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					November 7th, 2009 (Saturday) BioCapital Beijing Summit Venue: Lecture Hall, Beijing International Hotel Conference Center Tenet: With the whole world being engulfed by the financial crisis, the biopharmaceutical industry has, to some degree, also been impacted. Pharmaceutical enterprises have taken various measures and actions to strengthen their position, including increasing their acquisitions, licensing, and external collaborations. For example, Pfizer acquired Wyeth, Merck acquired Schering-Plough which had just acquired Organon, and Roche acquired Genentech. Significant transactions like these seemed to come one after another. How then, should China’s biopharmaceutical companies best cope with the current situation, which presents both threats and opportunities? This session examines:      What is the state of the biopharmaceutical industry in China, including investment, M&A and IPO activity? What is the role of government in the development of the biopharmaceutical industry? Can private investors and venture capitalists make a profit in the biopharmaceutical field? How can biopharmaceutical enterprises obtain capital through VC and public funding sources to ensure their survival beyond the crisis? Will the public market continue to strengthen and provide funding for rapidly growing biopharmaceutical companies? In addition, this session will introduce the SEED Business Plan Competition, which has been created by major industry players to develop and foster a community of scientists and entrepreneurs, enhance the technology transfer and commercialization capabilities across the scientific community, and create a platform for commercialization of life sciences innovation in China. Chairman: Greg B. Scott, Founder and CEO, ChinaBio® LLC Co-Chairman: Zegong Zhang - Deputy Director, Beijing Pharma and Biotech Center Opening of the Summit Welcome Remarks by: Zegong Zhang – BS, Deputy Director, Beijing Pharma and Biotech Center Zhen Wen – PhD, Director, Administration Committee, Daxing Bio-Medicine Industry Park, Zhongguancun Science Park Keynote Speech: State of China Biotech China's rapidly growing life science industry is moving quickly from services to innovation. Hear the latest update on novel technology development, investment, IPO, M&A and partnering deals, and other data developed by ChinaBio's research team. Greg B. Scott - Founder and CEO, ChinaBio® LLC



Section I: The Current Investment Opportunity – Biotech Industry Strong and Growing 09:40-10:40 Panel: The Evolving Investment Climate - Issues and Opportunities While the financial crisis has impacted the world economy, China's biotech industry has

been mostly spared, and is, in fact, showing strong signs of growth. This panel looks at the current investment climate for China biotech, including the opportunities presented by China's unique situation, and issues facing the industry and companies in overcoming the current slowdown in investment. Moderator: Rajesh Parekh, PhD - Director, Head of Asia Healthcare Practice, McKinsey & Company Panelists: Carl Firth, PhD, MBA - Director, Head of Asia Healthcare, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Shen Jun –BS, General Manger, Beijing Junweicheng Credit Ratings Co., Ltd. Jonathan Wang, PhD, MBA - Senior Managing Director, OrbiMed Advisors, LLC Yanning Yi, MBA - Vice President, The Balloch Group 10:40-10:55 Tea Break Section II: Industry Leading Fund – Accelerating China’s Biotech Industry Topic: How Government Funds Can Help Biotech Companies Grow China's venture funding environment is rapidly changing in this time of economic turmoil, with government taking an ever more prominent role. This panel explores funding sources available to early stage life science companies in China Jianjun Liu, Deputy Chief, Finance Section, Department of Fiscal and Financial Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission Panel: How to Attract Funding - What VCs Really Want Venture capitalists are the life blood of life science companies, which require significant capital to reach the market. Positioning a company to secure VC funding can be a challenge, especially in these times when capital is tight. Hear from VCs exactly what they look for, and how a company can attract their attention and money. Moderator: Jonathan Wang, PhD, MBA - Senior Managing Director, OrbiMed Advisors, LLC Panelists: Yi Shi, PhD - Managing Director, Lilly Asian Ventures David Xu, PhD, MBA - Managing Partner, Mingly China Growth Fund Sherry Yin, LLM - Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP Weiren Zhu - Partner, Acorn Fund Lunch Section III: “From Science Dream to Innovative Future” – SEED Competition 13:30-13:50 Topic: Introduction to the SEED Competition Stella Xu, PhD - Global Licensing Director, Roche Global Pharma Partnering Topic: From Research to Commercialization Joseph McCracken, DVM - Head of Pharma Partnering Asia, Roche Rajesh Parekh, PhD - Director, Head of Asia Healthcare Practice, McKinsey & Company Topic: Success Story – Beijing Company Makes Good Dr. Wu co-founded CrownBio in 2006, and has taken it from a concept through funding to market. Based in Beijing's premier life science park, Zhongguancun, CrownBio is a member of ABO, a service company trade organization. Alex Wu, PhD - CEO, Crown Bioscience, Inc.







Panel: Building a Global IP Portfolio To compete effectively on the world market, China life science companies must establish a strong IP portfolio that stands up to global standards. This panel examines what it takes to build a global IP portfolio that will attract funding and fend off competitors. Moderator: James Zhu, PhD, JD, MBA - Managing Partner, Perkins Coie LLP (Pending) Panelists: Frank Grams, PhD - Global Business Development Director, Roche Global Pharma Partnering Jonathan Wang, PhD, MBA - Senior Managing Director, OrbiMed Advisors, LLC Eva H. Wang, JD - Partner, Wilson Sonsini Go0drich & Rosati (Pending) TBD - McKinsey & Company (Pending) Tea Break Section IV: Listing of China Biotech on Public Markets – Financing Opportunities



Topic: Successful Financing for Biotech Companies in the Financial Crisis Alex Chen, MBA - Managing Partner, SSG Capital Panel: Public Market Financing - Exit Opportunities for Biotech Companies The best opportunity for a large payoff for a life science company is to issue shares on a public stock exchange. The opening up of the IPO market in China this year makes this a real possibility. This panel explores the opportunities for life science companies to secure significant growth funding, but changes the way a company must be run. Moderator: Alex Chen, MBA - Managing Partner, SSG Capital Panelists Shiyuan Zhang, MBA - General Manager, Southwest Securities Research and Development Center Bill Guo, MD, MBA – Chairman and CEO, Venturepharm Group Nisa Leung, Partner, Qiming Venture Partners (Pending) James Huang, Partner, Vivo Ventures (Pending) Helen Wong, Partner, GGV (Pending) Lu Huang, Morningside (Pending)


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