in no event come within 500 yards of any such witness or victim. The Defendant shall retain employment, and if unemployed, report at least once per week to the Texas Workforce Commission for employment counseling and job referrals. The Defendant shall not use, consume or possess alcoholic beverages or controlled substances. The Defendant shall submit to all testing, at Defendant’s expense, whenever directed or requested by CSCD. The Defendant shall not associate with, or be at any location, where persons of disreputable or harmful character gather or socialize. The Defendant shall not associate with convicted felons, drug offenders, persons on community supervision, pre-trial supervision, or with persons who are on probation or parole. The Defendant shall not associate with gangs, any gang member, or with persons associated with gangs or persons wearing clothing commonly attributed to persons belonging to a gang. The Defendant shall avoid all places where alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are possessed, sold, given or otherwise located. If the Defendant is charged with a Driving While Intoxicated—Third or Subsequent offense, or for an alcohol related offense, the Defendant shall not operate a motor vehicle without a separate order of the Court requiring the installation of a “deep lung” ignition interlock device. The Defendant shall not possess or carry on or about his person any knife, firearm or any other weapon.

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10. The Defendant shall carry a copy of this bond at all times, and present the same to any peace officer requesting the Defendant to identify himself or herself, and notify CSCD within 24 hours of the same. 11. The Defendant shall appear in person in Court INSTANTER upon notice by the Court, the District Attorney or the Defendant’s attorney. Notice may be given in person, by telephone or by written communication sent to the Defendant’s last known address. The Defendant is directed to remain in contact with the Defendant’s attorney of record. The Defendant’s terms and conditions of community supervision are hereby made a condition of this bond. Any violation of community supervision shall be a violation of bond. 12. Bond deposits made to the District Clerk’s office will be used for restitution, court costs, attorney’s fees, and any other costs associate with this case. 13. Other:________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

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My current address is:______________________________________________________________ City:______________________________ State: ___________________Zip Code:______________ Home Telephone:___________________________ Work Telephone:_________________________ Employed by:______________________________________________________________________ Employer Address:_________________________________________________________________ SS#___________________________ DL#_______________________ State:__________________ Date of Birth:____________________________________ State:_____________________________ Height: ____________Weight:____________ Color Hair: ______________ Eye Color: ___________ Name of Nearest Living Relative: ______________________________________________________ Home Telephone: __________________________ Work Telephone: _________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________ City: ______________________________ State: ____________________ Zip Code: ____________ IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE, I understand that I must immediately notify, in writing, the 52 District Clerk’s Office and the Community Supervision and Corrections Department regarding all changes of address while this bond is in effect, and that a failure to do so SHALL result in the forfeiture or revocation of this bond. _____________________________ Printed Name of Defendant ___________________________________ Defendant

SWORN AND SUBSCRIBED to before me by the said Defendant, on this the _____day of ________________, 200___. ________________________________ Officer taking affirmation

APPROVED this the _____day of __________________, 200___.

_______________________________ District Attorney

________________________________ JUDGE PRESIDING


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